Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chambre a Louer

Good Morning everyone !!!

I seem to always owe everyone an apology - once again I'm behind in replying to comments and visiting - but this house selling has kind of kept me busy - it may have worked - we are waiting to hear back today with the final acceptance in writing ( we have it verbally ) so if I thought life was frantic the last 2 weeks it's about to get a lot more so.....................

Anyway I found a little time last night to work on my door :)

I decided to make it an old door from a small hotel in Paris :) 
Aren't you all completely thrown by my decision LMHO ???

I started off by painting it with a quick coat of ASCP COCO - 

and as soon as it was dry ( probably an hour or so - I put a coat of Pure White on it - 

THEN................while it was still wet - I took a damp cloth ( warning - kind of messy ) 
and started " washing " off the white paint - while it was completely wet -
Not the same thing as applying a damp cloth to a dried surface and washing a layer off which gives the effect of sanding  - the outcome was completely different and exactly what I was going for!!!

make sure you have a bucket of water close by if you want to try this technique - there's a lot of rinsing out involved - but the outcome is this faded worn look of the 2 colors ( I think I invented this technique by the way - I've never seen it done - so I'm off to the patent office this morning - please don't burst my bubble and tell me you've been doing this for years !!! )

I had found this small package of stencils at Michaels which I highly recommend you all run out and buy immediately - today - this morning - as soon as you finish reading this post :)

there's like 3 million shapes and designs in this package - lots of fleurs de lys - scrolls - flowers - amazing - 
I think it may have been 10.00 ( remember I'm in Canada - so you Americans can probably pick it up for 3 or 4 dollars - DO NOT TELL ME IF YOU DO ) 
I chose the one shown below to make the outline for the room number

and then used a stencil I had on hand to make the room number 3 ( I have 3 kids - you know it's that disorder again coming into play )

Then I went down to the middle panel - and created this

You see that darling little chandelier?  That comes out of the magical little red box of stencils !!!
Room to Let :)

Those corner scrolls are metal - also found at Michaels :)

I bought them to apply on drawer corners - but I kind of like them on this too - they stick on, which is great in case you change your mind ( which I may still do ) until you decide you want to permanently keep them there - then I would glue them.
Aren't they great?
By the way it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to spell permanently - had to go check it finally - blogging is not as easy as you think LOL

AND that's how I created my Parisien Hotel Door - care to book a room for the night?
Room # 3 is available mes amis :)

Now - who's on their way to Michaels LOL ???

Much love - and many apologies for my absence - it's something I owe my friends in these here parts as well.
I'm off to clean up the mess in case the real estate agent has to come by again today - it's not easy living in an immaculate house - let me tell you !!!
And then I'm off to book a few appointments to look at houses - panic is officially setting in - I have nowhere to live and I'm not ready to change my blog name to Simply Homeless............by Suzan

Have a wonderful kind of day,
Much love

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  1. Great news about your house! This door is beautiful. :)

  2. Good luck with the sale. The door is great... no comments from John?

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for that sales agreement. The door is perfect and will "open up" in a new home for you soon! I knew packing was going to happen soon...better rest up for it!♥♫

  4. Good luck on the sale, but it would scare me to death not to have a house waiting. Love the door (you knew I would) - now you have to buy a house where it fits! Just not the front door. Your new neighbors may think you odd.

  5. I just know the house deal will go thru. I love the door, you REALLY did an outstanding job on it.
    Stop by my blog and see my Fall dishes. Good luck house hunting.

  6. You know I'm loving this Parisian door! You are so creative and so talented my friend! I envy you...:) Best of luck house hunting and I can't wait to see where you end up!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  7. I am loving this "Rooms to Rent" door. What a great idea to give it some great French flair!

  8. I'm in love with your door ! And soon as I get something to paint {and I will find something!} I'm trying your - by then patented by you - technique ;-) Now, hop along and go find a place to live !

  9. You are so funny, Suzan! I hope the house sells and that you find a new one to move into. Otherwise you may have to take your newly painted door and put it in front of a cardboard box in the alley! The door is beautiful and I love les mots francais. Magnifique! (I think I spelled that wrong) Ha.

  10. Brilliant news about your house. We had that panic last time we moved, ours sold within a week, and we hadn't even started looking!
    I love the door transformation. I am still imagining the 'room' behind it.

  11. Yay! And you didn't think it was going to sell right away. :) I can't wait to see where you end up! :P (And we can always remember we sold our homes at the same time!)


  12. Oh my! That door is gorgeous!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  13. Don't let them see it! They'll want it. ;)
    You'll find the perfect place to live...I just know it. xo

  14. I am so happy for you guys. I hope it goes through and you will find the perfect home. Don't worry too much. By the way, can I buy that door????


  15. I've got the numbers and letters set of these from Michael's and love them too! I'll check out this box the next time.

    As for the door - love it!!!

  16. aren't the stencils great Heather???
    thanks for a-dooring my door!

  17. I can't wait for you to share about the houses you visit. And who is that Michael who you are all in love with? Could he come to France?... with his goodies of course!

  18. Simply Homeless...by Susan had me LOL! I hope one of your potential buyers come through soon. The paint washing idea that you used is great. I have two French nightstands being delivered tomorrow that I need to paint next weekend, before I haul them upstairs to our master bedroom. I may try this on them because they need to be white, but I do not want them solid white, nor chippy distress either. I also love ASCP in Coco.

  19. Wow, that was a quick sell for your house....probably because it is gorgeous!! Love the door. I am not brave enough to try that at home....I will leave it up to you, the professional!

  20. Simply Homeless! LMBO! Love your door and your new technique. I cannot imagine what kind of wonderfulness you will turn out when you have a whole room in your new house dedicated to this stuff! Yes...book me a room!

  21. Congrats girl! I hope you take us on your house hunting journey. Love the door! You might be homeless but at least you'll have a door. Funny! The traveling door! I've been around kids too long today!

  22. Never worked with Annie Sloan's paint but I love the CoCo color. Your door turned out beautiful with the technique that you used! Good luck with the sale of your house. It'll be an adventure finding a new one and I'm sure you'll have fun doing so. The best is yet to come!

  23. O, Suzan, that old procedure. Been doing that all my life!! NOT! Just rattlin your cage. It really looks pretty. I like it and everything you used to make it that way. I was in Michael's the other day and didn't see anything like that, but then I wasn't looking for it either.Anyway, I like what you've done and I didn't know you were selling. Good luck and hope the sale goes through..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  24. Suzan, What a great idea for an old door and I love it! Best of luck with your house sale and move. I look forward to following along as you decorate a new home. I hope you will drop by and enter my giveaway for a gift certificate to AntiqueLifeStyle. She will ship to Canada..Yah!

  25. So much to comment on! First, congrats on your verbal offer...hope you get it in writing soon. Second, yes, I'd like very much to check into room #3 because the door is so pretty; third, I will be heading to Michaels tomorrow for those stencils that I don't even need, and finally, good luck with your house-hunting!

  26. See here, Blond One! Remember this? I TOLD you your house was going to sell right off the bat (or away from the bat-whatever) and WHAT were you going to do..had you found a place yet...blah, blah, blah...and now...here we go. lol

    I am so glad that your place sold but I do hope that you can find something somewhere that you LOVE! I know that you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear---or a mansion out of a wreck so I am praying right now that you can find THAT place.

    Love to you- and now that I know you are too busy to check I think I will talk about you on my blog- xo Diana

  27. Lovely door, and the keys were a nice touch. :)


  28. Finger's crossed your house sold! Love your french door and the keys hanging from the handle. Dang, wish I would've read this post BEFORE going to Michael's. Stencil pack added to my new list.

  29. Yay on the house, far as I'm co cornered you invented it and you're a genius!! That's awesome.

  30. I'm crossing my fingers for you too! And good luck with the house hunting I'm sure you're going to find the ''right' place. :)

  31. it looks great. and I love making messes. lol I used to work at Michaels, but I ended up spending my paycheck before I even got out the door. hahaha

  32. you rock this painting thing. I love Michaels, but I don't go as often, because my 3 children are so active, and small, and they just go crazy in stores like that :)

  33. Love the door - when I clicked on the link at The Charm of Home, I could tell from the tiny picture that it would be a post by you.

    How exciting that the sale part might be finished. Now you just need to find a place for you and John with enough room for your doors to nowhere.

  34. I love this door! It is so Alice in Wonderland.

  35. So beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your damp cloth technique.
    It really made the difference.

  36. I LOVE what you did with that door! So great! I actually have done the wipe off a bit of paint while wet but it was with latex paint years ago and i didn't like the effect at all. So you still can get your patent because I didn't get one and your paint is chalk paint and your effect looks wonderful! I was trying to get latex paint to do what chalk paint now does but didnt even know what i was trying to get!! LOL!
    And I was cracking up about your remark about changing your blog name to Simply Homeless! I'll pray you find a new home soon!

  37. Love it! Of course, I love everything you do. :) My daughter works at Michael's Corporate Office in this area so you can imagine the temptations I have!

    Keeping everything crossed for the sale of your home and then finding the perfect new one!


  38. LOVE the door! Good luck on the search for your new house! :)

  39. The door is beautiful and hope all goes well with the sale and move!

  40. this is so cool, love your paint technique!!

  41. Oh my I love your door....it is sweet perfection!!

  42. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! I will def be trying this technique!


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