Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm at the market ( because the house is on the market :)

Hi everyone................

We had a showing last night and apparently it went very well - the people that came to visit stayed for over an hour ( which is apparently a good sign ) We'll see.................

In the meantime when I found out they were coming I ran down to Atwater Market ( 5 minutes away from me ) We're so lucky to have such a gorgeous Farmer's Market in downtown Montreal.
When I was growing up it was a meat market ( not the 70's disco type - but a real MEAT market ) and it was quite disgusting really - blood all over the floors -animals hanging all over the place - it's since been gentrified and quite the place to spend an afternoon.
Care to spend some time there with me?
Let's go !!!

Are these not the cutest things???

It was like I was looking through a nursery window at a hospital the way I was going on about these little babies LMHO -

Okay - I've selected my miniature pumpkins ( as cute as these are they're not staging material for selling a house lol - I chose plain ones )  I was going to get 4 or 5 of these for the dining room table LOL

Ok - that's me tugging on your arm now - let's gooooo - I need flowers - the viewing is in 3 hours !!!

This is going to be harder then I thought .................

I can't choose !!!

These next ones are not real - but I just love them

I used to pick up big bunches of flowers from here every Friday - haven't done it in awhile -

Oh look - here's an indoor florist - let's run inside quick
AGGGHHH - do you see what I see????
Cotton !!! Well I  never picked cotton .......................and I never even knew what it looked like until I started blogging - but now Y'ALL  know I have to have some of that  ( do they last forever like dried flowers ? )

OK - I've picked my flowers :)
Time to scurry home and cut them up.
Now I'm seeing some food I'd like to decorate with too!!!

We've stayed far too long - once again I'm going to be racing the clock to get things done :)
2 bright single pink gerbera's for the office will do nicely - it's too tiny a room to overcrowd it with flowers but this is a nice punch of color against the deep grey wall.

and some Cotton in the bathroom ( are you supposed to put water in the vase with these???? )

Now some giant hydrangeas for the dining room

The entrance way could use a small arrangement

A couple of these miniature hydrangeas can sit on top of books in the living room

And lastly a small vase for the small table in the kitchen :)

This was the last thing I saw as I left the market by the way - a pumpkin vase !!!

What a beautiful idea - and a fabulous hostess gift for Thanksgiving dinner - ( if you're lucky enough to not be the one cooking it every single year )

I finished with 10 minutes to spare lol - and we were out the door with Soda !!

Have a great Tuesday all :)
I've got some miniature pumpkins to paint !!!
Much love,

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  1. Beautiful flowers and the arrangements look terrific. Loved the little pumpkins. Good luck on viewing.

  2. Beautiful flowers I loved the cotton never thought about putting it in a vase till now.Fingers crossed your house sells-love dee x

  3. So many beautiful flowers, Suzan. Love the cotton. (I never saw it like that). So decorative.
    I hope the house sell and everything goes great for you.

    Hugs and good luck

  4. Hope your showing gets you an offer!
    Beautiful farmer's market... I haven't seen any pumpkins out at our markets yet, but give it a couple weeks and I'll be loading up on them too! Love that cotton branch - I stalk the local farms for areas that are missed when they're bailing cotton so I can borrow a branch or two!

  5. I love the cotton idea.
    :) praying for you.

  6. Oh my! I'm loving the pumpkin vase! And all of the flowers you chose are beautiful. I'm wishing you the very best! Hugs!

  7. I love your selections, I would love to go to that market! I hope the sale soon happens for you!

  8. What a delightful market to be able to frequent so easily. The beautiful flowers you brought home look lovely in every room!
    Mary Alice

  9. Gorgeous!!!!!! I wanna go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The pumpkin vase is lovely! I always fall for white lilies ...

  11. I love it all! I want to go there too. :) Hope your house sells quickly.

  12. Good Luck with the showing. Your place is beautiful who wouldn't want to live there. Fingers crossed!!!!

  13. We have fields of cotton, but I never have put my stalks in water - I just let them dry and they will last years. Farmers around here would be astounded at how much one stalk costs! Your house looks beautiful.

  14. I have never seen cotton at the florist before!!! Very fun. Love the hydrangeas and gerbers!!! I want to live 5 mins from a gorgeous former meat market.

  15. I'm sure it was the flowers that had them lingering! You might have to start packing soon! Oh, joy, so rest up while you can.♥♫

  16. super cute i love a home with fresh flowers fingers crossed it sell super soon

  17. You'll get the offer today and it will be the cotton that sold it! LOL! My lingering thoughts were: "I bet John has a heyday with the painted pumpkins!" I can just hear him now...."Suzan, now you're painting FOOD!" Let me know how THAT goes! (teeheehee) Beautiful Flowers. Beautiful Home. BEAUTY-FULL Suzan!

  18. I was going to freak out if you didn't get any of the hydrangeas! They were all gorgeous, and I LOVE that pumpkin vase!!! Best of luck!!!


  19. If I wish you 'good luck' will that mean your house sells quickly... or sells slowly?

  20. Oh my!! We don't get a "I wanna live there post" featuring your home??? Wuz up with that? :) Good luck Suzan!!

  21. I'm sure your house showed better with all the flowers in it!

  22. You did a great job! I love Hydrangeas. I didn't know you could buy cotton for display, that's REALLY cool. G'luck w/the showing, I hope they make a great offer!

  23. Fun baby pumpkins! What was the 'hair' made from? Pipe cleaners? I love the flowers you chose. Bright lime green is so pretty. The pumpkin bouquet is gorgeous and I think you should treat yourself this year. Maybe you'll be 'homeless' by Thanksgiving and get invited out! But, let's hope your home sells and you find another in the meantime.

  24. Love the pumpkin vase! It's TOO adorable! You made excellent choices Suzan and you distributed all your lovelies beautifully, which I'm sure added just the right amount of ambiance! Best of luck!


  25. What a gorgeous Market with such a huge selection, Suzan. That pumpkin vase is gorgeous!!! Everything looks great and now you are fall ready, your favorite, LOL!!!


  26. Love the cotton!!! And a house isn't a home unless there are fresh flowers - great way to sell your wonderful home by adding those touches. Good luck, my friend!!

  27. Oh you know I love this post with the pumpkins and flowers! You made awesome choices lady!

  28. Oh how pretty all of your arrangements look. I loved going to the market and the florist with you. What a great market, and what a beautiful pumpkin vase filled with flowers. I stick cotton stalks in a vase and leave them forever. Good luck with the house! laurie

  29. Lovely Suzan, just lovely! Wish I had a market to run to that had flowers like that!

  30. Thanks for the visit to the market. I love Farmer's markets and I love how Canada does Fall. My daughter and I were in Quebec a couple of years ago in October. The square in the upper town was absolutely gorgeous with the neatest decorations.
    Thanks for sharing your market visit with us. xoGinger

  31. I LOVE that pumpkin vase. What a wonderful idea. I'll have to keep that in mind as a gift, or maybe I can put one together for us here.

    You are so fortunate to have the Atwater Market close by. It is such a lovely place to stroll through. My goodness, I haven't been there in YEARS!

    Good luck with your home. You may get it sold quickly!

  32. Love all the flowers, they really brighten up any room in the home. I would love to have fresh cut flowers everyday but I only buy them every couple of weeks to display in the kitchen. They always make me happy, happy, happy!
    Hope the showing went well and you find out some good news shortly.

  33. I'm envious, what a treat to have the market so close, the flowers are lovely! Fingers crossed, I agree an hour is a good sign! :)

  34. Such beautiful favorites are the white hydrangeas! Those pumpkins are adorable with the funny! I might have to make one to sit by my classroom door!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  35. I'd love a great market to walk to. I can't see how the buyers/lookie-loo-ers didn't love it if they were there for an hour! Fingers crossed! Love your beautiful flowers.

  36. those are really cute...but I love that pumpkin vase! good luck with selling the house.

  37. Dont you just LOVE farmers markets? I cant get enough of them... except that this year I went to the least I have gone to in years! Blasphemy! Anyway, seeing all those little pumpkins makes me want to head to one now! Except its 11pm here :) Come on over and link up at our linky party, that is live right now, through Sunday!
    See you there!

  38. Atwater Market is da bomb! I did a post about it on my gardening blog a few years ago when I visited in the Spring. I love it!

    Good luck with the house!

  39. Love the idea of decorating with cotton. Fresh and something "new". Beautiful pictures!!


  40. An hour is a very long time for them to be at a viewing. Love your flower choices and good luck!

  41. So pretty, blood on the floor, animals hanging around, you sure it wasn't a dance floor type meat market?

    An hour says they're interested to me! Good luck xo

  42. I adore the farmers market. So much to choose from. You made some great choices, everything is so pretty. I haven't bought not 1 pumpkin yet! Not like me, I still can't believe it's fall already!

  43. I was raised in the heart of cotton country. You don't need water in the vase with the stalks. And yes, it will last forever and never change it's appearance. You have such an eye for decorating and beautiful things. :)

  44. Glad the showing went well! Hope it's the one!! :) I love all the different flowers! I didn't even think of that when we were showing our home! I saw some cotton at Hobby Lobby yesterday I died over!


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