Thursday, June 14, 2012

Identity Crisis!

Is it a Vanity?
Is it a Desk?
Is it a Dresser?

it's SUPERversatile!!!!!!!!!

This was being sold as a vanity - 

but I looked at the photo and I thought I'd sell it as a desk
until I had a brainstorm - 
(You would not believe the storms that rage inside my brain - 
& not all of them are positive creations, let me tell ya - but
this one happened to be ) 

remember this dresser?

that I did like this ?

The girl that bought it did not want the mirror at all - 

so I kept it for some future project - and I am so
happy I did - because John kept telling me to just
give it to her when she comes - it's part of it and she may change
her mind one day............but I had lowered the price 
( she had me at " student " ) 
so felt justified about keeping the mirror

Ok - so here is the post for this transformation
( the above was just the prelude lol ) 

I gave it a coat of white homemade chalky paint
sorry Annie - but I have tons of paint I have to
use up somehow!!!!

gave it a very quick coat - making sure to leave a little of the wood exposed

I then painted over the white with a gray color I had on hand - also
making a chalky recipe for this - there's little "peaks" of wood showing

I added a stencil in each corner - as mentioned in an earlier post I always
put one of these stencils on the back of my transformations - sort of my
signature - but lately their sneaking up on the forefront of some of them
It's from the dollar store and I just love it

I used ASCP coco for the patterns - I love the contrast between the gray and this color

at this point most of the work is done - sanding and a little more distressing and waxing

Now I am on to a seating -
something of which I definitely have an obsession with - at this point
my actual table ( I add on for large parties ) seats 8 - and I probably have
seating for 24 lol -

I took this

painted the base white - and reupholstered it like this

The gray background is perfect for the body of the desk/vanity/dresser
Let's call it my D.V.D. going forward, shall we? lol

Please don't leave me now - it's almost over!
This post took longer to create than the entire job - if you're sick of reading about it - imagine how
I feel uploading all these photos and typing lol

Next step was the mirror -

I painted the frame that holds up the mirror in the white - and the mirror
frame itself in the gray - lightly distressed the both pieces

Started staging it and it's not finished yet -
This is part of the disorder - I cannot help it
Same way when I'm painting the actual walls in
a room..................and hanging pictures on one wall even if
there's still walls to paint -
I think there's medication for this - 

Oh we're almost so done here I can taste it - handles - painted gray and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Have you guessed
Yes distressed
( just showing off my poetry skills - like to throw that in every once in awhile )

Has anyone stuck around for all of this?

Do you actually remember what it looked like, lol?

And here she is now -

Listing this tonight.................

And just for a laugh - you know how I'm always going on about painting wood - well you will not believe this one

yeah I painted the firewood white - as nuts as any of you may think you are?
I can one up you, definitely



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  1. Oh what a wonderful transformation! I love it!

  2. Love what you did to the dresser. Many years ago my aunt gave me a vanity like the 'before' picture, and it actually had a mirror attached - a huge, round mirror that almost was as wide as the bottom of the vanity. I suspect it was of 1950s vintage.

    Nice makeover! :-)

  3. This is so pretty! Very clever to make use the mirror from another project. And your staging skills are terrific!

  4. Looks fantastic! You're so clever to use the mirror from another piece to add to this one. Painting firewood? Uhmmmmmm, yeah I think maybe an RX is needed. ;-)


  5. Amazing, you did a total change, it is very nice. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a great job! I love the mirror you added to it. I have a whole bed set that was my grandparents that looks a lot like this...only the vanity with it has a round mirror. I took the mirror off and put it with the dresser and have used the vanity as a desk too. Yours looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  7. that mirror was the perfect addition! great idea!


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