Thursday, November 29, 2012

John says it's not a desk!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I'm officially taking a day off from painting

this has been a crazy week and I

need a day off badly

And actually I don't know which is more work

painting the pieces or staging them

This is one of John's finds - yup - he's finally on the band wagon everyone - it's official - he's looking and picking all on his own now!

Suzan says - ( with such pride )  Wow - great find John!!!
John says - I think I have an eye you know
Suzan says - ( rolling hers ) this is really a fine quality piece of furniture
John says - Of course it is - I don't pick junk ( cocky )
Suzan says - This is going to make a fabulous secretary desk
John says - Don't be ridiculous - It's NOT a desk
Suzan says - Oh but it will be, you'll see
John says - WHY WHY WHY do you always have to overdo everything? I found it - it's my pick - and I think it'll make a great bookcase or even a bar.
Suzan says - Nah - boring - same old same old - but a unique one of a kind secretary would be great!
John says - It's NOT a desk
Suzan says - oh ok - just a minute then
Suzan comes back with a purdy brush in her hand
Suzan says - Here you are big boy - go to town -
Johns says - well tell me a little bit more about how you plan on turning it into a secretary?

It'll be awhile before he's pickin' AND paintin' I guess........................
So here we go - I painted the upper back with ASCP French Linen - ( not the lower part where there's a hinged door - you'll see why soon )

then taped it up and started on the white - only realizing after the 2nd coat that I needed to shallac the entire piece because of bleed through -
this is the one I use - always - I'm sure there are others that work just as well but this one has never failed me yet ( I HAVE tried others and the bleed through happened anyway so sticking with this one )

I did a quick coat over the entire surface - warning: this smells strong but dries extremely fast -
and was ready to put on the final coat of Pure White in no time at all.
then I removed the tape ( holding my breath - ALWAYS hold your breath when doing this - it helps the lines stay clean )

don't mind the streaks - the paint is still wet - because I cannot - absolutely cannot wait until a step is finished to take photos

I just love French Linen against Pure White - it's such a clean crisp combination -

 this is pure white - my house is so dark I have no choice but to use professional photography lighting

and everyone one of those discs seem to throw off prisms of light - ( they seemed like a good idea when I bought them - live and learn ) for now I have to deal with crappy photos

lights anyone?
yes please

and here's where my " vision " came in ( did you know I get those?  I'm a physic )

hands are pressed against my temples - I'm slightly swaying - I have a kerchief wrapped around my head ( because my hair's filthy actually ) and big silver hoop earrings................and I see
I see
A desk..............................

large drawer - for paper - pens - or in John's case - ice storage

I kept the interior wood because I was using it as a desk - and thought it looked more authentic
( manly yes, but I like it too )
and please don't tell me I'm the only one that remembers those ads!

Me - Miss Wood Hater ( anonymous ) especially loves the wood desk area - (and love that it lights up even more )

John says - Don't get me wrong - I like it - it's beautiful - but I still say it should be a bar
Suzan says - So I'll make it a bar but it's not a bar - it's a secretary being used as a bar
John says - Bet it'll look best that way
Suzan says - this staging thing is getting a little out of hand

We both stood there staring at it for a few minutes

Suzan says - you know, this would even work great in a kitchen - you could keep a microwave in it - and use the hinged door part as a coffee station
John says - try it - see what it looks like
Suzan says - I AM NOT DRAGGING THE MICROWAVE AND COFFEE MACHINE INTO THE LIVING ROOM  - you know,  you must think I'm a donkey.................I have limits you know - you wanted to see it as a bar and I
John says - Ok - Ok - it was just a suggestion
Suzan says - well why don't YOU bring it all in?
John says - People can use their imagination
Suzan says - well they could have done that for the bar too you know

So what do YOU think it is?  And no being politically correct here - you have to choose one or the other.

And you know what comes next right?  C'mon, you know the drill

Suzan  says - I'd like to keep this
John says - ( emphatically I might add ) NO - you want to keep everything
Suzan says - well you made me sell that dresser - it was like ripping my heart out of
John says - Oh knock it off - it's a piece of furniture
Suzan says - But I despise the piece we have in the dining room -
John says - I LOVE it -
Suzan says - but it has no character - it's the ugliest thing - I just can't bear to kee
John says - Good God, what's with the theatrics all the time?

I can't even be bothered to bookmark it or get a better photo of it - I really do hate it that much

Suzan says - why don't I try to sell the piece in the dining room and replace it with this piece?
Suzan says - what does it matter - as long as it's not costing us a penny?
Suzan says - why are you so stubborn all the time?
Suzan says - haven't I sold enough?  Do you want my blood too?
Suzan yells - When are you going on your next business trip?
John says -   My next trip will be to Hollywood - when  you accept your Oscar, how's that?
Suzan says - I'm keeping it.........................

And that's what's been going on in our little world lately - TGIF - happy Friday everyone!

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When one thing leads to another..............

I have been extremely lucky in that a lot of my customers have ended up being repeat customers.
They'll come buy a piece or two and than I'll end up doing custom pieces that they already own.
I received a phone call last night from the couple ( Carol and Richard ) who bought this
( do you remember how much I wanted to KEEP THIS PIECE ?

I spoke to Richard who told me his wife is on my blog daily - and actually wanted some pieces that (unfortunately) have already been sold.  So they are coming on Sunday afternoon to discuss my painting
a dining room set and 6 chairs ( also to be reupholstered maybe ) to match the above piece - which will
be used as a sideboard in their dining room.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love what I do?
Because when you receive calls or emails like this - it makes every ounce of sweat and tears worth their
weight in gold!

Stay tuned to see the story of the piece I'm almost finished tomorrow - with a John says - Suzan says to go with it lol

and this is how my corner of the world looked last night - SNOW has finally arrived!

Just a light sprinkle - but enough to make me want to start decorating for Christmas ( maybe )

A dimanche Carol et Richard, c'est une date !!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I WANNA live there # 17

I live in a pretty incredible area - It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by ) 
Because there's days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one home that's for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )

Good morning everyone!
This first listing up for sale makes me smile - I don't know why but it makes me think of milkmen and Mom's with aprons on - kind of a " leave it to beaver " era home -   
Here we go!

5 bedrooms
5 baths

just love the simplicity of this room -  it's nothing like how I would normally decorate but it makes me want to get rid of all my busy-ness - and start over

I feel like I've just been to a spa - isn't it one of the most " peaceful " houses you've ever seen?

The next one up is 1,195,000.00
4 bed
2 bath
3 1/2 bath
built in 1908

you'll be amazed how much can fit into this small semi detached unassuming home - it's filled to 
the brim with loveliness - 

love that fireplace insert

gorgeous sink! and that radiator cover isn't too shabby either!

just love this space

this would be the dining room - converted into a family room - interesting choice but think I'd turn it back into a dining room personally - but love the art work!

modern elements with rustic?  yes please!

and I'm going to leave you with this image in your mind for the day - because it's my favorite one and I can't get it out of mine - 

couldn't you just see yourself sitting there writing out Christmas cards with snow falling down lightly?  doesn't that window at the end of the table look like framed artwork? SIGH................

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!