Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 97

Good Morning everyone !

Prices are getting a little out of hand here in North America -  especially Canada ( my home sweet home ) so I thought I'd take you to France and show you what you can get !!!

And I'll show you a comparison so you can see the value face on

Canada - British Columbia -

yes, you ARE reading that correctly - ONE. POINT. SEVEN. MILLION ( and change )

Ta da


Now it goes without saying that people are buying these up for the land - and building mini mansions on them - notice all that land??? ( mini mini mini mansions )
AND the people buying them up are not even from Vancouver for the most part.....................
They sail the ocean blue to do so and in the process make it almost impossible for the average family to own anything other then a shed.
My little dump would probably go for upwards of 3 million there...................location location location after all.
Way to go Canada - that's certainly looking out for your own.

Meanwhile in France - ( sorry now WE have to sail the ocean blue - but it's ok - we think we have a ship that the water will never go through )

583,000 Euros ( so roughly 750,000 - less then HALF of what that little diamond in the rough above costs ) you can have this
All images sourced from the Prestige Property Group

Granted there's rooms that need to be finished - but a steal by Vancouver's standard's to say the least.


Oh Canada 
have you gone completely insane?

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Monday, September 29, 2014

It's like feeding a peanut to an Elephant?

I love food.
And eat it with a passion - my eyes close - I murmur mmmm between bites - I go on and on about how much I love whatever particular meal I'm eating - it could be Chateau Briand or a Hamburger -

Probably because I wait so long before I eat that I'm absolutely ravenous by the time I sit down to put something in my mouth.
John is the fastest eater on the planet - seriously - it's shocking to see him go at a plate of food ( and quite embarrassing if there are others in the room - because someone always ends up mentioning it to him.
I usually ask him to slow down a little or by the time I cut a mouthful of food he'll be leaning back in his chair looking at me.

I didn't feel like cooking last night - so we had our favorite take out food - taco's for me and pizza for John.
In a matter of seconds (or so it felt ) my dinner was finished - I'm talking really really hungry.

John says - You're finished?
Suzan says - I was starving
John says - It's like feeding a peanut to an Elephant......................


Suzan says - Did you just refer to me as an Elephant?
John says - I certainly did NOT - I was just comparing
Suzan interrupts - ME TO AN ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!
John says - You take everything I say out of context.

I've mentioned before that although John thinks he's funny - he's really not -
He blurts things out like a child would - without a filter - like you almost have to explain to him
why certain things are NOT funny.

This is the same man who tells me he's romantic - while explaining to me - when I complain about putting on weight - " Well there's only one way that happens - stop stuffing your gob "

I know that for a long long time - anything he says that's even remotely close to a compliment will be wiped out by that statement............a long time.

He could say - I like that dress on you
And I'll hear - I like that dress on you - would you like a peanut?
He could say - Your hair looks nice
And I'll hear - Your hair looks nice for an elephant.
He could say - You're the sexiest lady on the planet
And I'll hear -  You're the sexiest elephant on the planet.

I don't know if he made it up or if this is an English expression - and I can't ask him because at the moment I'm not speaking to him.

This elephant has a long long memory John - just remember that.

But - and this is really important - if I'm going to be seen as an Elephant - at least I want to be one of the ones that holds a paintbrush in her trunk!

This is the most amazing video - let me tell you - that elephant has one incredible talent.
( but I bet it can't paint a dresser )

Have a good one.all !
Much love,

Well excuse me but I think you've got my chair.........................

No, that one's not taken, I don't mind

If you sit here, I'll be glad to share

TWO houses ago - when we were moving into THIS HOUSE - I realized we were not going to have room for the second chair in our living room set............

It's a large set - and the chairs are almost like love seats

Anyway - it was a last minute decision - and we didn't have time to sell it - so I simply placed it outside with a sign reading " take me "

A couple of months later - while on Craig's list - I noticed someone had it up for sell for 150.00 - location?  My old neighborhood - one street over in fact 
Maybe - but I don't think so.....................
I asked John if we should buy it back - but he was horrified at the prospect of spending (rightfully so) 150.00 on something we had left on the curbside.

We've since had the set recovered ( well slip covers ) and we're in the process of working on a little reading room/den/t.v. room - and I casually mentioned to John that I wished we hadn't gotten rid of the second chair................

It would have been great in the den................soooo comfortable

And that night - lo and behold - on Craig's list - I saw it again - for 35 dollars - now it's 3 streets over from our old street )   These bizarre things happen to me all the time - truly - I'm starting to think I'm related to that lady from Long Island....................  except my show would be about furniture and houses - I'd walk in and scream " that desk used to belong to an axe murderer !!!!!!!!!!!!! "  OR  " how long have you had that chair?  I'm " feeling " there's a lost mate out there somewhere "
Then I'd save them by taking the pieces off their hands.

Suzan says - I'm going to buy our chair back
John says - It's too big - there's no room for it 
Suzan says - But it's a sign - the universe is telling me to get it back
John says - Well ask the universe to get it here for you - I'm not picking it up.

And he was adamant - 

So - I guess it'll go a few streets over still............................

And the twins will be separated forever more

How can he be so heartless.........................?

Have a wonderful day everyone !

Are you waiting for someone to meet you here?

Well, that makes two of us so glad you came  
♫  ♪

If you'd like a personal reading please contact me - I can " read " any type of furniture in your home.

Interested Networks will have to speak to my agent.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

SO close...................................

painted & stencilled floor - paisley pattern

Oh my poor aching knees LOL

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone

Hopefully this will be finished sometime this week to show you all - in the meantime I'll just bore you to death with progress !

More details to come when I'm finally up off my knees and can call this room done

Painted & stencilled floor - paisley design

Much love,

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Soda - and a give away

My Soda..................

Came to us as a rescued dog - she had been left in a box outside the SPCA over a long weekend ( while they were closed ) and was covered in her own filth - and apparently pretty bruised.

My Daughter stepped into the building looking for a Golden Lab - she did NOT want a small dog - but Soda took one look at her and her tell started wagging - ( she had been pretty lethargic apparently up until that point ) and Ashley had no choice - her heart melted and she came home with our new little baby.

For a couple of years I would babysit Soda during the day - Ashley would drop her off in the morning and pick her up at night - just like a grandchild - until the day my daughter moved and could not take Soda into the building with her - we inherited her ( gleefully ) as our own - and since she was staying in the family - every one was ok ( well my daughter's heart was broken but where better for her baby to go then to her second home? )

Soda is now 15 ( at the least and she may be a bit older because no definite age can be given with a rescued dog ) but still looks like a puppy - still hops around ( maybe not quite as often - but she really does hop around still )

For the last couple of years I've been bracing myself for the inevitable.
And I've convinced myself that I'll be ok - she's had a wonderful life with us - and has been loved as only those with fur babies can understand.
She's my 4th child - my youngest - my baby.
She sleeps on our bed - she sits in the office beside us while we work.
I cook her dinners for her every night ( I began doing that when that Dog Food fiasco happened around 10 years or so ago ) she is, at the end of the day, our everything.

She had, what we thought, was a small cyst on her belly - and yesterday she was groomed
and that small cyst has grown - ( which we can now actually see ) and I'm terrified.

I spent the night sobbing - not being able to talk because my throat was aching and the words just came out in short choking sounds..................so there goes 2 years of preparation right down the drain.

John's at the vet with her now - as  you read this - because I couldn't bear to go - I just couldn't.

I had a talk with her before she went which consisted of me begging her not to leave me yet - she just curled in tight and looked at me with her head cocked.

Oh Soda - please please please stay with me for just a little longer - I promise I'll make you all your favorite foods forever and ever................amen.
I don't think I'm capable of saying good - bye yet.

And I'm so sorry for doing this to you all - but I'm as raw as I can get.

Last month - one of my followers offered to do a portrait of Soda - and even that scared me - I thought it was a " sign " and so I kept delaying it - without saying why - but I finally sent her a photograph - and received this beautiful gift last week....................an oil painting of My Soda.
I could melt.

It's just beautiful
If you don't know the multi talented and beautiful Cecilia from The B Farm - this is the very best introduction I can give -
Cecilia will be opening a shop and creating these custom paintings - and has graciously offered one as a giveaway to a lucky reader !

All I ask is that you drop by and follow her to qualify ( my request not hers )  - and of course leave me a comment.
Open to U.S. and Canada

The winner will simply send her  (via email) - a favorite photograph of their pet - and she will paint a custom portrait.  Also if you have a photo of a beloved pet that has since passed over the rainbow bridge this would make a wonderful keepsake to have forever.

Cecilia - I can't thank you enough for this amazing gift - we will cherish it forever.

The best of luck everyone -
Have a wonderful weekend -

And if I may -
I'm not one to ask for prayers -
But I'm begging for them now............................not for me - but for

My Soda.

Much love,

Hello Malcolm !

His name is Malcolm  ( Better Furniture Maker ) 

Painted dresser Antoinette Annie SLoan Chalk Paint

But really, does it look like a Malcolm to you?

What kind of a Malcolm has such beautiful curves - loves to dress in pink AND wears flowers
( in his hair )

He even has a little change purse

I had no choice but to make this piece a sweet transvestite !!!
I mean, if any piece was screaming out to be a lady - this was it, no?

So......................meet Marie Claire !

But where do you go to my lovely
When you're alone in your bed
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to get inside your head, ( yes I do )

Sorry - I can't find the before of this one - but let's just say we rescued this piece from a very bad place.

Antoinette Chalk Paint - French Provincial dresser makeover

And an email I received last night that makes all of this worth it

Hi Susan, 
I adore the pieces. Cant wait to show them off. You do fantastic work. 
Thanx again

Not really - I'm ALWAYS filled with doubt after I finish a piece - so validation literally makes me do a happy dance !!!

Now - back on my hands and knees to finish the floor

For those of you who don't know one of the 3 songs I've mentioned in this post
This is so beautiful - and I actually listened to it over and over again while I painted this piece !

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone !
Much love,

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 96

Good Wednesday Morning everyone !

We have deliveries today - so I'm scrambling around like crazy (  the red dresser and the Pink Hutch
are going to the same home !!! )

So without further delay - let's see what's on the market this week!

Beaconsfield ( suburb of Montreal )
Very close to the Lakeshore ( St. Lawrence River )
4 beds
2 baths
1 half bath
Wood Fireplace
Heated Pool

This has such pretty curb appeal

Look at that wrap around porch .....................

I ADORE this bedroom !!!

And I'm absolutely in love with the back yard !!!

Ok - back to reality - I have to bubble wrap three pieces of furniture now

I'm praying that stencil arrives today for the floor !

You all have a wonderful Wednesday !!!

Much love,

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