Monday, November 19, 2012


I have the tiniest kitchen I've ever seen ( think N.Y. city kitchens here ) honestly it really is the size of most of the blogmosphere's bathrooms...........................
It's in the back of the house - and the plan is to eventually move it to the middle of the house ( off the dining room ) and turn the space into a den/office - but for now I have to make do.
BTW - it seems that my kitchens just get smaller and smaller with every house......................

Some pans are hung on a metal bar on the wall

somehow I manage to cook dinners for 16 people a couple of times during the holidays -
( although looking at this photo even I don't know how I do it ) 
Every square inch of this space is utilized - 
A basket holds tablescloths and wooden untensils
( well this month - next month John will be asking where they are )

A hutch holds dishes and bakeware (John is constantly snagging himself on the chicken wire inside the doors) 

John says - WHO staples chicken wire on  cupboard doors?
Suzan says - half of blogland actually 
John says - What's the point?
Suzan says - there is no point, it just looks good
John says - says who?
Suzan says - half of blogland actually
John says - I think it looks ridiculous 
John says - And it's dangerous, I constantly have cuts on my hands
Suzan says - stop whining John - and be more careful
John says - there's a reason why it's called " chicken wire " 
John says - it's meant for chicken coops for God Sakes
John says - it's to keep CHICKENS inside a coop -  do you realize that?  This stuff is for animals - it belongs on a farm 
Suzan says - and kitchen hutches..................
John mumbles - says you
Suzan says - and half of blogland

I installed chicken wire but also left the glass on the doors - since the kitchen is so small everything inside needs to stay clean - and cooking in the perimeters of a postage stamp can get greasy!

The bottom holds all my electric appliances

I paid 35 dollars for the hutch by the way - it used to look like this

a salvation army find ( 1/2 price day ) had it delivered and placed right where it was going to go - and
then painted it right there, on the spot, lol

this kitchen door has a transom window above it - enough space to put my family sign

my coffee and pie for a quarter sign

Shutters are closed so you don't see in the neighbours house lol - remember I'm in a rowhouse so we're very close - 

Tool box caddy for decoration

If you've noticed painters tape around the ceiling light - here's why
I painted the ceiling in August - John was supposed to do the second coat the next day because at 11 ft tall the ceilings are really just too much for me - he's still assuring me he's going to do it " next weekend " ( has been saying that every single week since we moved in 2 years ago ) so the tape stays up lol - it's green so it goes with my drapes.  I had been eyeing the light for some time at Home Depot - and came across it one day at the restore for 1/2 the price!

and I even managed to put in a narrow subway wall somehow -  we manage to do all that's written there - 

more pots

and lids go underneath

And that's my itsy bitsy teeny weeny kitchen - and anyone who says size doesn't matter already has a large one! 
One day - mark my words - one day - I'm going to have a huge massive kitchen ( by then I'll probably have given up cooking - but STILL - if you're going to dream - you may as well dream huge!!!
I would happily go from this 

to this
in a heartbeat - and I'd be roller skating from the stove to the sink to the counter
and that stove?
That someone has a stove the size of my kitchen leaves me speechless!


  1. That IS a tiny kitchen! In our family we talk about kitchen size in a different way. Yours would be a one butt kitchen. My mother's is a two butt. My kichen now is a 3 butt, however, the best kitchen I ever had was my kitchen in Seattle. That is a big multi-butt and I miss it. It has a walk-in pantry, a full desk perfect for a laptop and huge countertop space. The sink is in the middle of bay windows and I could see the Olympic Mountains in the distance on a clear day. I miss the man but somedays I think I miss the kitchen more!

  2. I love your kitchen...even if it is tiny. My kitchen is tiny too! I could use some tips from you! And I'm in the half of blogland that loves your chicken wire hutch!!! Roller skating in the!!!

  3. Oh I could roller skate in that kitchen too. That would definitely be a dream. Mine is medium, but I did have a kitchen once that was literally done in an 8 x 10 space, so I have done small. Your kitchen looks amazing, you have used every inch. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh Suzy! Your kitchen is small but you've given it lots of charm and personality!
    I love it!

    1. thanks so much Cristina - your so sweet!

  5. Your kitchen is adorable and well utilized! Mine is very tiny also and almost no counter space but hey I don't cook much so it works for me!! Hugs, Linda

  6. Yours has 25000 times more character & charm. The exposed brick is exceptional. But I'm not the one that has to find a place for your electric mixer. I am OCD about cohesive kitchen storage, so I understand about that stuff.

  7. Your kitchen is adorable!! I love all the decor you have in it. Gorgeous!!! I am a new follower of yours. Thanks again for inviting me over! Love the blog!

  8. it might be small, but it's definitely cute and organized. Love the pots hanging on the brick wall. I have a "smaller" kitchen too (defined by American standards), but coming from Italy, my kitchen is quite large. I wish I could show you my brother's's smaller than a small walk in closet...I mean it. (but looks lovely and charming)

  9. You're right, it's small. But so cute and organized and homey and well, you! Love what you've done with the chicken wire (as I'm sure half of blogland said already). Gorgeous.

  10. Small kitchen here too--I feel your pain. You have made yours cozy and inviting. If you had that huge kitchen, you might need a moped instead of just roller skates!

  11. I always love reading your blog, it makes me smile!! Nice job on the hutch, by the way!!

  12. It may be small but it is so cute! I love the brick walls, the curtain fabric, and your hutch. The conversation with your hubs is hilarious. Men just don't understand us do they? LOL Have a great day!

    1. thanks so much Amy! the drapes are from Ikea - ( years ago ) and no, men do not get us at all ( I don't get them either though lol )
      you have a great one too!

  13. Oh....I SO hear ya, girlie!! I have a galley kitchen..and I hate it! The Husband and I CAN NOT be doing ANYTHING in the kitchen together without getting in each others' way. I either end up head first into the refrigerator searching for an ingredient or he ends up head first in the sink as I'm trying to reach into the cupboards. Agh!

    I'd buy roller skates in a heartbeat, too, to skate that nice big kitchen! Wow!!! *sigh*.....I'm dreamin', too....

    xoxo laurie

    xoxo laurie

  14. Suzyq- Well, it may be small but it is styling. I think it is light and bright and full of personality. Now-tell John not to get COCKY because he still rules the ROOST and YOU are his favorite CHICK, right? (at least most times). Tell him that if he doesn't shut up the FEATHERS are gonna FLY in blogland cuz we all agree with you. Happy Clucking- xo Diana

  15. Oh, but your kitchen is so cute and you are very organized to have everything in it's place! I have a small kitchen and can't even imagine cooking for that many folks! ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. shoot for the stars!! dare to dream BIG you've made your lil kitchen fabulous too

  17. You did a fabulous job Susan! Tell John to wear protective gloves when he goes near the chicken wire ;)
    YOU are right, it looks wonderful! Great job!

  18. I think your kitchen is charming! I'm not as enraptured with chicken wire as I was before I had real chickens. It's kind of difficult stuff to work with, so I give John his due on that one. ~ Maureen

  19. I too have a small kitchen if you consider blogland kitchens... And I also manage to cook whatever is needed in it! Yours looks lovely...

    1. thanks so much - we do what we have to do, right?

  20. Your kitchen is lovely. Very charming. Tell John that chicken wire was used 100 years ago because people stored food in their cupboards and it kept the rats out. Just like those wire egg baskets with handles. They were made to hang in your larder so the mice and rats didn't eat your eggs.

  21. I love it! You've made it very warm and inviting...and I adore the subway wall. Please come down here and do one for me, k? :) You could put my kitchen inside yours, honestly! Mine is a one butt kitchen and that is saying a lot!

    The kitchen above and the ones you share in the Wednesday features make me crazy to have a large space. Oh well, be happy with what I've got, right?


  22. well, it might be small, but looks like half of blogland loves your kitchen!

  23. Our kitchen is very small too, but what you've done with your space is beautiful! Love the brick wall and that hutch...gorgeous.
    Debbie :)


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