Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A dresser for my bathroom Vanity !

Good morning everyone !!!

Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the's not as warm here as I'd like it to be :(

John says - Funny that the silver dresser never sold?
Suzan says - Well sometimes it happens
John says - I thought that one would fly out the door
Suzan says - So did I
( I never listed it..................couldn't do it )
Suzan says - Well since no one wants it I think I'll use it for the bathroom vanity downstairs
John gets a horrified look on his face - picture this with his British accent please
" A BATHROOM VANITY??????????????????"
" IT'S A DRESSER !!!!!!!! "

He's serious too..............dead serious...............thinks it's absolutely ridiculous.
Dressers are to put clothes in -
They can't be used as Islands or Buffets or VANITIES - they're meant for clothes.

John says - Why don't you ask your readers what they think of the idea - because you don't listen to me
Suzan says -Half the bloggers out there have dressers for vanities !!!
Suzan says - Sandy ( a friend of ours ) has one and you told them you loved it !!!
John says - Well theirs looks like a vanity

I can't win - I keep trying and I. JUST. CAN'T. WIN.


If everything goes according to plan ( but you know what they say about that right?  " all well laid plans
always often go awry " ) we should be renovating the downstairs bathroom in the fall.

As economically as I can.

And part of that plan will be using this dresser

Using a dresser as a bathroom vanity

 as a vanity.............

It already has a fitted glass top - so would just have to have it cut out for the drain

I'm thinking of going entirely white - floors - wall tiles - and perhaps have a chandelier instead of regular bathroom lighting - put some glam in there :) and a couple of wall sconces  to match
Love these ones from Thomasville -

And I could always add a little drama with shades

I'd love to up the ante and include a towel warmer while I'm at it -

And that's the way my brain works - we have 7 rooms still to finish - and I'm dreaming of bathrooms.

(If anyone is looking for instructions on how to turn a dresser into a vanity - this is a great site
 for it ! )

A lot of you will remember this dresser ( I did it over a year ago ) but for those of you that don't here's what it looked like when I picked it up............

and if you'd like to see the first 2 transformations you can see them HERE lol - because this one was
Once - Twice - Three times a lady.................finally painted with Modern Masters Pewter - just brushed on with 3 coats of water based polyurethane for protection

Have a wonderful day all -
I'm scurrying to finish a custom job - will try to post photos tomorrow :)

Love ya

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  1. I love that as a dresser, buffet, vanity or anything else it's gorgeous! Didn't list it lol

  2. Thank goodness John doesn't read your blog! The vanity is going to be fabulous. I am going to do the same thing in my bath. The dresser I wanted to use didn't work out so I am searching again. We have a used furniture store in our area that sells stuff at ridiculously low prices. I just need something that is the right height or that can be cut down to the proper height for a vanity. My friend's husband converted a gorgeous antique Federal chest for her and put in a handpainted porcelaine sink. Absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see that snazzy bathroom when it is finished!

  3. Hahhahaha, you didn't list it??? Hhahahaha I like the silver. And I thought a warming towel rack would be such a great Christmas gift for my DIL, until they told me they're moving to Florida in 2015. Zero need for it there, and I moved on. :)

  4. Love it! I love that you didn't list it either. That would be a hard piece to let go if I had it. :)

  5. It's going to be beautiful. And tell John I want to do the same!

  6. I love this dresser and think it would make a pretty vanity. (Tell John I said so) I also love the wall sconces you chose. Very pretty and glam. Question. How do you get the sink pipes installed when there are 3 drawers? Do you have to remove them and put in a false front with the drawer panels? Just wondering. Seems like a big job but it would be so pretty.

  7. A perfect vanity for you.... lucky for you it didn't sell, you cheeky monkey. (I can hear John saying that in the background) Love all your choices. Bathrooms are so fun.

  8. Love it... stunning!
    And you are winning... little by little... you are winning!!
    Team Suzan!!

  9. I love dressers turned into vanities! It's going to be awesome! It's so pretty. I see why you couldn't sell it.

  10. It will be so YOU if you use that dresser as a vanity!

  11. GREAT idea. Love the piece for the bathroom. Listen, tell Johnboy he can put his underwear in one of the working drawers...that way they will be handy if he needs a pair in a hurry! Can't wait to see what you are working on now. xo Diana ps...LOVE that sconce!

  12. Love this for your bathroom Suzan. It is going to look amazing. I love the idea of the chandelier and chandelier sconces. It is going to be so gorgeous in there.

  13. oh, how pretty, and exciting. your giving me ideas!!!!

  14. The vanity is georgeous! (I called it a vanity not a dresser!) A chandelier would look awesome. I love chandys in bathrooms - it says elegance. No pre-made vanity would be as well made or sturdy as a dresser turned vanity. It oozes charm!

  15. I think it will make a smashing vanity! It's so pretty and should be perfect for what you're imagining! Good luck with convincing John but he really should trust you by now.

  16. I love that Idea! Hmmm...keep us posted on how you handled pumbing with that...I have been wanting to use a pc of "furniture" for a vanity as well. Good Luck Love

  17. Suzan this is perfect! Will you use a vessel sink or have one installed? I can't until this happens. I was trying to hear for a British accent but I couldn't wrap my brain around this one at all, sorry John!!


  18. I turned an antique dresser into a vanity and have never once thought it was a mistake. It turned out beautiful so go for it. What does John know anyway other than I would have thought he would have learned to trust your decisions. Trust me, you will make a believer out of him. I'm sure you know you will lose the middle drawers, but will still have more space for storage than a regular vanity you can buy from Lowe's or Home Depot. I used a vessel sink instead of a drop in and love it. I have antique hot and cold faucets attached to the wall but had to pay quite a bit of money for an extra long faucet to keep the antique look but the result was well worth it.

  19. That dresser will be beautiful used as a bathroom vanity! I love all the other pieces you have selected too!

  20. I love the look of dressers turned into vanities...they look far better, less like a bathroom counter & cupboards. Yes, you definitely should do it!! And the chandelier & sconces would match it perfectly.
    Debbie :)

  21. He's just going to have to get over it! It will be gorgeous as a vanity. I love that paint!

  22. Not only will it be a beautiful vanity... but one that everyone will want!!! I just love how you transformed this piece!

  23. you know I just have to say that as much as John seem to have a relationship where trying things is accepted. I want to paint our orangey hardwood floors in the bedroom....just a white wash.... because they are too old and worn to be sanded down again..... this would be a temp fix until they are replaced....but my husband gasps ...yes gasps at the idea..... OMG what is so hard about just doing a temp paint job? I mean really men....hardwood can be painted....RIGHT???? Sorry I thought I would rant on a sympathetic audience.

  24. You are so fun.
    I like it...and I am excited to hear and see more.

  25. It's funny Mr. C and I just had the same conversation! I have a dresser that was in our living room that doesn;t work anymore and I want to use in our upstairs bathroom and his reaction is the same as John's. What do they know? They get over it sooner or later. I usually price the price for a while, but it's worth don't you think? Great ideas for the bathroom!

  26. I think this piece is perfect for a vanity in your is so pretty!!

  27. OMG... you have my attention. We have been agonizing over the upstairs bathroom for more than a year and I have had that on my possible to-do list. I will be glued to how you move forward.

  28. I would love to see that turned into a vanity! Even just painting it made a remarkable transformation. John should really learn to trust you! :-)

  29. Love it and think it will make a perfect vanity! Love those chandelier lights too...with the lamp shades. Wish I had known you wanted a towel warmer....sold mine at a garage sale for $20.

  30. I love how you painted it silver and it will be perfect for the bathroom vanity I have seen several done this way and they are all fabulous , Go For It John

  31. Your new bathroom is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to see it! Those sconces are to die for - so elegant! I have a dresser that I am turning into a bathroom vanity also! It belonged to my grandparents and is beautiful - except the top is ruined with water stains. We plan to either have a custom marble top cut for it to replace the top, or make our own custom concrete top. But, I have to wait another year or two for mine because we haven't even started building our house yet!

  32. Beautiful metallic finish, perfect for a glam bath! The chandie sconces with look oh so fab with it, nice choices !

  33. Oooh, the dresser is stunning! It's gonna be fab in that bathroom!


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