Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I WANNA live there # 17

I live in a pretty incredible area - It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by ) 
Because there's days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one home that's for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )

Good morning everyone!
This first listing up for sale makes me smile - I don't know why but it makes me think of milkmen and Mom's with aprons on - kind of a " leave it to beaver " era home -   
Here we go!

5 bedrooms
5 baths

just love the simplicity of this room -  it's nothing like how I would normally decorate but it makes me want to get rid of all my busy-ness - and start over

I feel like I've just been to a spa - isn't it one of the most " peaceful " houses you've ever seen?

The next one up is 1,195,000.00
4 bed
2 bath
3 1/2 bath
built in 1908

you'll be amazed how much can fit into this small semi detached unassuming home - it's filled to 
the brim with loveliness - 

love that fireplace insert

gorgeous sink! and that radiator cover isn't too shabby either!

just love this space

this would be the dining room - converted into a family room - interesting choice but think I'd turn it back into a dining room personally - but love the art work!

modern elements with rustic?  yes please!

and I'm going to leave you with this image in your mind for the day - because it's my favorite one and I can't get it out of mine - 

couldn't you just see yourself sitting there writing out Christmas cards with snow falling down lightly?  doesn't that window at the end of the table look like framed artwork? SIGH................

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


  1. Two more beauties, Suze~ The only thing wrong with that first house (for me) is that it appears to only have a small one car garage.

    They have both done super jobs of renovating those homes- xo Diana

  2. Love them both. The island in House 1 is a bit wimpy for such a grand kitchen.

    House 2 has great art and I love that dresser in the living room. I must say I hate those square dining tables that seat 2 on each side. A round table would have been better in there.

  3. I think I like the first one better, but only five bedrooms for that price? :-) And the TV over the fireplace is a little tacky. Where are the fingerprints and the dog hair and the cracker crumbs and spilled coffee beans that come with normal homes???? I'm sure our house was never that clean, even after it was just built!

    And yes, I could imagine sitting at that table, writing Christmas cards - love that long window in the second one!!

  4. If I may say so, all of us girls with a busy-ness style go through moments after viewing carefully staged homes such as #1, or watching too many episodes of Taniya Nayak stripping homes of their current owner's identities, where we believe simple style serenity is the answer. To this I say pppffffllggt. Been there, did it, my true style reigned supreme. It just snuck right back up on me. The world just offers up too many beautiful things to keep a home devoid of busy-ness long term.

    And since this comment is already too long, may I add that I love the skyline art gig in House #2 and since you're all about skyline art lately, will you paint me that, in that size, and send it with the piece from yesterday's post?

    I love the entire decorating style of #2, and the image in your parting photo.

  5. These places are unbelievable. Love the kitchens and the foyter chandelier in the first one.


  6. Hi Suzan!!

    You're right the first one is really peaceful. I love the gate before you walk up the stairs. And the pool is just right, with just enough land surrounding it.

    I really love the 2nd house and I do love that last picture!! It would be sooooo relaxing to sit there by candle light, watching the snow falling. Oohh, if only!!

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures!!


  7. I'm drooling over these houses! I love everything about the first house, and I love the kitchen in the second one! We live in a small cottage so I can only dream of having such a spacious home.


  8. Okay, that's enough!! I'm sick with envy - house envy. It's the worst kind. The funny thing is that from the outside my house doesn't look too much different from the first one. Of course, it's incredibly different inside and about 75% lesss valuable.

  9. Nice tours once again--hmmmm, think I will look to see if we have any of these high-rolling homes around here


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