Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 59

Good morning everyone !!!

I felt like being in New Orleans today ( again ) so we're headed that way :)
You can see the last one I did in this gorgeous city HERE
Now on to today's !

849,000 will get you this 3 bedroom - 3 bathroom - on it's way to being fully renovated
1800 square feet
French Quarter
Follow me ( both sides are for sale - so we could buy one each :)
Very deceiving front - this place is much larger than it appears

By now you know how I feel about architectural details, right?

Check out the height of those ceilings ( and those beams )

Not quite finished being renovated - but I LOVE the arches.
I had them once in a house and I actually considering making them square, can you imagine???

If you have a little more to spend - this one's listed at 2,995,000
AND it's worth every single penny of it ( in my humble opinion )
Again, this is in the French Quarter - built in 1825 - almost 200 years old
AND it's basically 3 houses in one

Very rare & magnificent Spanish-Colonial Creole cottage c. 1825, on one of the largest residential parcels in the French Quarter. Features elegant gardens, grand pool, gorgeous wd flrs, hi ceil, working fireplaces, crown molding, custom cypress kitchen cabinets, elevator, lots of off-street parking, 3BR/2BA main house (approx.3,375 sqft liv.area), 2BR plus loft/3BA guest house w/gallery that overlooks the courtyard (approx. 1,973 sqft liv. area).

5 bedrooms - 5 full baths - 
I can't tell you how badly I WANNA live there !!!

I could seriously just die and go to door heaven with this next photo - 

more incredible doors
I was meant to live in one of these - don't ask me how I know that - I just do - somehow - somewhere - the plans went terribly awry ( I think that's the first time I've ever used the word awry - I like it - remind me to use it again lol ) 

A few cosmetic changes - here and there - wallpaper removed and such - would be all it would take don't you think?

maybe I'll incorporate this into the little cottage backyard lmho
in my world this is considered a park - here it's a backyard!!!

Can you just imagine the evening garden parties - with jazz playing - glasses tinkling - fairy lights shimmering and laughter - lots and lots of laughter ???
This place must be Neverland surreal gorgeous in the evening

I seriously almost can't take it LOL



You see that dresser in the next photo???
Doesn't it look like this one I painted?  ( which by the way is in storage because I couldn't bear to sell it )
So that just proves it - I WAS supposed to live in a house like this after all ) and this is the first time I've put one of my painted pieces in an IWLTW post - but I just had to lol

ok - enough with your nonsense Suzan

Let's see - if I flip 50 houses in the next 5 years and they came down a couple of million - maybe I could buy this !!!
And then I could blog from here

Have a fantastic Wednesday all !!!
Week of White continues tomorrow :)
Much love,

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  1. I LOVE the second one....now I just need the lotto numbers and a ticket! I have to disagree on arches in the first, my house is full of arches and I HATE them. Seriously if I could send them to you I would :)

  2. I live in a "shotgun" type of home where you can see from the front door to the backdoor. I can tell you, having a house that is only 14' wide (and only 11' in the dining room due to staircases) is a pain. Maybe if I could add another 16' to the back of my house!

    The second house is magnificent! Dated but gorgeous. They would have to give me a significant discount to pay for the updates like the kitchen, carpeting removal, wallpaper removal, etc. You know....'cause I have 3 million in my checkbook that I am just itching to spend! :)

  3. I'm totally in love with the second one even with the red carpet and that bathroom wallpaper. I think I could overlook a few things to live in such a gorgeous place. The exterior of the house looks like it has a pinky hue, and I'm sooo loving that!!

  4. Make sure you take a picture of yourself blogging from that gorgeous room! I will miss you my fellow Canadian, but I will definitely come and stay as you will have five bedrooms! Will I have maid service?

  5. Okay, NOLA isn't my favoritest of favorite places. But that's my own dang fault. I had too many hurricanes when I was there....


  6. There is no where for you to bring inside and paint your furniture, so those places are no good for you! ;)

  7. Ohhhhhh such beautiful homes!!!!! I just adore those tall windows....so fabulous!

  8. I cannot WAIT to attend one of your evening twinkle light parties in that backyard.

  9. You've got lots of ooh and ahh power with this one. :) And I don't mind the red carpet. :)

  10. I just figured out your house situation. John built that bench - right! So he can build you the house of your dreams right there in Montreal. With amazing doors and high ceilings and architectural detail.

    I love both of the houses and I love New Orleans except during hurricanes.

  11. In love with the first house the most Suzan! This house actually caught my eye back when we were there in 20010! That tells you that this house is stunning in person as much as it is in the pics!

  12. Wow, those homes are amazing. The size is very deceiving from the street view.

  13. I always love NOLA and I would certainly love to live in one of these treasures. So glad Katrina didn't damage these beautiful homes.
    Thanks for making me want to puke when I look around here. Oh well, gotta go take out the trash. I'll bet those homes don't produce trash!!LOL!

  14. Hi,
    I think out of all the homes you have shown (except almost-your-house) I love the 2nd one here the best. Even with all the fancies it still seems homey. A teensy bit big for one person and cat but I would gladly take copies of certain of the rooms and put them into my dream home. Though I prefer hardwood floors there is something about that red carpet...I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something. Wish there were more pictures - maybe of the guest house. So cute in pink! (Sorry, I can be such a girl some times!)
    Thinking good thoughts for your new almost-home.
    I guess I'll have to start buying lottery tickets.

  15. Love house #2. Arches make me swoon.

  16. Well you buy one of those and I'll be close enough to come visit. I think you'll have plenty of room for visitors, no? Goodness that yard is beautiful.

  17. Heading to New Orleans for my vacation this year...hope to see a lot of these beauties!

  18. That courtyard is amazing! Exactly what I think of when I think of New Orleans. As for the arches.....I have two wide arches in the living room and thought I didn't like them at first either. Now I love them too.

  19. Great homes here. I really am in love with the second one. I could see myself there. The grounds are amazing. So much character here!!


  20. What amazing photos of these homes. Thanks for the tour inside and out.


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