Monday, August 12, 2013

Easy to make Heart Wreaths..................and the squirrel saga continues

I think a new obsession was born when I did April's dining room - she has the most amazing heart collection I've ever seen in one home - really - it's the APRIL'S HEART MUSEUM - if you missed the post I did on them you can find it HERE ( it's TRULY worth it to see ),
Her hearts struck me so deeply that I actually implemented secret hearts onto her dining room chairs when I reupholstered them HERE.
And I decided I wanted to start a heart collection......................
Hmmmm - that was back in April I believe.
We are now in August I believe.
Time to start that collection I believe.

Tonight I had 3.48 minutes to spare and decided to fill them making this

heart, wreath, hanger, fast, cheap, pretty

I used a wire hanger from the cleaners ( they use the cheapest ones imaginable so they're really easy to bend)

Don't worry about it not being a perfect heart shape - I think hearts are perfect when they're imperfect 

quick, heart, wreath, flowers,

I purchased these flowers ( plastic ) from the dollar store for Easter

and I simply snipped small bunches that I could wrap around the hanger......

and voila - mon premiere COEUR.................

heart, wreath, flowers, fast, hanger

This really did not take more than the 3.48 minutes I had to spare..................
And the cost was under 2.00 -
Ahhhh a collection after my own heart....................

The Squirrel saga continues as well - you can read part one HERE

If you don't read the first part - this will make no sense at all..................

So I was feeling kind of confident that we'd seen the last of the squirrels in our house - until I walked by the living room last night and saw this..............

I ran frantically into the bedroom - where John ( surprise ) was laying down watching T.V

Suzan says - there's STILL a squirrel in the house
John says - don't be ridiculous
Suzan says - there's a piece of bread on the coffee table in the living room John - and it wasn't there earlier
John says - yeah I saw it - you probably had a sandwich and left what you couldn't eat


Suzan says - You've got to be kidding me?
John says - Well you were looking all over the house for your sunglasses today - and they were right on you in your jean jacket pocket - so who knows - you probably left the bread on the table and you've forgotten all about it.

I'm soooo mad - really - I am so mad at this guy tonight -
First of all who walks by bread like that on a table and just keeps walking?
Why didn't he clean it up?
And secondly how ridiculous is it to just assume I was eating a sandwich - decided I'd had enough - and tossed it on to the table like that?
Does he think I eat like a savage - with pieces of bread flying out of my mouth - and then just leave everything there like that?
Maybe from now on when I eat supper I'll just toss the chicken bones all over the floor like they did in the medieval ages too.
I mean really - come on - if you saw that on the table - and you knew squirrels had been in the house yesterday - would you just assume your better half had been having a snack.......

So as I'm typing up this post - there's probably a squirrel looking over my shoulder - I'm going to have a heart attack - I swear to God - so my HEART post may be bizarrely appropriate!!!

I'm even afraid of them when they're door stoppers !!!!!!!!!

Which is why I painted the above one ( you can read about that HERE - just so you know I REALLY am afraid of squirrels................

I have to finish a dresser and I'm too numb to do it - what if a frightened squirrel is hiding in one of the drawers????

Heart attack I yell you - this situation is a heart attack waiting to happen!!!

Now excuse me - think I'm going to finish that sandwich now.................

If you're new to my blog - GOD LOVE YOU - that's all I can say - please don't run away in fear - sometimes this blog is perfectly normal ( not often - but sometimes it most definitely is )

My life eerily ( very very eerily ) resembles this movie - click on it - watch it till the end - because I have a horrifying feeling that will be me tomorrow - with a squirrel instead of a raccoon.

And I just have to tell you how Jill from Sew a Fine Seam responded to this conversation in a private email

Oooooh I hate it when men act like that!  Surely he knows you well enough to know you wouldn’t leave your sandwich like that!  Ugh L  Oh I hope it jumps in bed with him!

Often the emails I get are 10 times funnier than the post itself LMHO...........................

Have a great day all!!!
Much love,

and Sammy the Squirrel.

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  1. I think John and Steve must be related. Sometimes they are totally clueless.

    The entire time I was reading this, I was thinking about the gophers in Caddy Shack laughing at Bill Murray. I am sorry, but I can picture the little squirrel sitting there with a "tee-hee, we got her".

  2. LOL- Getting kinda squirrely yourself, aren't you? Love that he walked right by the bread on the table...and the surprise there WAS? lol Well, I hope things are all calm on the home front tonight and I am OFF to BED! xo Diana

  3. A breed totally known only by and to themselves! I get it a couple of times a day from Roy when I tell him something - it's always ".. are you sure YOU.." really !! Sometimes I wonder why men marry us when they think we are so stupid or low on IQ {makes me wonder who has the low IQ} A while ago I fell in the laundry room, ok, a few minutes later I heard a crash and knew he must've heard it as well, so when I asked him he replied with " I thought you fell again.." ugh!

  4. It reminds me of the time one of our cats dropped a live mouse in the dining room, husband was sure I had imagined it. He was watching me search, insisting it wasn't there. Then suddenly he began doing the strangest dance as he was stripping his jeans off. It had run up the inside of one of the legs!
    I like the heart very much, simple, yet really pretty.

  5. Love your wreath! Squirrels in the kitchen...oh my!

  6. OmG in the house!!!! How AWFUL!

    They are cute, but I am petrified of them. I have a picture of me standing on a picnic table screaming as a team of squirrels surrounded our table in a national park. Some idiots feed them. They are aggressive when they are hungry.

    LOVE your heart wreath.

  7. The wreath is splendid, but the squirrel...not so much...and the men...oh..but although you are going to have a heart attack, I was almost dying with laughter while reading your post..sorry,don`t be sulk, I like your style so much:)

  8. Good Morning Suzan, Oh no, you can't end up like in the film The Moneypit!
    You had me laughing at this tale. I have come to the conclusion that men are on a totally different planet to us women. Now if that piece of bread had been left on our kitchen table, George would not have cleared it away either, you know why, because he would say, "Well you never asked me to!" or "I thought you were leaving it there for something!"..... there are no words of reply are there.....well maybe there are the odd one or two.
    Love your heart wreath.....3.48 minutes to make.....very good.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the squirrel.
    Best Wishes

  9. First up lovely wreath, something that I have never done (except for one attempt where Jules asked it was a steering wheel cover) Secondly that husband of yours...seriously I would be furious but it's still highly amusing for us, sorry!

    1. Thanks for partying with me, you were a rocking guest and your wreath made for lovely decor xo

  10. Darling wreath, and I had no idea all you could accomplish in 3.48 minutes. LOL

  11. you made such a lovely wreath, if you fixed th hole in the screen do yuo think you trapped the squirrel inside?I fought squirrels one summer while house sitting and it was a nightmare, you have my sympathies for sure,

  12. Dear Sammy The Squirrel,

    Please leave Suzan's house right away. It is dangerous there. She may paint you gray if you stay still long enough.

    Love, Japolina

  13. LOL...I do hope you solve the squirrel problem soon....but then I won't get enjoy reading the stories! LOL....good luck!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  14. Guessing you could not reveal my private email response! :)

  15. Love the wreath! And I am sorry that the squirrels seem to take a liking to you ;-)

  16. Those pesky must of run the other way when you were scaring them out of the house! You need a cat...oh wait, that doesn't work too well for me- mine usually runs back inside when the squirrel starts fussing at her. Well, at least, your heart wreath is gorgeous. Maybe John has a secret pet and was feeding it .

  17. The wreath is positively darling!!! LOVE your conversations with your husband. I can relate!

    1. Thanks so much Katie -
      and if you can relate - than God love you !!!

  18. Men are just so dam annoying at times hey.Once I pureposley left a biscuit and its wrapper on the floor where Kev has to pass by it to get to the kitchen just to see if he would pick it up....Well it stayed there for nearly 3 weeks and I went mental."I didn't see it" was all he said.Yeah I bet if it was a can of beer he would have seen it-love dee x

  19. Hahahhahaa at the chicken bone scene.

    We have squirrels or chipmunks who store acorns in my car (grr).
    Nests in my engine (double grr).
    And now the squirrels (def. them because I saw them) are eating whatever's in my beautiful mulch. It's so bad the fabric's pulled up and weeds are starting to grow. We have acorn trees and that doesn't help. But they're in the front and every year a car slides into ours or a neighbor's tree in the winter weather. If I have the trees cut down, and a car slides, it could be ugly.

  20. An idea: go buy a real long rubber snake & tuck it under his pillow!!! That'll teach him! :)

  21. Totally adorable wreath...I luv it! Fortunately, for us we have dachshunds...which are rodent hunters. Want me to send them your way, after their 23 hr naps, of course. lol!

    Schatzi has an extremely high prey her a squirrel is a lving breathing squeaky toy..and she would rip the guts out it it. Oskar, on the other hand, would watch....then take it from her. That's just the way he rolls.

    Maybe Soda can provide some assistance? hahahahha!!

    1. I never knew Dachshunds were rodent hunters..............hmmm - may have to get me one of those!!!
      Soda seemed as frightened as I - lmho!!!

  22. I am still laughing! I would leave some food near the door and then the other side of the door and maybe he will let himself out!

  23. This is lovely! I want to try it, too! :) Pinning to my home decor board...

  24. Thanks for the laugh, picturing you with bread flying out of your mouth, like a heathen. ;) True story-my grandson and I watched a squirrel outside their front door eating berries off the neighbors bush just like that. Nom, nom, nom...with berry bits flying everywhere. We were dying! :D

  25. Bahahahaha!!! Just to freak you out further, I must share that years ago a tame little squirrel appeared in my backyard...he kept getting closer and closer and would eat right out of my hand. Then jump up on my lap. I would pet him like a kitty. Then he'd sit on my shoulder and we'd go for a walk with the kids. ARE YOU FREAKED OUT YET??? =D

    Oh yeah...the wreath rocks!


  26. maybe you should start eating a sandwich like that...I hear men are attracted to cave women :) ...and squirrels are related to mice...rodents

  27. :) haha! So did you tell John what I said? And did he ever find that little pest?

  28. Suzan, all that I can muster up is, John, John, John. He really needs to get a clue a little bit. I can't believe he actually thinks that you would eat a sandwich and just leave scraps on the table. WHAT is he thinking!!! Now you should start leaving small trails of food around to see what happens. Will he think you did it because you suddenly became a cave woman or start wondering if there is still a squirrel in the house. Oh maybe he will say that you have gone too far and become a slob. Maybe you can get a cleaning lady out of this, who knows. I really couldn't handle knowing or not knowing if there was a squirrel lurking about. They are freakish little things and they are very sneaky. Something must be done here, I don't know if you should torture John or say a prayer every night that the squirrel doesn't show itself. I would be so afraid to get up in the dark not knowing if the little bugger was siting on the couch finishing the rest of his sandwich or not!! Good luck!!


    P.S. The wreath is really darling!!

  29. I think you have that squirrel corralled very nicely with that wreath. Rest easy, my friend. But, don't eat that bread!!!

  30. OMGosh, this had me cracking up! (And I love that movie, btw! ;)

  31. Ha Ha Suzan you just crack me up. I hope that furry unwanted guest is not in the house!!!!! Maybe you could put a sandwich on John tonight after he goes to sleep and see it the squirrel comes to get the Sandwich then maybe John will believe you!!!!! I love that movie too funny.

  32. Oh my goodness... for real? Your husband was serious? I think he was just too lazy to get up and look around; it's much easier to pretend a squirrel in the house isn't possible, so you don't have to do anything about it.

    Squirrels are quite ambitious, especially when they are hungry. I do believe you that one of them is messing with you!

  33. John is just too funny. What does it mean that when I watched the video I was paying more attention to the details of the wall paper and the lovely railings on the staircase than the fact that they were being attacked by critters?

  34. The wreath is super cute. We have some bold squirrels around here. I haven't had any come inside, but, they like to have meetings on my garage roof.

  35. How cute! You already named it? I'm pretty sure you're going to be best friend! Just think of it as something to paint when yu get your hands on it!

  36. You know that the only sure-fire solution to this is the same as with must burn down your house immediately not hesitate. Get that flame-thrower out, ask John how to light it...he'll find the squirrel pretty quick for you.

  37. What a sweet wreath! I love the heart shape! :)

  38. Such a pretty wreath. So affordable too. Great idea.

    1. Thanks so much Tammy - and only a couple of minutes to make :)

  39. I enjoy a good laugh although you really should clean up after yourself. Poor John. hehe What a pretty wreath. I really thought the flowers were real.

  40. Love the wreath, but the story has taken my breath away. Is he nuts? Squirrels in your house and John does not see the potential danger? I think maybe John left the bread there to scare you. Grab your knobs!

  41. Beautiful heart wreath, Suzan! I love the flowers you used; it came out so pretty!

  42. Hi Suzan. You have the same phobia about squirrels that I have about birds. I didn't think about painting all the "birds" that I have in the house silver. Is that something like a burning stake for vampires?? Why do we have statues of things we are deathly afraid of?? That bread might have been what was left over as their tiny little hands pulled it apart so that they could have crumbs to leave for all their friends to follow!!. Hope you have already gone to bed before you read this..Happy Thursday..Judy

  43. Now Suzan, I haven't started wearing the Depends yet, but if you keep this up, I am going to have to.I was thinking perhaps your husband is pulling one over on you(do you hear the Twilight Zone music now?)when I scrolled on down and saw the bit about The Money Pit. I am not particularly afraid of most rodents, but then again, I haven't had any sharing the house with me, unless you count the two Guinea Pigs my girls had when they were kids. Of course, they weren't skittering around the house either, but it would freak me out to see squirrels in my house and if it didn't cause a heart failure, it might bring on one of Depends moments! Oh,your wreath is perfect!

    1. LOL - no he wasn't pulling my leg Lynn -
      I was terrified - we've sprayed the building and nary a one showed up today - soooo fingers are crossed that they'll admit defeat and retreat!!!

  44. I love your heart, and that it was only $2.00 is even better!
    Poor John, I have a feeling he'll be paying for this for a while. lol We have a live trap you can borrow to catch the little critter(s).
    I couldn't watch the clip. I'm terrified of horror movies and not knowing what this is (based on your post I'm guessing horror), and sitting here alone at midnight isn't a good time to test it. hahaha
    Debbie :)

    1. We sprayed the building - didn't see one of them today - I think they retreated - hopefully they're not planning another attack in the near future!!!

  45. I think I could even do this for my door.. I've been scoping out heart or circle rings at the dollar store and have not found any.. this is a great alternative and I love the look!!!

    1. Thanks Debbie - and it literally took " minutes " to make!!!

  46. I'm so glad I went back into your older posts (though not that old) and found this post. I am a huge fan of hearts but not so much squirrels. I certainly wouldn't want one living with me, especially one that can't pick up after himself...that's what husbands are for :)

  47. lol! Oh you poor girl!!! Have you gotten any sleep at all during the past week...??? Do they make "Squirrel Spray" or what? lol What did you spray?

    xoxo laurie

  48. Ohhh.....forgot to tell you that I ADORE your heart! Perfectly sweet - and oh so cheap! :)

    xoxo laurie

  49. Great wreath! You'd never guess it was a meezly 2 bucks!!! Nice job!!
    squirrels aren't exactly our best friends either...who knew something so cute could be a PEST!?!

  50. Oh my! I think the squirrels may be frightened, too! But the wreath is beautiful! It looks like lavender...I could use lavender, couldn't I? Hugs!

  51. When I have 3.48 spare minutes I kind-of sit like a lump and stare off into space. You create a pretty little heart wreath. You're amazing. We have tree squirrels (not native) EVERYWHERE here in the North End. At first, they're charming and cute, but after 25 years, my husband started trying to scare them out of our trees and yard with assorted bb guns, sling shots, rocks, baseball bats, blasts from a hose... you get the picture. Maybe that will inspire your husband, since he's not motivated to save his beloved as is Tom Hanks in that hilarious movie clip, that he can turn this pesky squirrel opportunity into a fun guy sport thing instead. Good luck!

  52. What a beautiful wreath! It really does look like lavender.
    I've had 2 squirrels in my house. The first one came down in the fireplace when there was a fire in the fireplace. Not a very smart squirrel...he burnt all the fur off of his tail. My hubby had to get heavy gloves on to get him out. That was a crazy night! The second squirrel was under our sofa. I was just sitting there watching TV and something came out from under the sofa and pawed at my feet. I jump up's not the cat as she is sleeping on my lap. I hollered for my hubby to come see what was under there and as he is moving the sofa...out comes a squirrel. We put up the cat and opened up the front and back doors...and chased that crazy creature around until he finally run out the back door!

  53. hmmmm what a guy. Your wreath is very sweet. I think i would much rather have a squirrel in my house than a mouse. In fact I know I would.


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