Friday, January 11, 2013

Canadians - getting to know us

Getting to know us - getting to know all about us - 

Myth #1
The entire country is COLD - all the time.....................

Actually the country is cold during the winter months - most definitely - but has progressively been getting warmer in the last 10 years or so.
The summer months - especially in Montreal and Toronto ( which are right across from American borders ) are more often then not unbearably hot.  Although you won't find too many of us complaining about that - we tend to just suck it up knowing that winter will eventually come - and that we do complain about.

Winter skating at the Rideau Canal
Montreal in summer
Myth #2) 
Our country is policed by men dressed in red ( and on horses ) 

big points if you remember this guy!

Although the RCMP ( Royal Canadian Mounted Police ) DO dress like this for special occasions - 
they are an elite police force who normally look like this

They are a federal entity - we are each policed by our individual cities and provinces

Myth #3) 
Moose and Beavers happily live amongst us  

In fact the only beaver I have ever seen is the one on our nickel

and the only moose I have ever seen is the one on our quarter

and the only time I've seen them together other than in my wallet is on this

Now it may be an entirely different story for people living in rural areas - but like I said most of us live next to the American borders - in very busy condensed cities - which are beaver and moose free

4)  We're beer swigging liberals

Although admittedly we do love our beer -  we also love wine - 

and ummm let me see - gin and tonics - and bloody mary's - and rum & cokes - and pretty much any alcohol
out there.
AND our current goverment is the Conservative party ( the equivalent to the Republican party ) 

5) We do not live in igloos

although with this crappy economy it may soon become a viable alternative - and for that I suppose we should be grateful for snow ( I think I'd have a couple of windows installed - with some nice drapes ) maybe have a fancy schmancy deluxe sled parked outside. Maybe a smaller version in the back for guest or for
painting my furniture.
or maybe I'd opt for something more like this, not sure yet

Daniel Gray has built an igloo made from 500 colorful ice bricks, making this a truly magnificent structure. Gray, who is from New Zealand, built the icey shelter in Canada while visiting his girlfriend Kathleen Starrie. "My girlfriend's mother had a brilliant idea of building an igloo and thought it would keep me busy, away from her daughter in some respect,” Gray told the Global Edmonton.
Click here for more information ( in case you want to build one of your own ) lol

6) Universal health care is a bad thing

Sorry but this is the biggest myth of all - For the most part we fiercely protect this - we do NOT wait months and years to be treated - we make a doctors appointment and are seen ( usually within a couple of weeks ).
I know there was a Canadian women on American commercials during the elections complaining about our health care system - but she must have been paid big bucks to do that - survey after survey shows we would
not have it any other way......................and although I know there are Canadians that go to the U.S. for operations at times - there are a lot of Americans ( particularly the ones that live close to the border ) that get there medication from Canada - ( Sarah Palin admitted doing so even ) so I think that particular myth rounds itself out............................. 

7) We are a gun free nation

NOT......................... this is big gun country - ( just ask any moose you happen to see - he could just be happily and lazily walking by and WHAM - but not in the city, remember moose do not wander around our cities   ) we have huge hunting territories and this is a huge Canadian past time   and then you have the type who hunt and kill humans unfortunately - we also have them.

8) We are the politest nation in the world 

Excuse me while I snort with laughter on this one - I think this might date back to the 1800's when we were a new country - and easily intimidated - or even as close back as up to the 60's when the WHOLE WORLD was politer, although I WISH we could claim that title, it's simply not true.
Again in the rural areas the people are indeed lovely - and take the time to wish strangers a " good morning " in the cities we're grabbing a coffee and trampling over people to get a seat on the metro just like every where else ( except for me - I am extremely polite - and always say " excuse me, before I trample over anybody - it's how I was raised ) 

9) We do not say " aboot "

I can tell  you I have never, not once in my life, heard anyone pronounce " about " that way - The only time I have heard this word pronounced like this is when it refers to winter foot wear.  As in " what do you call this? "


Well - it's " aboot " of course....................

10) Toronto is not the capital of Canada

The Capital of Canada is Ottawa - not Toronto

Source - Our Parliament buildings
oh and about " eh" ?

We are guilty on all counts on that one - it's definitely not a myth - we all say it lol - kind of like Southerners say Y'all...............
We say it at the end of almost every question - don't know how it started but I know it's definitely a Canadian thing.
I know a lot of people who swear they never say it - and then end the next sentence with it - it's an unconscious thing I suppose.

And most of us do love our Hockey - without a doubt.............. 

So there you have it - 
Canadians are just like, well, let me see...............who are we most like?

Y'all have a wonderful weekend, eh?
See you Monday!


  1. You have a great weekend too, eh? Regards, a fellow Canadian from the Sunshine Coast of BC. :D

    1. Thanks Che!
      It's aboot time for me to get to bed LOL

  2. That is awesome, I would agree with you on all parts. I love the aboot, I have never once heard someone say this either, lol. Also a fellow Canadian over in Alberta

  3. Well from all the way down under in the land of Oz I love myth busting, now excuse me while I catch my kangaroo, mate!

  4. Everything you stated applies to people from Minnesota, except for the state capitol and "aboot" and "eh". Our state capitol is St. Paul, not Minneapolis. And people think we say "yah, sure, you betcha" - just like in the movie Fargo. Fun fact - Fargo is in NORTH DAKOTA, not Minnesota. Oh, and have you never heard of "Minnesota Nice"?

  5. Aw Suzan I loved ya even before I knew all of this stuff! Now I just love ya more!! And I want to go skating when I come visit you! I miss it terribly! wasn't a Saturday morning when I was a kid without Dudley Dooright!!!!

  6. You are too funny! I have to say, ever since I started reading blogs, I have gotten to know a Canada that is truly amazing, and to be honest, I would not mind living there myself. Thanks for stopping over and saying hi, I'm your newest follower.

  7. Well said Suzan! I got a chuckle out of this post, I do live in the rural area, so have seen many, many moose and beaver, and of course, I'm very polite ;). I have had so many Americans tell me that we say aboot, which totally puzzles me, and I always wonder, even if we did, why would that come up as soon as I meet someone, hmmm, never have understood it. That being said, I do love my American friends, of whom I have many, and I wonder what misconceptions I hold about them. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. We were in a restaurant once in Maine ( Burlington to be precise ) and the waiter was a young boy from Ireland - and he asked if we said ABOOT -
      We were screaming with laughter - where the hell does that come from?
      Even in Ireland they think we pronounce it that way? lmao!!!

  8. One thing you left off is…. Canada has the most amazing gardens and gardeners! When I want to give someones garden and yard a complement I say .. "It looks beautiful, just like a Canadian park"! A little known fact, Michigan is the only state that is both north and south of Canada. Laura

  9. Well said, Suzan! True, I don't think we hold the monopoly on politeness, especially in big cities, but then I think this is true of any big city around the world. And people generally seem warmer in smaller cities everywhere. That's just how it goes.

    One more myth buster: not everybody goes to Tim Horton's for their coffee. I certainly don't, can't stand their swill. I much prefer Second Cup (all Canadian by the way), their coffees are more carefully roasted and superior. (Sorry, I'm a coffee snob, lol!)

    I think they might say "aboot" in Newfoundland...not sure!


  10. Nice put! It's great to remind us Canadians, how diverse we are too. Being originally from rural Alberta, I've seen plenty of beaver and moose - but not a lot of bears or igloos. I just bought aboot or two the other day, but I never say that ;) One thing though, I always thought the quarter had a caribou on it and although we apparently have plenty of these in Alberta - I've NEVER seen one in the wild. I only just found out they are actually reindeer. I might have known at one point but forgot?

    I just spent 4 years in Australia, and a good friend laughed at me and told me it was "beavah!" not "beaver". I replied "Um, do you have beavers here?" "No?"

    One thing I learned from living abroad, is that a lot of people refer to Canadians as "seal bashers". Um, that's horrid!! How come the rest of the world knows about it, but we never hear about it? I met some people that thought we all go seal clubbing! Um... no we go clubbing, but that usually involves dancing and short skirts!

    1. Oh God - I try not to think of the seals - what a sick thing that is - turns my stomach actually -
      People actually think we all go seal clubbing? Good grief...........
      Every country has it's things to be proud of - and it's things to be ashamed of - for me Seal Clubbing is the thing I hang my head in shame for really!
      And I agree, most of go clubbing at clubs in short skirts!

  11. We were at a party in Florida and a woman said to me "you people up North don't bathe every day right?" She actually thought we were on well water.!

  12. I have a friend who says 'aboot' for 'about' but she's Scottish, and you made me smile to think of her.

    Happy to read the myths. And I laughed at some of your descriptions. :)

  13. Great post Suzan! I'm sure your igloo would be fabulous!!! When you have your igloo housewarming just let me know, and I'll snowmobile over from Ontario with a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

  14. Great post Suzan. It is such a diverse country and I would agree with most of your myth busters, although moose in my part are obviously a lot more common than your part of the world. Seeing bear is not out of the ordinary either given the push of urbanization. Of course I really laughed at your reference to our conservative government....perhaps you should now do a post on our "nation" and the myths and realities that lie within, eh?

  15. he heheh.... a boot - good one. Sorry to disappoint but no one in my direct family says 'eh. I think the first time I heard it was when I lived in the Maritimes (and heard a whole lot of other expressions and slang I've never heard before). But I guess it's like the Brits saying yah, it's not going to go away soon. Personally, my big pet peeve is how people say 'fur' instead of 'for' or 'four.' Drives me batty!

    1. We say it in Montreal - and I know they say it in Toronto - and we all say " for " not fur lol -
      But the maritimes are unique - settled by the Irish and Scottish and the way they speak definitely reflects that ( beautiful part of the country though, right or I should say EH?

  16. Y'all know how us'uns in the Southern United States live in backwood cabins and eat possum stew for supper with soppin' biscuits. I love the diversity of the world and the misconceptions we have of each other. By the way, Rocky and Bullwinkle are a squirrel and a moose, not a beaver and a moose. I sort of disappointed about the Dudley Do-Rights not wearing those great uniforms every day!

  17. We love our Medicare here in Australia too! I had to laugh about the "eh" Queenslanders say it too, and if you live there for a while it kinda rubs off!

    1. Hey maybe it was Australians who brought it here ( you know part of the whole commonwealth type of thing LOL ? )

  18. I haven't seen much of Canada, but what I've seen was absolutely beautiful. The views along the stretch of highway from Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake is stunning. And what a cute little village it is! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Quebec. And all the Canadians I've ever talked to were quite polite, so I'll hold onto that myth ;-)

    1. Oh Boy Betsy - don't hold us to that Polite thing - you may be disappointed lol.
      But I agree Niagara on the Lake is just gorgeous! That's our wine country!

  19. Dudley Doo-right, of the Mounties ! I even do his voice. I'll never forget him. And I'm in Texas, y'all. Do people really think you live in igloos ? We went on a cruise to Alaska (where I was born) two years ago for our 25th anniversary. We got on the ship in Vancouver. Totally blew us away that it was nothing like we thought it would be. We LOVED it! Made my husband think he could live in that city, when there was no way he ever would live in a city! I think your country is gorgeous and I hope one day we will be able to see more of it. The pictures I've seen of Montreal are so beautiful. I'll let you know when we're comin, Suzan.... put out the welcome mat, eh ?

  20. Hey- I remember Dudley Doo-Right and then I see there was Bullwinkle here today, too. Are you SURE you don't live in igloos, eh? I have only been to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and to British Columbia but the country I have seen is beautiful AND the people were polite...but the most staid people I have ever seen watching sayin'.

    Our endword around here is en'so. It is a Belgium thing. They will say...well, isn't that cute, en'so? or How's your mother' en'so? Drives me batty.
    Trying to play a bit of catch up here tonight- Hope you had a great Saturday- You have your hockey and we have our football! xo Diana

  21. You are either really funny or have too much time on your hands...hehehe! eh?
    Hugs across the border in Minnesota,

  22. LOL! Fun to read! I have to tell you though - I have heard more than one Canadian say 'aboot' for about. It may not be as stressed as I would say it but it was definitely 'aboot'!! You just don't hear it the way we do - LOL!! :)
    and I'm still a little skeptical about the health care. heard too many horror stories I guess but I'll take your word over the stories I suppose - seeing as how you are a friend and I'm hearing it straight from you and the stories are just stories and not straight from any person who actually experienced them!

  23. Hello, Dear! Looks wonderful! ♥ I've come to your blog from the blog of one of my sweet commenters ~ you know how that goes ~ :) ~ Now following you!
    So nice to "meet" you!

  24. What an enlightening read. You are always TOO funny. One of the funniest bloggers I "know." I had no idea about "eh" - this is so funny to me.

    Hugs to y'all. ;)

  25. Thanks for the's nice getting to know you!

    1. and it's most definitely been nice getting to know you too!

  26. #2... you lie! Dudley Do Right does too exist all over Canada, I just know it, eh?

    And it's "abought" long on the ou sound like a pine bough, not aboot. More like "abouought", and you are as guilty of that one as the Minnesotans. Maybe even "abouwt" . I can hear you saying it now, eh?


  27. You nailed this one, Suz!! My grandparents said 'aboot', but they were from Scotland. My other grandmother used to say 'warsh' for wash...never understood where that came from.
    When I was in school, a teacher told us that an American friend of hers didn't know our Prime Minister was Trudeau. I remember once when we were in Florida talking with some people we met at a bar...they were shocked to hear we had cable TV! And there were times when in the summer you would see Americans coming to Canada with snow skis on the racks on their cars. I think with the internet a lot of those misconceptions are fading, but we used to laugh at how misunderstood this great country of our is.
    Debbie :)

  28. What, Mel doesn't have a pet kangaroo? As you know, I do have a pet beaver so I'm busting you on that one. I do say 'eh' but have never said 'aboot'. I am extremely polite, but then, I do live in the country. Cute post!

  29. I have been smitten with Candada for quite a while, especially your neck of the woods.

    I wouldn't say that the Canadian accent comes out "aboot".... it's more like you guys make a 'long o' where we pronounce it 'ow'. It's evident when I watch HGTV shows filmed in Canada. "What do you think about this hosssse?"

  30. lol Ok I met a guy this summer from Oklahoma. Came for training...7 of them arrived in July at YUL (Montreal airport) in Parkas, tuques and mitts. The Customs officer was on the floor roaring with laughter. Misconceptions..yes they do still exist. Ok "Tuques" is a very Canadian thing, eh!!! Aboot No, we do not say that in Montreal, but Americans say we do have a French accent if you are from Quebec. We do not notice it. I have family in Newfoundland and yes they do say aboot! and they are originally from Quebec. What is strange my youngest son has a hard time with French and can barely speak it but yet his american friends (on the net) tell him he has a french accent. Go figure!!
    Great Post Suzy!!!

  31. Hi, I just discovered your blog from the "All Star Block Party" and I'm glad I did. What a fun read. I just signed up to follow your blog. I look forward to reading more.
    Have an amazing day, Darlene

  32. Welcome Darlene!!!!!!!!
    I've started following you through google!
    Stay warm!


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