Saturday, November 10, 2012

I had a nightmare last night................

Well - here you go - another episode in this wacky world of mine -
I think I'm going insane - really - I mean that - something is just not right -
I have a dresser that never sold so decided it was time to change it up a little - a quick job - nothing to it at all - except for the fact that I took out a tin of white paint - and gave it one coat - and then decided I would do some of the trim in a soft pink - so out came the My Color by Pantone pink that I used on this mirror -
and then...............................
the paint simply vanished.
I looked for it for well over an hour ( probably longer but who's counting )  walked up and down the hall - and checked everywhere.
It got to the point where I actually looked in my purse - thinking well if you're going insane than you never know, right?  And with great trepidation I opened the fridge door - terrified that it might be sitting there with the milk I put back after making a tea, but nope, not there either -
I checked the bathroom and finally got down on all fours and starting looking under tables, very aware of the fact that had I found it under a table that would have been even more terrifying because that would have meant I got down on all fours to hide it in the first place.
I even got up in the middle of typing this post to look again -
This time slower - methodically - because a quart of paint cannot disappear - unless I were living with Kreskin or David Copperfield or Houdini - but since I'm not, I can't blame John who has no magic skills whatsoever - in fact he was in bed fast asleep when all this was going on.
I looked under the dining room table in case I had put it on one of the chairs ( don't ask, all rationality had completely vanished by this point.
I looked in the drawers of the dresser that I was working on.
I looked in the dining room hutch ( where of course I store paints  )
So now I'm starting to go insane - the hotflashes are starting - I'm near tears - and I'm thinking
" I know it's staring me right in the face "
I went to the kitchen and checked the garbage can - looked in the sink - and the bathtub -
I came back into the office and checked the cabinet and then looked under the desks -
I went back into the living room where I have a big blanket I keep on the chair for Soda and very very carefully lifted it up ( I didn't want paint spilling all over the furniture after all )
I then got on my hands and knees again - and crawled all over the dining room and the living room once more - thinking Dear God - I'm far too young for this to be happening - and the thought crossed my mind that this is what it must be like just before you actually go insane - that moment when you think Oh Oh - it's official.
I went into the foyer and checked the shoe rack - I looked inside the T.V. cabinet - and the longer it took the more determined I was - this was not going to happen to me dammit -
I went back into the bathroom and checked the towel cupboard -
I checked the storage ottoman - and please believe me when I tell you I knew with all certainty that the paint could not possibly be in any of these places - but have you noticed when you can't find something all sane thoughts just disappear?
Finally I had to give in - and tell myself that I would make a doctors appointment  (and pray that John wouldn't wake up in the morning and ask what the paint was doing on the hood of the car ) and started putting everything away in the armoire where I keep some of my paints and lo and behold ...................

Ok -  I know I took this out - I absolutely know I took it out -
My house is 100 years old - and if the thought never occurred to me before - I now know without a doubt,
IT'S HAUNTED.  Phew, I'm so relieved I can't tell you because it's far better to have a prankster poltergeist than to accept the alternative. ( be very leery of these creatures - they love to hide keys too )
Can you see her hiding in the armoire?  Please tell me I'm not the only one - because then I'll have to admit I'm 5 bristles short of a paint brush.
That's my story - ( and of course you know I'm sticking to it )
And I really was scared for a bit!


  1. Umm.. I hate to admit this but this happens to me frequently as well.. I never thought to blame it on a spirit ;) glad you found it! - Susan

    1. It IS the spirits Susan - never for one moment think it's you! lol

  2. The paint ghost. I am missing some Annie Sloan, CoCo. Do you have it? Fun to see your Annie S. in french.

  3. I've done the same thing. Apparently it's caused by too many things on your mind, it's not insanity, although John may disagree!

  4. Cute store and yes, I have been there way toooooooooooo many times. Hugs, Marty

  5. Oh-I hear you-or you get in the car and KNOW you have forgotten something but don't remember what it is until you are too far away to turn around and go back! Gotta love those "hants". xo Diana

  6. oh whew, I thought it was just me! Glad you finally found it!

  7. Aren't you glad John was sleeping!! :-) I have those times, and when I lose something, I can picture it 'everywhere'!!! So it goes like this, 'Oh, sure, I know where it is...', to about a hundred different places. And usually it shows up when I just give up and get back to work.

  8. Well if it's barely's barely there!! You're not crazy girl!

  9. I have days like that too! Sometimes I forget my glasses are on my head.Frantically looking all over for them and then my daughter tells me they are on my head!

  10. I have these moments daily - but many times it is sitting right in front of me ( of course, it camouflaged itself). But, I love when I put something where I can be sure to find it and it's never to be seen again. And search as I may I never find it.....

  11. You're not alone Suzan. Been there sooo many times. I guess our old house must be haunted too. I was actually starting to think it was me. lol. Now I know it's just those pesky spirits playing tricks on me.

  12. As hilarious as that was it truly IS a frightening thing to happen to you! I've had it happen to me!

    1. isn't it though?
      there's something happening here lol

  13. Suzan, I did the SAME FREAKIN' THING today ! I remember saying to myself...okay, Suzan says that we're gonna be forgetful. I have to remember that. But I couldn't find the blue bag that had my cup in it. Couldn't look everywhere because I had to get to work. Walked out almost in tears, and really stressed. What is WRONG with us !!??

    you know what's really funny/scary.... is that you remembered everywhere you looked so that you could tell us about it. I love that about you !!


  14. Hi Suzan!!

    Can you please check to see if my husband's van keys are there. I can't find them anywhere. The famous line in our house is, "Ya mom/Pam put it somewhere she won't forget," and then I forget where that spot is!! I'm sticking to menopause. It seems all women my age has it.

    I think it's because we do things to fast and we always have a lot to do. Did you have a glass a wine after you found it?


  15. I laughed and laughed, sorry, but I have been there and done this ... and now might be a good time to mention that there is a psychological phenomenon where you can create a false memory by imagining yourself doing something ... ie, you are painting the furniture white and think about getting out the quart of pink. Not as fun as a ghost, but definitely less spooky. BTW I live in a 120 year old house with no ghosts at all, how boring is that?

    1. I HAD IT IN MY HAND lol - that's my story - and I am most definitely sticking to it LOL
      And your ghosts just haven't made themselves known yet - they're there - most definitely they're there - you'll see - one day they'll hide your keys and you'll be like " Oh THIS is what she meant " tee hee

  16. I'm afraid this happens to me more often than I care to admit. I do wonder if I'm losing my marbles. Guess I'd better step up the amount of coconut oil I consume! ~ Maureen

  17. That photo with the old lady ghost is hilarious!

    Usually, when things go missing around here, it's because it's my husband looking for them. He looks with "man eyes". You know, they just open the fridge door and say "I don't see it." And you have to say, "Move stuff around! It's there!'



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