Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 14

I live in a pretty incredible area - It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by.)

Because there's days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one home that's for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )

Good Morning All - First up on the block this week!!!
4,180 sq ft
6 bedroom - 3 bath
built in 1921
We call this a Semi Detached - ( I think in the States you call these Duplexes? But here in Montreal a duplex is typically a 2 story house - with the owner living downstairs and a tenant living upstairs )

Step right up, come on in, if you'd like to take the Grand Tour........................


living room  - I find this incredibly warm and full of charm

those 2 french doors on the left hand side lead you to this

oh what I would do with this space!!!

loving those built ins and the radiator covers under the window

LOVE the wall to wall windows in this family room

I'll take that antique bed - and chair - and the wardrobe that you can barely make out the left hand side
 thank you very much
( and I would paint them all in Old White and Paris Grey lol )

AND THEN I found this next one - 

4,180 sq ft
5 bedroom
3 bath - 2 half bath
built in 1930


This may be the one I buy when I win the lottery - just saying

I'm so excited to show you this one !!! Let's go

( this series is giving me a bad case of house envy )
Can you just imagine this all done up
The pot lights have got to go - this entrance is screaming for old chandeliers
I'm actually hyperventilating a little bit over this room - really I am!
I have the furniture completely placed in it already.......................
oh and the floors are going to be restained in a deep dark color, definitely, the xmas tree is going between the 2 windows on the left hand side - just in case you were

all wondering
and I'm going to have everyone of you over for dinner just as soon as I
win the lottery - and buy this house
and paint the walls
and stain the floors

Hello gorgeous built in

Hi gorgeous multiple sash windows - I'm going to dress you up in flowing satin fabrics

Good morning Kitchen -
I'm going to paint your cupboards
and put big wide planks of pine flooring down

second landing - going up to the third floor
my bedroom - definitely my bedroom
my boudoir - are you jealous of my little built in dresser in the corner?

basement  - don't worry I'm installing wood floors down here too

Dear House
I need you so that I could die
I love you so and that is why
Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream
Dream dream dream,

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone

Partying with!!!

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  1. Fabulous. I love the second one in particular.

  2. The first house didn't do it for me but the second would after you do your redecorating. Curious cutouts for the cold air returns! All that ceramic tile has to go! ~ Maureen

  3. I live in what we call a "semi-detached" in my part of Pennsylvania. It is so teeeeeny compared to that first house. We definitely do not have "semis" that big here! Now, the second house. I officially will now have house envy of whomever buys that house! I don't even care about the color of the cabinets in the kitchen - though the color of the granite countertops bugs me! I love the built-ins, the gorgeous floors, the dining room and those cool hidden radiators!

    BTW - up early and ready to dance in the streets!!!

  4. A man will fall in love with House 1...all that lovely dark wood and all. I prefer #2. Both of them lose points in the kitchens, especially the floors. The mexican tile in house 1 may look better in person, but the tile in both houses looks fatigued. I also put Xmas trees in rooms in my head...

  5. Both are just stunning! If you decide that you need a room-mate when you get all moved in, you know where to find me :)

  6. Both houses are stunning!!! I live the exterior of the first better, but inside, they are both gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them! I now share your house envy! ha! :)

  7. Girlfriend, I'm not trying to tell you how to spend your fictional money, but do you want to put wood floors in a basement with a drain smack dab in the middle? Or maybe that's not a drain - it might be an abandoned ashtray?

    1. LMAO Cheryl - I never saw that - talk about hawkeye!!!
      I think you're right - it's an ashtray - yeah - I'm going to go with that lol

  8. Two equally beautiful, big and bright houses. But,I think my heart is most drawn to house number two. That staircase and the moulding. Amazing.

  9. I want that second house too and all of the renovations and decorating you wanted to do would be my choices too. See thats why I love you, we are so much alike. I so wish we both have a home of our dreams like that someday. Going to go back and look at the pics and dream again hugs Tobey

    1. we have to keep buying those lottery tickets Tobey - because selling furniture sure isn't going to get it for us LOL

    2. we have to keep buying those lottery tickets Tobey - because selling furniture sure isn't going to get it for us LOL

  10. $2 Million and it needs a makeover - great bones though.

  11. Hi Suzan!!

    You know I'll hold you to all you say!! And if I win, I will do the same to you. The first house is what we call out west is a side-by-side or duplex. It was gorgeous, but, house #2 stole my heart 100 times over. So beautiful and elegant!! All those windows!! It made it so bright.

    I hope the realtor knows it's mine or yours.


  12. Wowza! That's some serious square footage-I would love to decorate the heck out of those places ;)

  13. It looks like you have some stiff lottery competition for the second house Suzy!! I was walking around this neighbourhood just yesterday, admiring, drooling, dreaming.... spent a bit of fictional money myself....yep, several million I believe!

  14. I just want to lay down on the floor and hug that house. Hug it. I actually yelled at my computer as I was looking through these pictures... So glad my hubby left with the kids five minutes before I clicked through - he already thinks I'm crazy. I'm going to look at real estate websites now.... Maybe there's something similar in our town that I can't afford and can whine to myself about...

    1. LOL - well I want to " kiss it all over " " and over again "
      GET a lottery ticket............

  15. Oh, definitely go get a lottery ticket now! This house needs you!!! If I were leaving the states and moving up your way this would be on my dream list too. Thanks for sharing. This is a fun post.........Sarah

  16. Wonderful spaces....big, definitely big...most of all I love the details (moldings, wood floors etc)...

  17. I would be dreaming about the last house too, oh my I would kill for that house. Maybe I could talk the hubs into moving? That's for the tour, gave me jealousy envy.


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