Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 93

I sliced my finger tonight rinsing a glass in the sink - ( had to pull the broken part out of my flesh )
so I can barely type - oh my gosh - this one sentence has taken like 10 minutes - due to 5 pieces of scott towel wrapped around my finger and painters tape holding it firmly in place LOL -

So I'm going to stop talking and get to the showing

Back to my last neighborhood - I know, I know, but it really is one of the most beautiful in Montreal

For those of you that may be new to this series - please don't have a cardiac arrest over the price lol - this is quite a prestigious neighborhood - steps away from Downtown - and much cheaper compared to, let's say,
Manhattan !!!

Okay - I just spent 15 minutes on the last 2 sentences so without further ado !


5 beds
3 baths
1 half bath

If this doesn't scream " Honey, I'm home " than nothing does !!!

I think I may spy a WOLF range ( the Loubitin of appliances lol )

I really really WANNA live there !

But right now my finger is throbbing - and it's my left hand so I can't possibly write up an offer lol

Have a great day everyone !
I have to go change my scott towels
Much locq  ( you see?  that's basically how I'm typing every word - then I have to go back and fix it )
Me ♥

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  1. Love the feel of the house. It seems so solid compared to the way houses are now built. Those stairs are so pretty I wouldn't mind walking up them 20 times a day.

  2. Oh my goodness, it must of been the day to injure fingers...I drove a wood splinter into mine and I can't get it out. I may have to go let the dr dig it out. Ouch for me and ouch for you!
    Ok, I think this is one I wanna live here. It's so beautiful! Love that living room and those floors - swoon!
    Heal quickly! Hugs,

  3. Gorgeous! Love those staircase windows.
    What is the deal with us slicing ourselves open lately???

  4. Sorry about your finger - OUCH! Love this house, I could move in today...

    Hope you have a good day in spite of your finger pain xoxox

  5. Sorry about the finger, oh my goodness that must have hurt. That house is beautiful,love that stone exterior. Hope your finger heals fast!

  6. I'm ready to move in too! Beautiful! Hope you found some bandages! You need a break when you start injuring yourself... count down to vacation!

  7. Sorry about your boo-boo finger... Two things...1. I don't think I realized this until today, and it must have been going on for long before this, but...Seeing a reflection of glass or a mirror on the ceiling (1st picture) isn't pleasant to me (just today???). 2. I didn't expect such modern furnishings. (Well...What did I expect? I dunno...) Fantastic house (outside), though! Thank you for sharing. I don't care if we keep going back to the old neighborhood. It wasn't MY neighborhood, so I haven't seen it! heh heh heh

  8. You crazy woman! Go get stitches, if it's deep it will heal better than without the stitches. Trust me, I've cut myself so many time, if it's bleeding that much - stitches! Ok, what I want to know is who sells a perfect home? And what are they moving to that could be any better? Seriously, you had me at the staircase, then there was the sexy powder room and then those floors, gah! Come on lottery! Take care of yourself and buy a lottery ticket. Patty

  9. Typical blogger! Write a blog post rather than going to get needed stitches! (haha) Where are the pictures? Aren't we supposed to document everything (even shards of glass in our fingers)? But then again, I can relate... I recently sliced my finger open on a can. I continued cooking dinner, then we ate, then I went and got stitches. Moral of the story... Don't rinse the glass. Just stick it in the dishwasher or let John do it!

    Love that house by the way.

  10. Wow Suzan I hope your finger gets to feeling less painful. This home is gorgeous. I love the staircase and those floors are stunning. Feel better.

  11. Oh, man, Suzan, sorry about your finger...but painter's tape? Of Course! Anyway, before I got to the end, I said, "I REALLY want to live there! " You may have to fight me for it!

  12. Painters tape and scott towels...the new bandaid! I usually end up with duct tape wrapped around my injuries. Love the house tour.

  13. Beautiful home....I could spend all day every day in that garden!!!! Hope your finger heals quickly :o)

  14. Gorgeous home tour....I wanna steal tat stove! Course it wouldnt fit in my kitchen...LOL Hope your finger feels better!

    1. I wanna steal the stove too - and all the windows - think they'd notice LOL

  15. I'll take it!! Beautiful lines and details and the stone front is gorgeous. Looks much more spacious front the inside than you'd expect too. Just lovely!!


    1. You can't take it Lory - because I am ( well as soon as John picks the right lottery ticket - he keeps messing up with that LOL )

  16. Sorry about the finger. I love the house, especially all the diamond window panes! Thanks

    1. Thanks for taking the tour with me Vickie !!!

  17. That stairway is incredible.

    Hope you heal fast, have done that before - sure you don't need stitches?

  18. Suzan,
    Sorry about your cut finger, but glad to hear you had the necessary first aid kit...scot towels and painter's tape. LOL

    I type like you do, but without a cut finger. Of course, I made "Cs" in high school typing. I was so glad when word processors came along and allow corrections beside that white corrector tape you had to put between the typewriter key and the paper to type over.


  19. I missed this post somehow... is your finger okay??


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