Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Normal day in my abnormal life.........................

Date Listed21-Jul-13
AddressXXX  Rue Chabrier, Laval, QC XXX, Canada
For Sale ByOwner
a qui la chance buffet pas cher propre
contactez moi au 514 xxx  xxxx

I posted about this last was the day we had to go pick it up - after 5 emails back and forth between the seller.............
The AD as you can clearly see states BUFFET - along with a photo of the said buffet..............
D'accord - Parfait.....................
Sorry it's in French but that's how the ad basically translates into What Luck!!!  Not expensive - very clean.

OK - except we had a 7 foot Armoire in the van that had to be removed in order to pick this up.  ( the van has basically become and extended storage unit on wheels - something comes out - something else goes in ) 

You'll remember the Armoire - 

It's in 2 pieces - top and bottom - so we brought the small bottom piece in during the week.


Suzan says - we have to get the rest of the armoire in the house John
John says - there's no way you can lift it
Suzan says - of course I can - you know how strong I am !!!
Suzan says - I'm not going to argue with you about if for half the day - c'mon let's go
Suzan says - I've already brought in a third of it basically with you -  

Suzan says - All we have left is the top part
John says - And what happens if we get it out of the van and you can't lift it????
Suzan says - Stop already - I know what I'm capable of.

And off we went outside - and the heaven's open up - now I can take a lot - I do take a lot - but I cannot take
rain falling on my freshly done hair - BECAUSE I CAN'T DO HAIR.................AT ALL.
But I was determined enough to stand there in the pouring rain and get the armoire into the house.

As we start dragging it across the floor of the van - a terrible thought crosses my mind

Now a normal person would admit that little fact right there on the spot - but you know me by now I presume?
I pushed and grabbed and tugged and yanked and swore..................until we had it out on the pavement.

John says - I TOLD YOU DAMN IT
Suzan says - Well I didn't think it was THIS heavy - this isn't normal
John says - You know you're the most frustrating woman I - 
Suzan interrupts - Can you keep your voice down - we're out in public - there's 2 young guys over there with Tennis rackets - they can hear you
John yells - Well it's time everyone knew what I go through - you wanted it in the house - let's go SuzANNE.
Suzan says - but THERE'S NO WAY I CAN LIFT IT!!!
Suzan says - WILL you please keep your voice down?
Suzan says- WHY don't those boys come over and offer us a hand?
Suzan says - When I was younger that would have been a given................

I freeze - the 2 young men have heard him - I'm dying - literally dying inside - and they saunter over.
They say - It's raining - we can't play Tennis - do you need a hand with that?
I almost fall at their feet in gratitude.

It took the 3 of them - and let me tell you they were struggling - this thing is a beast ( disguised as a beauty ) 
And finally it was inside.

It doesn't look so imposing, does it?
Looks like any number of things I've helped move - 
But the interior is solid wood - and it's much taller and wider than it looks

Anyway it's all nice and safe and out of the pouring rain - and John goes off to pick up the buffet 
We've been assured that it's no problem - the husband will help him load it into the van.

20 minutes later the phone rings...............

Suzan says - Hi John - are you there yet?
John whispers - Seriously this is it - I'm not doing this anymore
Suzan says - Speak up I can't hear you
John says - In a very very sweet voice ( so I know the sellers are close by ) It looks like you made a mistake Dear, the item for sell is a melamine T.V. stand and he chuckles
John whispers - Don't you check what you're buying - I'm so mad I could -------
Suzan interrupts - WHOA - what are you talking about - I'm looking at the ad now as we speak - it's for a buffet
and there's a picture of it!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzan says - Can you put the seller on the line please?
The seller can't speak English - and can barely speak French - and I do not speak whatever language they CAN speak
The seller says - HUH?
Suzan says - T.V. - NO - NO - BUFFET - YES - YES
The seller says BUFFET - NO NO - FAIT UNE MISTAKE - AND SHE LAUGHS.....................
SHE LAUGHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O,M.G. - SHE ACTUALLY LAUGHS...................

Now you all know I have a sense of humor - 
I have a great sense of humor - 
I would almost say my sense of humor defines me - I would have found it quite funny had I been there and I could have kicked her in the butt -   
THAT would have made me laugh................
And an all out cat fight might have had me in hysterics.

John's sulking right now - 
Suzan says - Well why are you mad at ME?  It's not my fault that some people are ignoramuses !
John says - I'm not mad at you - not at all -
Suzan says - Good - because I think I'd like to put that Armoire back in the van...................

And I'm still alive LMHO....................he's letting me live for one more day!
Enough time to paint the Armoire actually...............

Y'all have a good one, ya hear?
And have as normal a day as you possibly can ( whatever your normal is ) 

Much love,


  1. Can't believe she had the nerve to laugh. :( So sorry that fell through. I can just see John whispering on the phone, trying to contain his anger! Today was a normal day for us. Church, Chili's, swimming, catching up on housework. :)


  2. I love when you post convos between you and your husband. I'm just waiting for the day you post and tell us to turn on the tv bc he's attacked you with a paint brush and is now on the news lol

    1. lol - he'll never get away with it - too many of you know now !!!!!!!!

  3. Laughed at Lauren's comment.

    That's so funny that you call it the "beast". I have a piece of furniture that I call the "beast" too. It's also an armoire that has been in two pieces for over a year. There's enough room to stand it up, but the men movers thought there wasn't. Now I have to hire three or four to lift it and put it back together. I have not posted photos of it, because I hate looking at it.

  4. I am going to have to side with John this time - you are NUTS! He deserves a medal for putting up with your shenanigans.

    Too funny!

    And, I am sure the armoire will be beautiful when you finish with it. What color will you paint it? Will you and John deliver to southern California?

  5. This was such a pleasure to read, because it is so authentic, and no one was hurt in the production of your day. Thank you for sharing this; I'm still smiling. :)

  6. Sorry about the buffet, but the armoire is fab. Can't wait to see it finished! What would we do without our long suffering husbands? x

  7. Poor John! You are quite hard headed aren't you?! I love it so cute you two! Can't wait to see the makeover!

  8. Love starting my day with a laugh and a smile on my face! Sorry about the buffet, but the monster piece is going to be fabulous! I can't wait to see it finished...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. Oh my gosh... poor John! That's so frustrating... and I can't believe the seller laughed. That "beast" of an armoire is going to be amazing.

  10. Ooooh...I would have been so frustrated, too! Posting a mistaken ad and then laughing about the error? ARGH! Yup, a swift kick to the butt would have me chuckling, too.

  11. What a great story. I'm sure it wasn't so great when you were in the midst of it. Sounds like you need to invest in a hand truck! John will love you for it!

  12. Well, How does the vinyl TV stand look in your house? lol I can only imagine how John REALLY felt when he was there. lol Just when I think that things are going awry here I read your post. Have a good week. xo Diana

  13. I often take doors off of items like that and then the weight is much reduced. Maybe next time? I'm interested to see what you create with that piece!

  14. I'm so freaking far behind in my bloglovin' feeds, I've given up trying to catch up. Therefore this comment will encompass tidbits from all five or twelve of your last posts:

    Heavy furniture: Yes, in fact, me and a helper dropped that huge mid-century dresser on Saturday. I don't wanna talk about it.
    Stupid craiglisters: Yes, I don't wanna talk about it.
    BlogHop: need to go join. forget every week.
    Gravy arms: Girl, I was blessed with cellulite on my earlobes. I don't wanna talk about it.
    Red Dressers: Turn me on. But I shouldn't talk about it.
    Strange stuff from the past: you had me at spirograph.
    Letters to Chalk Paint maker: I don't wanna talk about it. Actually, I do. Get some VAX. From Shabby Paints. Oh, yeah, you read my post about that.

    I think I'm caught up. Only 1000 more posts in my bloglovin' feed. *sigh*

  15. Okay, I would have driven there and committed murder. Okay, not in reality, but in my imagination it would have happened a thousand times. I get the language barrier thing...maybe she used the wrong words BUT THE WRONG FREAKING PHOTO?!?!? Off with her head.


  16. Hi Suzan,
    Wow about the French women!!!! I guess that is where the saying "buyer beware" comes into play!!!! You are painting my favorite piece. Make her pretty. I wish I lived closer I would so buy that Armoire for my home. I love her shape and character. She is a beauty.

  17. Hahaha guess what the ad choices posted on the bottom of your blog. On-line French lessons. I'd swear at them in 10 languages. That's a big OOPS! I've been there and done that with a customer. Dropped a piece in the parking lot. I warned her to get someone. This is not part of my customer service. She flagged down a guy walking by. He thought she was flirting with him. Afterwards he wanted to take the customer out for a drink, instead she gave him 20$ and told him to have one on her. I think he regretted it afterwards this was the biggest sideboard I have ever encountered. It was 72 inches long of solid wood. Your John sure has patience :) keep em coming!!! Can't wait to see what colour you choose.

  18. About 2 years ago I bought a piece of furniture at a community yard sale. The owner and his son loaded it in the back of my sister's Tahoe. When we got back to my house (there were three women in the car) we thought for sure we could get it in the house. Uh, no. We wrestled getting it off the back of the SUV. My neighbor across the street saw the drama, called his son out of the house and they graciously offered to carry it up the steps of my front porch and into the house for me. I have been secretly in love with him ever since... :)

  19. OH, and the woman that laughed at you? I would have gotten in the car, driven to her house and slapped her...hard. But that's just me.

  20. I am pissed by proxy at that Craigslist seller (*mutters angrily*).

  21. OOO.MMM.GGG! We live parallel lives! I have a big honkin' armoire that's in my breezeway and I want it in my living room. It's painted and ready to go but I need a moving crew to get it out the door and across the lawn to the main door. It's only about 40 feet from one door to the next but I can't move the damn thing even an inch!

    It's also holding me up installing carpet in the breezeway. Grrrrr.

  22. Oh Lordy...I'm starting to think YOUR husband might kill you before MY husband kills me! I work VERY hard at finding furniture I can handle myself because it NEVER turns out well.....I have TWO HUGE pieces in the garage which are "mentioned" often around here! sigh......but no one wants to buy the small chairs I keep finding!

    1. It's ridiculous Lorraine - the pieces are getting bigger and bigger every week LOL

  23. You are lucky to be alive...and so is that woman for ruining your hair!

  24. Oh no! Frustrating all around and after the drama to get the other piece out of the van too! Looking forward to seeing the armoire all done. I think I'm in a summer slump - not even keeping up with my blog reading very well.
    Hugs, Cecilia

  25. Oh how aggravating! Some people are so stupid! Like they really think someone is going to buy what they really have for sale if they show up for something they pictured but don't have! :(

  26. I am laughing so hard at this blog, but please understand, in total sympathy. I have so been there!! I just subscribed to your blog and really look forward to more episodes of I love Lucy meets "I am so determined to achieve what I want and despite the fact that my husband is fighting my determination, God bless this man for hanging in there so I can achieve what I want."

  27. I too am laughing - HARD! You poor thing and poor John!!! I'm afraid I might have made a special trip for the double crossin' Craigslister. As for the "I can handle it" and then "I can't lift it" is when I started laughing. I've been there SO many times!!! Luckily for me, my honey carries a dolly around everywhere so seldom do I have to try to lift or move those beasts. However, Sunday I hit a mother load for furniture and was told by my 'mover' he thought I had enough to do right now. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog, Suzan!

    1. I have to get a dolly - seriously - it would make my life so much easier ( my blog would be more boring - but my life would be easier lol )
      You're a sweetheart Camille - thanks SO much for your kind words,
      Big hugs,

  28. Thank you for your comment on my latest post. What an amazing armoire have you got a link to the finished armoire, I can see that you had started to paint it in a blue/grey, would love to see the finished piece.

    I must admit I was laughing hard reading this post, it rang a bell for me when I thought I could move our large Korean cabinet :)

    Lee :)

  29. So did your hair hold up? ! Priorities you know.
    Today my garage has 3 dressers, 1 vanity, 5 chairs, 1 chest...several are base painted but lots of work ahead. My husband would like his tv area back but I have taken over. What is your garage like? !
    Your painting friend,

  30. And now I'm lmao! I can just see it. The armoire is great, but I pity the next one who has to lift it! My husband keeps saying, there's no more room to store stuff...has it stopped me? Nah!


  31. Really? I feel like you and I are living the same life....minus the French person. I always think I can carry anything my husband can....sometimes that adrenalin starts flowing and I can lift/carry anything he can just so I can prove him wrong.

    1. Normally I CAN lmho - there was no way with this one - it would have landed on top of me and killed me I think !!!

  32. Dear John,
    When you're really fed up with Suzan, could you please come and have a break at the cottage? I have an idea about transforming a coffee pot into a lamp and none of my neighbours wants to help me with it. It will be a lot easier for you than whatever Suzan wants you to pick up next!

  33. SuzANNE! Does he call you that when he's mad?! LMBO!!

  34. Oh, Suzan ~ I'm dying laughing! My husband came to see why, it's us exactly! He always wants me to wait until someone can come over and help. Seriously? Wait? No patience for that when I can lift it! :)

  35. Thanks for the laugh Suzan! I'm laughing with you and not at you as I can relate.


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