Friday, September 20, 2013

My Handy Man.......................

Last week while I we were getting the house ready - I turned on the vacuum and the lights blew in the dining room............
John went into the basement to switch the breaker back on and I continued with the vacuum.

A little later I went into the office - and the light didn't come on in there either.

Suzan says - John I think you're going to have to check the breakers again - one side of the office is not working............
John says - It's not the breaker - everything is fine down there now
Suzan says - Well it's a bit of a coincidence don't you think?
John says - I'm telling you it's not the breaker.

He comes into the office and goes down on all fours with a flashlight and starts following the trail of wires.....

John says - we're going to have to move the filing cabinets I'm afraid
Suzan says - WHY?
John says - I have to check the plug outlet and it's behind there
Suzan says - Can you check the breakers again one more time before we do that?

It took us forever to move the filing cabinets which weigh about 14 tons - 2 large ones stacked on top of each other..............
In doing so the floor was scratched terribly...............

John takes a lamp from another room and plugs it in the outlet -

John says - you see?  it's the outlet
Suzan says - but if it's the breaker the outlet won't work with anything you put in it..............

He then digs out an extension cord....................and plugs a lamp from the office into an outlet in the dining room - and the lamp comes on.................

John says - ARE YOU READY TO APOLOGIZE NOW????????????????
Suzan says - Nope
Suzan says - I think it's the breaker............
John says - we're going to have to call an electrician in
Suzan says - If we call an electrician in and he goes downstairs to check the bre -
John says - You can't apologize can you?  You just can't do it !!!!!!!!!!

John says - Well we can leave it like that for now
Suzan says - We have photographs being taken of the house- we can't have a huge yellow wire
coming out of office into the dining room -
John says - They're not looking at things like that!!!
Suzan says - I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to double check one last..............

John calls Tony ( Linz's husband ) this is all I can hear

" well I already checked the breakers "
" ok then - thanks Tony - I'll check again "

Suzan says - what did Tony say?
John says - well the outlet might be dead - but he says I should check the breakers again
Suzan says - uh huh - I see...............

John goes downstairs - flicks all the switches on the breaker and there was light..............

John says - I don't understand it - really I don't

As he was bent down under the desk trying to rearrange all the wires again - I wanted to give him a good swift kick in the A$$.

Except I was too busy down on my hands and knees frantically trying to fix the damage on the floor of the office in the house that we're trying to sell......................

Another typical day....................

All the other bloggers seem to have such normal lives - these things happen on a weekly basis around here :)

Apparently in John's world people don't look inside closets either.................

I'd LOVE to live in his world for just a little while - it would be nice to escape reality from time to time

Have a great Friday everyone -

I'm still waiting for an apology in these here parts :)


  1. Oh gosh! I'm still laughing, Suzan!!! You know you're not getting that apology ..? Sorry to say, but I am so glad we are not the only household which is a little "abnormal" ;-) {by the way, ever tripped over a garden hosepipe IN your house at night ..? - just asking??}

  2. LOL, It seems normal to me! I have a lot of stories too, I would like to give my husband a big kick too once in awhile!

    Have a Good ONe!

  3. Unbelievable!! Why a man never accept a woman's opinion?!?!....

  4. Hahaha! This scenario is familiar in our home too Suzan!

  5. Are you kidding?? We women NEVER know what we're talking about! They have to hear it from another man!!! This happens to me all the time too. You are not alone sweetie. It's the man gene. If the suggestion doesn't come from fellow testosterone, then it CAN'T BE RIGHT!!!


  6. Hmmmm, are you sure you weren't spying on me and my husband?

  7. I am telling you, Suzan. We are married to TWINS. Sometimes I want to just smother him in his sleep. Let's face it- They just don't GET IT! lol I have one of our conversations coming up soon- xo Diana

  8. For two years I said I heard water dripping inside my downstairs bath's wall. Chucks said I always think the worse of everything. The other day Chucks said he thought he heard water dripping behind his bath's vanity. Called the plumber - broken pipe in two places - wet attic floor. He's my handy man. (You do know that is one of the greatest make-out songs?)

  9. It happened to me when I changed the light in our kitchen...but mine went down to double check :)

  10. Hello A$$, meet my foot! Oh, they can be so annoying with their hardheaded crap. Very familiar day around here, Suze!

  11. Oh men! I think I might have kicked A$$...hope he apologizes with wine, chocolate, and flowers. LOL

  12. gosh, I think I'm married to his brother!

  13. Apologize John!! You were totally wrong and clean your damn closet! lol

  14. I found your post hilarious. Why is it that women never have any good ideas?

  15. ha ha ha John sounds the same as my husband he wont listen to me if I say Oh the car is running funny -what do you mean -I don't know its just funny...And in the end I was right there was a loose belt ,why don't men ever listen I wish you could give kev a swift kick in his A$$ as I am afraid that if I did I would lose my foot-love dee x

  16. I would have just gone and checked the breakers myself. Unless, of course, there was the chance of a squirrel in the basement.

  17. Why does this sound so familiar to me?? I'm actually amazed that he admitted that Tony told him to check the breakers again - which he promptly did, of course, because it was a guy's idea. Go soak your head, John! LOL

  18. Why do men have a hard time listening to their wives? How long does it take them to realize we're usually right? :-)
    I guess it's that little thing called 'ego."
    Mary Alice

  19. Suzan, So funny! You do know this is typical male behavior, right?

  20. Hahaha...this was funny! Just like a man. They just don't want to admit when they're wrong about stuff like this. Must be hard getting through doors with big fat male egos...hahaha...

    Have a super weekend, Suzan! You have been vindicated :)

  21. I think it's called "Man Reality". Nothing finer than being right, but they are good to keep around. Have a great weekend.♥♫

  22. That is hysterical! He sounds about as handy as my husband ... God love 'em :)

  23. This is a regular occurrence at our house too! My husband never apologizes and when he does it is, "Well I'm sorry you feel that way... or your feelings were hurt." Never a, "I'm sorry I messed up or for being a complete @ss!! LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  24. Oh Suzan I'd love to give a glimpse into our occurrences around here...see I can't even say weekly occurrences because it is far more often than that. And, you know I even try to pretend sometimes it hasn't happened again so it doesn't seem so often. I can only say "I told you so" so many time :)

  25. Love it and I totally needed this laugh tonight! I have a feeling you will never let John live this one! Can't say that I would blame you though...;) Have a wonderful weekend and best of luck selling quickly!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  26. Too funny, Suzan! I can always relate to your stories. Two weeks ago, our computer crashed at exactly the same time the WiFi went out. I kept insisting the two were related, Mr. Goo Shoes insisting it couldn't be. I still don't know who was right, but why are they so STUBBORN????

  27. It's funny that he had to be right. No body's life is normal. What's normal? :) At least yours is funny. :)

  28. Oh my, how I have missed reading these while I was away. They make my day. One day I will share a typical conversation that goes in our house about our drains - lol! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :)

  29. LOL! Men! They are all alike! This was cute and I'm sure y'all will be able to laugh about it. Well, maybe you'll laugh about it next year! ;) Have a great weekend and you are the sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  30. He's still alive after that fiasco? I'd have told him to take the toaster into the shower with him and it would be safe because the breaker was off.

  31. Lol, oh poor John.....nothing like being wrong!

  32. I wish Brian and John had of met, they sound so much alike. Brian always said if you can't be handy you might as well be handsome. He thought he was both, and he would have done everything that John did. Except he would have been guiding me from his spot on the couch in front of the TV. I would have been down checking the breaker lol . And yes men do not realize people will check closets and cupboards and even areas that they don't need to check because they are nosey. love the story Suzan made me laugh. Movers are here Monday and Tuesday Maggie and I start our journey to Ontario. be home with family soon, and much closer to you my friend. hugs Tobey

  33. I will tell you.....I'm sorry, I am so sorry I wasn't there.

    Cuz I'd have kicked him for you!



    1. How loyal you are Christine LMHO - THANKS !!!

  34. XOX

    Chandelier Fiasco I started with two working chandeliers in mint condition. :)

  35. HAHA why do they always think they are right!?

    1. Why yes Lauren - they most certainly do LOL


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