Friday, December 30, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Oh my gosh - oh my gosh - oh my gosh - how IS everybody?

Life is over the top crazy busy for me right now - we just welcomed another baby into the family -
Wyatt Grayson Tomalty.........
He's Evan's little brother and such a little beauty !

I was going to try to use him as an excuse for not blogging for the last 8 months ( can that really even be possible - 8 months  ? )
But he was just born last I don't think anyone will buy it, you?

The office got a makeover did the dining room ( well most of it ) and hopefully we're on to the downstairs bathroom soon.

I just realized that I never even told you all about our Paris trip - holy cow - I'm behind.

Anyway, I just wanted to slip in here and wish everyone the Happiest of New Years..........and leave you with a little ditty.

I haven't been overly diligent recording our conversations, and there's been some doozies that I've let slip away - but last night?

John says - I feel like a Pea Knuckle
Suzan says - Why? What did you do now?
John says - Huh?  I didn't do anything - just feel like one
Suzan says - Well that's weird...........
John says - Maybe we could have some for New Years Eve ?
Suzan says - What?
John says - Pea Knuckles
Suzan says - I have no idea what you're talking about?
Suzan says - Is that a British dessert or something?
Suzan says - No - I really haven't ..........I thought you were calling yourself that !
John says - I'm going to make you one !  You'll love it !
John says - It's made with rum and coconut
Suzan says - O.M.G. - are you talking about a Pina Colada?
John says - Yah !  Pea knuckle lada, that's it !
John says - Have you ever had one?

But I was on the floor at this point - crawling to the bathroom - so that I wouldn't pee my pants

BAM !  When I think our conversations are getting a little boring - he delivers.
Every. Single. Time !

I promise to try to be a little better this year - keep you up to date on what John says at the very least because they are too priceless not to be recorded lol.

Love to you all - every single one of you
Kisses too
( now go make yourselves a Pea Knuckle )

Holy crap - I forget how to include my signature !
Okay got it !