Monday, August 4, 2014

Hanging Art Outside !

You hammer a nail into the area where you'd like the art to hang
And hang your art...................
Difficulty Level - depends how tired you are

Now that you know how to do it - here's my post !

I've never showed you the outdoor dining area because I keep forgetting to take photos when it's set up for actual dining - but I thought I'd show you the art wall !

This little section was crammed full of swimming equipment when we bought the house - and because that's what it was being used for John did NOT want to make it a dining area................
He fought me and fought me on this one - so I did what anyone would do - I waited till he was out and did it myself !!!

Once I cleared it out I was left with this

I'd love to add to it eventually and make a rustic pool house ( this directly faces the shallow end of the pool )
but for now it seemed like the perfect place to create a dining area

Some artwork spruced it up immediately

So did an outdoor carpet I've had for at least 10 years -

I then added the frames we used for Lindsay's wedding ( you can see them HERE )

and placed 2 more " word art " pieces ( which my Son gave me one Christmas ) inside of them

Putting traditional artwork in this area really makes it feel like a dining room and I like the bit of glam against the very rustic wood.....................

For a little extra dose of glam I bought these colorful crystals

To put on my  tea light " birdcages " ( I don't know what else to call them - my brain hurts at the moment )

They capture the sunlight in the day AND the candle light and fairly lights in the evening, beautifully

Hopefully I'll be able to show  you the whole space before the first snowfall - or before I change it completely - whichever comes first !!!

Right now we're working on a plank wall IN the house -
And I'm in the process of painting another hutch -
Fun times !
I need a day in entire day - reading and eating chocolates and taking lots of naps.
Maybe - just maybe - it'll happen today

Suzan says - Can you pick me up a box of turtles please?
John says - Why?  What's the occasion?
( that's the point we've reached - where I need to have an occasion to get a lousy box of turtles LOL )
Suzan says - No occasion - Just because I love them - and I intend to lay in bed eating them over the course of the day
John says - Oh sure - no problem - shall I pick up some grapes and hand feed them to you too ?
Suzan says - That won't be necessary at all - but make sure it's a big box of Turtles, 'K ?

Maybe I'll eat some of them outside

Have a great Tuesday everyone
Much love ♥

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  1. I just love your outdoor spaces!!! super creative

  2. It looks beautiful, way better use of the space than ugly swimming equipment. If you think the wood lovers are after you wit until the marriage police find out you're oing things you know your husband won't approve of!! I get it though, jules was away for 2 weeks and I painted the dining table pink...just because, he recons he's living in a barbie play house now LOL.

  3. it looks great! What a cool idea! Eating chocolates in bed all day, enjoy that chocolate day!!

  4. Fabulous! Love the bird cage thingys... I want some! What does John say when you are right all the time. Does he look at the new space and shake his head and say "she did it AGAIN!"???

  5. You crack me up girl!!!! Yum turtles. Love your outdoor space it is gorgeous.

  6. I hope you get your Turtles. We all need a Turtle Day once in a while.

  7. BIG, BIG box of Turtles. It's so pretty out there with all your special touches.
    Bring the Turtles, John and make your woman happy!

  8. LOL, you always make me chuckle Suzan...
    Your outdoor dining area looks lovely! V

  9. If you can't swing a day hanging out in bed, go to bed early and relax with Soda. Not quite the same but a wee bit indulgent none the less. Hope you get the big box of Turtles. If he comes home with the 3 piece bar size slap him! (Disclaimer: this post does not intend to promote abuse of any kind....). Patty

  10. What a great space Suzan! I think you need to take some outdoor pictures and bring them indoors for next winter...when you're longing for the pool and some al fresco dining!

  11. Love your little outdoor dining room and the artwork looks fabulous! Those frames are gorgeous. The crystals were the perfect touch on the tealight cages. I'm looking forward to seeing your plank wall. We put one n our living room and another in our dining room and then a tiny one next to the guest bathroom door. We LOVE them and everyone who comes to our house loves them too! I hope to post and share soon! Have a blessed Wednesday!

    Hugs, Vicky

  12. It all looks so very pretty. Loving those frames!

  13. Cute area. I love that you repurposed the area and made it into something pretty.

  14. Love your outdoor pretty!!

  15. I had to google "box of turtles" to see why you wanted to eat turtles as comfort food, I thought you had really lost it...
    I love the outdoor dining-room... I'll probably steal your idea of art outside when I finally do mine, but for now, I'm working on the inside dining-room!

  16. Great idea, it looks really pretty! Enjoy your turtles.
    Your posts always give me a chuckle :)

  17. Turtles?!!! That's a new one on me , do you cook them first?

    1. LMAO - I thought everyone knew what they were - suppose they're a North American thing ! They're chocolates - and they're delicious !!!

  18. Mmmmmmmmm I love turtles!! I just sang that first sentence. Do they still use that jingle? I love your outdoor dining area and your artwork is hung beautifully!

  19. I love what I see so far Suzan, I can't wait to see the whole thing! I love those birdcage tea light thingys, can I ask where you got them?

  20. The space looks gorgeous Dawwrling!!! Enjoy those turtles!!!!

  21. What a delightful and fun spot!! Love the ideas....lucky of you to find those frames...

  22. What an adorable space! love it...and the art work :) Stopping by from ivy & elephants!
    Karla & Karrie

  23. I love the art work in that space!

  24. I love this! I am a big believer in making outside rooms and art makes it just that much more of a ROOM :) Awesome!


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