Sunday, December 16, 2012

A REALLY easy Christmas decoration

2 Posts in a day - go wonder woman lol -
I've done a few posts in advance so I could just simply click " Post " each night
Watch I'll post them all in a day AND be back to square one!
But this one is so Simple - Simple - Simple - and I wanted to leave time for someone to do one if they'd like to
Little effort - Big Impact.

Things you need

I took a frame ( empty folks - it has to be empty ) I had already spray painted this one silver ages ago but gold would be beautiful too - even white - actually any color that ties into the theme of your home or your Christmas for that matter )
Christmas Ornaments
Ribbon - and as my girlfriend Debbie's husband would say " that's it, that's all "
Cost - nothing - nada - zilch - 0.00

Now I just went to download the photos and they're gone - all of them ( I deleted a bunch of photos last night - must have accidently deleted these ) I have no business having a blog like this - I do the stupidest things - constantly!!!

So you can only see the after shots - because I have to run and take photos all over again!
Ok - done -
Usually I do this in a window - but the frame is pretty special too!

I placed this in front of a mirror for double the fun - 2 - 2 - 2 mints in one.......................
I was going to cut the ribbon on top but decided to curl them instead -

there's quite the conversation going on in this house about me having Christmas ornaments in bowls and on plates - I'll save that conversation for the Living Room post.

just so you can see the back - and how simple this project was.......................

I'm really liking this - going to make a whole bunch of them next year - wouldn't a huge oversized frame look amazing?

That's it for today everyone - go find an empty frame - and if you make one please send me the link  - I'd love to see more of these!

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  1. Ornaments do not belong in dishes and bowls!?! Who made that rule? I have them scattered everywhere. BUT next year I will pick one of the hundred frames lying about and hang the ornaments! Love the effect of the mirror. And by the way I would love a full day of Suzan if you decide to publish all of the posts at once! As long as John sneaks in.

  2. If I can get up the gumption I have a couple of empty frames that are begging for something- Yours turned out GREAT!!! xo Diana

  3. What a great idea,they look fabulous Darling just fabulous, (imagine me saying this with a southern drawl). Brian and my hubby need to get together, Brian is so old school. Thats not what it is supposed to be used for, other people don't do that. Everyone is going to think we are nuts. Why can't you just be normal like other people blah blah blah. Maybe they could start a husband of a blogger therapy the ornaments going to go look for a frame. hugs Tobey

  4. wow so cute i've been meaning to try something like this you are on a roll woman lol

  5. Hmmm - just saw an empty antique frame in the basement today...

  6. This is lovely and simple! Now if I just had an extra old frame hanging around...maybe that's what I'll start looking for when I thrift now!

    hugs, Linda

  7. I love this - it's so simple but, elegant. I may have to try this - next year. I am about out of steam and so many other things to do right now.

  8. Easy and so very pretty too!~ Thanks for sharing. great to see you.

  9. Simply gorgeous! I love the silver...I think gold would be better for me though, since my house is mostly burgundy & gold decor.
    My daughter gave me a bunch of old frames from her university museum and I think this would be perfect for one of them! Thanks for the this.
    Debbie :)

  10. Love this - definitely on my list for next year :) Can you post a reminder for me midway through 2013 to get some cheap but fancy frames????

    1. LOL - I'll need a reminder myself for next year - are you kidding me? I can't remember what I did last night tee hee -
      I walk up and down the hallway all night trying to remember what I'm doing in the kitchen :)
      Get them now - and store them somewhere ( and if you're like me you'll forget that you bought them anyway )
      hugs too

  11. Hi Suzan!!!

    It looks amazing!! I love the look of silver very much. I like that it is so simple to do and it can go anywhere.


  12. So simple with such big impact. Lovin' the silver too.

    And yes, bowls and plates are perfect for ornaments - just look around my house and you'll see the same thing. It just adds so much sparkle in unexpected places.

  13. You DO have business with a blog like this, my quality of life would be diminished if you didn't. Cuz it's always all about me.

    (Dropping the f-bomb was entirely called for over this weekend, mon ami. I know I said it a number of times in the last couple of days...)

  14. Softly elegant. You make such lovely creations. I find it so peaceful. I can imagine angels floating around..

  15. This does offer a happy holiday feel, and I love the ornaments in the dishes in the front too!

  16. I think I can do something similar to my mirror to give him a more festive look. Thanks for the idea!

  17. A simple idea that is gorgeous.

  18. So Beautiful! and easy! I have a frame in mind right now! Your mirror is even better. I will definitely use a mirror. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

    We are following you! Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  19. this looks so classy!! I had to laugh at your comment about deleting things on accident- stuff happens :) the end product turned out great- so don't kick yourself too much!! <3 your newest follower!!

  20. What a pretty, creative decoration! :)

    Just found your cute blog through the Adorned From Above linkup!

    Excited to


  21. This is simply stunning. I love how the mirror reflects the beautiful ornaments. Have a Merry Christmas!

  22. Well little miss smarty pants, aren't you clever? The ornaments are gorgeous and it looks like a million bucks. Just so happens that I have (more than one empty frame). I am pinning this for a (for sure to do) next year. Love it! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup and have a wonderful Christmas!

  23. Lovely - great idea for decorating anytime. Joining from Shine on Friday-

  24. What an eye catcher in silver! I love this idea and also your idea of doing it with a gigantic frame. I have just the place in my home . . . now I need to start hitting the thrift stores after Christmas to make one for next year! Thank you so much for sharing. Patti

    1. Thanks so much Patricia - such an easy thing to do, right?

  25. Hi Suzan, hopping by to say that I will be featuring you at Share Your Cup today. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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