Thursday, November 29, 2012

When one thing leads to another..............

I have been extremely lucky in that a lot of my customers have ended up being repeat customers.
They'll come buy a piece or two and than I'll end up doing custom pieces that they already own.
I received a phone call last night from the couple ( Carol and Richard ) who bought this
( do you remember how much I wanted to KEEP THIS PIECE ?

I spoke to Richard who told me his wife is on my blog daily - and actually wanted some pieces that (unfortunately) have already been sold.  So they are coming on Sunday afternoon to discuss my painting
a dining room set and 6 chairs ( also to be reupholstered maybe ) to match the above piece - which will
be used as a sideboard in their dining room.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love what I do?
Because when you receive calls or emails like this - it makes every ounce of sweat and tears worth their
weight in gold!

Stay tuned to see the story of the piece I'm almost finished tomorrow - with a John says - Suzan says to go with it lol

and this is how my corner of the world looked last night - SNOW has finally arrived!

Just a light sprinkle - but enough to make me want to start decorating for Christmas ( maybe )

A dimanche Carol et Richard, c'est une date !!!


  1. So jealous of the last picture...wish I was there. I also would have been tempted to keep the top piece...I think what you do is so much fun.

  2. Oh- what fun. I can't wait to see this piece and also it will be great to do a table and chairs to match your featured piece. I LOVE that piece and would have had a hard time letting it go, too. Have a great day- you have about the same amount of snow that we do- xo Diana

  3. Oh, I wish you lived near me and I could just drop my table, chairs and buffet off to you for an awesome makeover! Still thinking about that black and white kitchen...Sam is fighting me over it!

  4. I love turquoise... Can't wait to see what you do to this new piece. Enjoy the snow!!

  5. I love that piece, although I am still crying over the piece that you are not selling....that adorable little table with the cream base and charcoal top... ;)
    We have snow here now too which does make the Christmas idea actually come to life. I have the outdoors done in a very limited fashion but December 1 is my rule for indoors.

  6. There are so many sayings about doing what you love as your occupation and you'll always love your job. I believe you have nailed it.
    Is that your tree in the photo? Still hanging onto what it can of it's leaves? One really has to admire it's dedication.

  7. I love that buffet. I imagine an entire dining room full of that color will be gorgeous!

  8. Who can blame them for wanting that piece? It's stunning!

  9. I think your talent is wonderful and I can absolutely see why you would have repeat customers!

  10. I love it when you talk French.


  11. Hi Suzan!!

    The sideboard is lovely and I can see why the owners would want their dining set to go with it. It's going to be so beautiful when it's all done and in place.

    You have great talent and it's no wonder you have repeat customers!!

    Your view from your window looked so beautiful!! Did you wake up to a winter wonderland?


  12. It's snowing here tonight. Just enough to pretty things up and put me in the mood for decorating! I'll sing a different tune if I have to shovel.


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