Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meanwhile back at the ranch....................


I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.

So......................if you remember a few posts back - while we were building a plank wall in the reading room - I had a brain storm.  ( HERE - if you want to read about the Love Story of the century)  and how we could hide those horrific heater covers by adding built in shelves to the top of them......................

This room had many many layers of " stuff " on it - carpets - underpadding - linoleum - tiles - cardboard and a partridge in a pear tree.

So it was very difficult to get to the layers underneath these heaters ( they were definitely built on top of the last layer....................

I cringe showing it to you again - but it is what it is - this is our lot in life after buying a very old fixer upper after all.

This framed piece was held up with L brackets - secured to the floor behind them - very solid - which was perfect because the shelves were going to weigh quite a bit once the books were on them.

I can't tell you how impressed I've been with John throughout this whole process........................
seriously - when I met him he couldn't hang up a picture - I know everyone says that but he literally couldn't..................I can't use a blowdryer ( you all know that by now ) John couldn't use a hammer or a screwdriver - at all.

I once asked him to unscrew the top of a lamp shade off for me while I did something else - and he went and got changed - and came back upstairs with a tool box !!!
I stood there incredulous - asking him what he was doing - and he responded with " do you want it off or not "  I remember brushing by him and unscrewing it with my fingers and telling him he could put his suit back on.

So that he managed to get these built in's up for me is mind blowing - he really does deserve Kudos with a capitol K.................( made from fence planks to boot !!! ) As you can see I'm not finished with the heater covers.................but the shelves are up

Anyway - I couldn't have been happier - until THIS conversation took place.............

Did I already mention I'm going to have a nervous breakdown?

John says - You know those brackets were ridiculously hard to get off
John says - Why the hell did they do the things they did?

( we both like to say that - it makes us feel smug and superior - because I think we'd just hang ourselves if we couldn't at least ( falsely ) feel that way about this reno rat's nest - much the way the next owners will comment on our built ins made from fence planks )

Suzan says - Oh I know - but what are you referring to exactly?
John says - Well they had L Brackets holding down the carpet behind the heaters......................

I'll let that soak in for a minute..........................

the word " HAD " threw me into a complete state of panic

Suzan says - Please - Dear God John - don't tell me you removed all the brackets
John says - I HAD TO  !!!!!!!!!!!   Couldn't get the carpet out without doing it
Suzan says - The L Brackets were NOT holding down the carpet - OMG - they were holding down
the heater covers -
John says - Don't be ridiculous -
Suzan says - John please listen to me - you wouldn't use L brackets to hold a carpet down - they must have built the frames after the carpet was placed there - so yes the brackets would be on top of the carpet - BUT THEY'RE THERE TO HOLD THE FRAMES IN PLACE.

At this point I can tell he's realizing what he's done - but refuses to admit it.................

John says - NO way - they were there to hold the carpet in place.- the whole house is wacky -
Suzan says - You have to put them back
John says - I can't - they're behind the heaters...................anyway the shelves aren't going anywhere
Suzan says - What did you use to hold all the shelves together with John?
John says - L - Brackets..............
Suzan says - Were you planning on carpeting them ?
John says - Always the wise ass - always

If anyone out there is looking for a carpet layer - I've got one here with the most genius way of installing them.

I'm off to have that nervous breakdown - you have no idea how overdue it is at this point.
I wonder if I'd be the first blogger to have one in " real time " ?
Because I can feel it coming on as I type
Blast off ........................

Oh - I forgot - no time for a breakdown - I have a floor to paint

And a stencil to apply to it

and 7 chairs to paint
and a dresser or 2
and a table

but then?
Well they'll be nothing stopping me, will there?
Unless a pile of fence planks land up on my head while I'm painting the floor
That would kind of put a screw in the works......................

If I'm not able to write up a post tomorrow, you'll know why
Have a wonderful day one and all !

P.S. I really am liking my built ins now - and I really am impressed - even if I'm scared to go near them lol

P.S.S. For those of you wondering about the shutters - I spoke about them HERE - when I found 6 sets of them for a whopping grand total of 40.00 !!!
3 sets are installed - ( there are 2 windows in this little room ) and one in the living room - we've made them fit with a lot of manipulation LOL

Much love

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I Should be Mopping the Floor


  1. Suzan,
    You and John crack me up. Love reading the John says Suzan says. You guys are too cute. I love the shelves they look pretty awesome! You are turning this fixer upper into a beautiful home. Love everything you have done so far. Hang in there! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and really it is not another train coming at you lol!!!!!

  2. I love the built ins and the floor is going to be amazing.I hope you are able to move tomorrow...sounds like you'll be a busy bee today.

  3. Oh boy. Well, they look really good right now. Be sure to take lots of pictures so you can say "remember when we had bookshelves?" and (this is the best one) "I told you".

  4. oooooh! Love those shutters, did they come with the house?? The room is looking so beautiful! I can't wait to see the floor... I painted over the laundry floor with BM Aura paint ((the stuff I used on my kitchen cabinets) and I love the way it turned out. The Simply White colour is closer to my trim colour. Now for the bathroom floor that the bloody cat has scratched up. Remind me why I have pets??! xoxox

  5. It is beautiful! What a wonderful space to have, love built in' sand you did an amazing job! Can I ask where you got your shutters? Love them too!

  6. Thanks so much Rhonda !
    Those shutters were a " find "
    40.00 for 6 sets of them - and we manipulated them to fit the windows !!!

  7. Funny post! Love the wall and the shutters are perfect. My house is 108 years old so I can vouch for a lot of weird stuff going on here too....over the years!

    Keep plugging away, it is looking fabulous.

    1. Thanks so much Karen !!! ( I'm plugging lol )

  8. I do hope you don't have a nervous breakdown, but I must say you and John provide me great laughs while I eat breakfast.

  9. Job well done on the bookcase...truly amazing! I notice the shutters have a 'sheen' in the photos....what kind of paint/finish did you use? I have several pairs of shutters in my garage. Painted only ONE so far....by hand. (Purchased them over a year ago!) Found the process to be extremely time consuming. Do you have a trick to make this process a little less tedious???? So looking forward to the day when you post pics of your home in its entirely - post renovation. That's when I'll realize how truly inept I really am, lol!

    1. The shutters still have to be painted ( I'm absolutely dreading it ) that's the original factory finish on it - but they're kind of yellow or grey or something other than true white lol.
      I don't know of any trick - wish I did - it's worse than painting chairs !!!

  10. The built-ins look lovely... I hope they stay "built int" and don't collapse on the painted floor!

  11. OMG! Hysterical! Seriously - I pray they do not come tumbling down and it is all good. You and me both, we're checking in for the breakdown together. Just found the main sill beam holding the house up is rotted right through. All 8 inches square along the whole front of the house. But really, we aren't surprised. Hahahahaha.....running around like an idiot laughing. Pass the booze please..... xo Patty.

  12. Dear, dear, if you hear a rumble, better duck and run, and be quick about it!!!! I knew those build-ins would look fabulous!!!! And they do!!!!! Paisley is one of my favs so your floor is gonna be!!!! Can't wait to see it finished!!!! Your reading room is coming together so grand!!!! Great job Missy!!!! Have a blessed day!!!! XOXOXOXOX karen

    1. Thanks Karen - I've started the paisley - ( should have a hard hat on my head I suppose LOL )
      You have a blessed day too!

  13. I am thinking that you just might have bought my old house, because that sounds exactly how my Jim would have attached the carpeting behind the heater to the floor. And it looks strangely like his unusual style with the tongue and groove boards, just like the ones he put down on the floor of my laundry room. Have you ever seen tongue and groove boards used for a floor???????? That is why I think you just might have bought my old house!!! He often leaves me in stunned silence and petrified fear when he takes on a project (remember a few weeks back when I wrote about the "air conditioning" fan he installed in my car?!?) Hugs, Nanny

    1. Well I am seriously laughing my head off here Nanny !!!
      And yes I DO remember the air conditioning in your car LMHO !!!

  14. I love your stories! Hopefully the built ins will stay put! Love the floor and the stencil and the built ins and.....everything looks fabulous! Have a blessed week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  15. I sure hope the shelves hold up because they really look great. The room is coming together very well and I like the shutters. What a deal. I can't wait to see the stencil on the floor.

  16. If I didn't hate John Mellencamp, I'd start singing, "Well the walls come tumbling down the walls come tumbling down....Just when you think you've got it made the walls come tumbling down...."

    Good thing I don't like JM.


  17. Suzan, your built-ins are beautiful! AND...I love that you staged them with some paint cans along the bottom. LOL! Surely those shelves are secured to the walls in some other way?

  18. The shelves are so fabulous, I can't imagine having to re-do them! Just put really lightweight, fluffy things on them. Like cotton balls and marshmallows. My mother's kitchen cabinets fell and all her dishes crashed to the floor. We discovered they had been held up with five nails. How's that for a doom and gloom comment?
    I'm sure your shelves will be fine!!! Just fine . . .

  19. You two are so funny!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the floors

  20. Suzan, you are doing such a great job on everything. It is all beautiful.

  21. John is a real treasure!!! And a genius "figure outer" too! Bless him. I still say they look amazing!

  22. Suzan, love those built ins and I can't wait to see that floor stenciled! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. I love the shelves Suzan! You're going to have so much fun decorating them when you guys finally get done renovating. It sounds like a real pain! But so far it's all turning out gorgeous even if it's a headache. Maybe it'll be like childbirth!!! You'll eventually forget the pain LOL! Have a great weekend friend!

  24. Suzan, I adore the story of the shelves/built ins but the lamp top is over the top hilarious. John has come a long way! :)) Um... maybe, in his infinite creativity, he can find a way to put the L brackets back in. :))
    ~ Christina

  25. Sette Design
    I love this story you are always so funny/
    Cheers from Italy, where there is no wood. Oh how I long for wood.

    1. Thanks so much Natalie -
      No wood - but you have the most beautiful ceramic floors in Italy !

  26. I peed my panties when I read about John changing and getting his tool bag. My husband to a tee.


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