Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oh It's ladder time again.....................

John doesn't get it -
John never will I suppose
But I keep trying.....................

Oh it's ladder time again - he's going to leave me
I can see that far away look in his eye....................................

I had a ladder in our bedroom in the last house and the conversation that ensued from that was ridiculous ( HERE )

I decorated a ladder one Christmas ( when everyone in blogland was doing it ) and he went over the moon nuts about it - thought it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen..................and was actually embarrassed when people came over.

Last Spring - when we were marvelling at all the surprises that kept creeping up in the garden ( our first Spring here ) I saw something poking out from behind the shed and jumped up and down with glee

It was an old hand made weathered ladder !
( you know, you think he'd be grateful that that's all it takes to make me do a happy dance - I don't ask for diamonds )
Which I quickly hung up in a corner and used it as an arbor during the summer - a place to hang flowering plants - a bird feeder or 2 and fairy lights...................and yes he thought that was ridiculous too - a ladder is a ladder is a ladder - not an arbor..................sheesh - what part don't I understand?
( none - I don't understand that type of reasoning at all )

Anyway,  that F word has been floating all over the place lately..................
You know that 4 letter word.................
I hate to use it - it goes against my nature completely - but here goes.
uggghhhh - sorry all you Fall lovers - you have to live in a 4 season climate to get it................
Where we mumble Fall Off ................frequently.

Anyway I ran in and got the ladder while John was out - because nothing says that 4 letter word like
a perfectly aged - rustic - home made ladder - that reaches the ceiling ( we have high ceilings ) no less.........

A place to drape a throw
Display some cotton ( but I've never picked cotton ....................I bought them )
And waited for him to come home .................knowing this time he was going to marvel at my genius and remark on how fabulous it looked.

And that he'd agree that a ladder works perfectly in this little cottage -

And that he'd be insane not to see that this time

Suzan says - LOOK what I did with the ladder !!!!!!!!!!
John turns his head around to look in the living room - shakes his head and walks by it without saying anything
Suzan says - Don't tell me you don't like this one either?
( and don't tell me you're not going to say anything - it's half the reason I blog after all - but I didn't say that )
John says - I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL
Suzan says - You know, you'd never believe you grew up in England - I'm trying to incorporate a little English rustic chic into the house
John says - ENGLISH RUSTIC CHIC????????
John says - What the hell is that?
John says - We kept ladders in the tool shed - or the cellar for God's sakes.
Suzan says - but you said we don't have enough wood in the house - so I thought you'd
John says - What in God's name is wrong with you?
John says - You get everything looking nice and than you stick this in there?

I can't win -
Well I CAN win - because it's staying
And he's insane.................obviously - it's quite clear to me now.
And I also know - without a doubt - that somewhere in England - there's an old cottage with a rustic hand made ladder leaning against a wall.

and if there isn't - than there definitely should be - don't they know English Rustic Chic when they see it?

If you want to hear a conversation and a half on those branches you can read it HERE

Wonder what he'll say when he sees miniature pumpkins on the rungs?

Because whether I like Fall or not................I'm a blogger - so I HAVE to decorate for it, don't you know?

And I wonder where I should put this one?

Update -
John mumbled as he walked by it again - " maybe it'll grow on me "
Glory be to God !!!
He's not quite as insane as we thought !

Have a wonderful day everyone
Much love,

Update - the cotton kept falling down LOL - I added a jute basket - vertically

for the cotton to rest in

But for which I will be on the lookout for dried lavender !

John sees them as ladders - I see them as a piece of furniture !
And that's the last word on the ladder LOL

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  1. I love the ladder, Suzan.. It looks perfect in your home.

    Hugs from here

  2. I LOVE it!! We have a ladder over our poor husband ;)

  3. But he DID say "...You get everything looking nice... "
    So that's a positive!

  4. Oh that's funny. Reminds me of someone I know......
    I like the ladder. And the cotton.

    1. Well...........I wonder who that could be Rita ? LOL
      Thanks xoxoxo

  5. I think it looks wonderful, its a beautiful touch of rustic against the lovely more formal look, he obviously needs schooling in design,,lol,

  6. I love the ladder and think tiny white pumpkins or even a pop of orange ones sitting on the rungs would look lovely for fall. Speaking of f**l, it's pretty cool here today. So up and down with the temperatures. Tomorrow's high might reach 12. Frost warnings again too. brrrr

  7. I agree, great ladder and it looks perfect.

  8. I love the ladder but my husband would probably be like John! I recently painted my living room and kitchen. He said nothing. So, I finally asked what he thought about the new color. His answer..."interesting." What the heck does that mean?!!! Oh well. He'll grow to love it and then I'll drive him crazy by changing it again.

    You have great style, so keep it up!

  9. Suzan the ladder looks great. I love it.

  10. Tell John that I just saw 2 similar old ladders at an antique store, A Beautiful Mess, - thought he might like the name - and each ladder was $695. Yes, those numbers are right. Steve just shook his head.

  11. I love what you did with the ladder! It looks amazing....

    1. Thanks so much Christine - I've already changed it up a little bit LOL
      But it's staying there ( at least for the winter ) xoxo

  12. Now I wish I had taken Dad's old ladders when he left the farm. They were tossed in the trash.

    I am sure there are ladders out there that enjoy rescue.

    1. Oh I'm sure there are - I'm always looking for them lol - but you know how it is - when you actually want something they're nowhere to be around !
      Did you see Carol's comment above?
      People are paying 695.00 for these?
      I can't believe it !!!

  13. It's just waiting for white pumpkins! Hush, John.

  14. I love olden ladders...daughter has her Grandpa's homemade ladder and puts her vintage quilts on it...really neat.
    Here's a link on my old blog where I used a little step ladder in my garden..

    might give you more ideas for yours.
    I think John is just about the cutest thing...and I've not even seen a photo of him...:)

  15. I love it!!! I'm married to an Irishman and it's the same, he doesn't get it either!!! I have drilled into his head "Happy Wife, Happy Life"!!! And now he's a believer. It doesn't take diamonds for me either, the simple things, although he says if I die first he's calling for a dipsy dumpster before he calls the undertaker!!!! LOL Gotta love 'em XOXOXOX Karen

  16. I LIKE IT!!! Maybe that is because I have one in my porch laundry room right off the kitchen! It leans up against my shelf, but you have inspired me to move it around a bit more. I also have a witchy type broom that I need to pull out. Maybe together, perhaps!??! I bet my husband would wish to put the ladder on the back of the witchy broom and send them flying your way (with me on board)!!!

    1. That would be a great way to travel without crossing a border actually LOL
      Thanks so much!

  17. It grew on me immediately. Yes, it was an immediate growth. I have a similar one leaning on the wall in my dining room.

  18. Love the ladder and especially with the basket.

  19. I adore that ladder. I'm on the hunt for an old narrow door and a tall shutter. The cotton looked so pretty. Too bad it kept falling. I love fall but after last winter I have a love hate relationship. I haven't done a thing yet. I want to get moving. I plan on decorating for Christmas early since Thanksgiving is so late this year. You are my girl, you always stand your ground!!


  20. Well, I love it so it must stay! And I think it's perfect English Rustic Chic. Tell John at least it's not a pitch fork (which is hanging on my wall!)

  21. I think the rustic ladder is perfect in your beautiful room! Love it! Dried lavender would be gorgeous hanging from it! Enjoy...:)

  22. I love ladders too and at the moment I don't have any! You've given me some great ideas. I think there's one outside of our flea market. Hope it's still there under the shed. May get a better price for it!

  23. It looks fantastic and now I am totally in envy of your ladders. Really and truly! I have an old handmade rake but you can't place little boo pumpkins on it. I need an old wood ladder bad.....I feel a hunt coming on. Love the basket with the cotton, looks perfect. Patty

  24. Your rustic ladder is fabulous, Suzan! The perfect piece to speak to that 4 letter word. :-)
    Ladders add such great texture and interest and charm without taking up floor space!
    Mary Alice

  25. Just wanted to let you know your comment on my gallery wall showed up as a no-reply blogger comment. I can't reply by e-mail, but wanted to say thanks for the sweet comment and let you know I haven't posted about my plank wall...yet! Hopefully has been crazy lately!


  26. Suzan...I love the ladder. I purchased one last week from my favorite shop and have it leaning up in my dining room...and plan to put some old quilts on it.

  27. Oh no John, no John, no John, no (old English song, I know how you love to use lyrics) we DO have ladders in England as decor, not only do I have two but I've sold loads as towel rails, hanging racks and just general things of loveliness. I just wish they'd sold for the equivalent of $695, maybe I'm selling the wrong kind of ladders?

  28. I love a ladder in a room and yours looks fabulous!

  29. Love the ladder Suzan. My husband found an old, heavy, chippy ladder in the trash and I told him it would look great somewhere in the house and he looked at me like I was nuts. It still sits in the garage but once I have an idea...
    Thanks for the laugh today. Happy weekend!

  30. I love your ladder, wish I had one. John cracks me up and the banter between the two of you is priceless.

  31. Now surely the English have ladders in their libraries, don't they? It looks great, Suzan!

  32. Gorgeous, Suzan. Now I have ladder envy!

  33. Oh, the ladder is exceptional! John loses on this one for sure.

  34. That's so awesome. I was just sitting in my porch and I saw my husband's homemade ladder he used when he was working on the roof and I said to him "What's that doing there?" and he says "I just leaned it there to get it out of the way" and I was thinking... hmmm... that ladder "greyed" up really nicely and it would look good somewhere else but where??? Now I know. LOL Wish I could post a picture to show you. But maybe if I get a blog someday, I'll do just that.

  35. I love to decorate with ladders but alas I also have a John who does not understand and nearly goes insane when I suggest it, lol.. Love it Suzan. Thanks for sharing it at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  36. I wish I had room for more ladders.....yours look great in your room. Enjoy!

  37. I think you won this round quite handily!!!
    Way to go Suzan!! Oh...and I LOVE the ladder with the basket and cotton.

  38. I have a ladder almost like it in our living room. My hubs two cents was "You want that thing in here?" The ladder stayed. Right now it holds magazines, but I think it is yearning for something more. Love the way you used the basket with yours and it would be gorgeous filled with lavender, although the cotton is really cool.

  39. So Cute! I need to find a ladder stat! Love the way you styled it! Would love it if you would join us with your creativity at Motivational Monday! (

  40. I need a ladder a.s.a.p. Don't know what hubs will say but he never likes things I see on blog land anyway, says why do we need that there?, bugs will come in house. Yeah, yeah. I want him to make me one tho, never see them around this place (Grand Junction, CO). which we live few miles west of. Will have to buy some lumber I guess for the long side parts then use pallet lumber for rungs. Not too expensive ya think? Love your blog, always get kick out of you and your hubs conversations. Maybe cause they sound like hubs and I. Do you think yours says those things just to get your goat. Know mine does. Happy week

    1. I think I bought this fixer upper because of blogging LMHO -
      Everything I saw I thought " well I can do that "
      Be very careful of what you see in blogland LOL

  41. The decorating shows and magazines always say to have a little surprise in each room. Don't have everything perfect and what people expect. I always think it's fun to have a unique everyone something to talk John! Love the cotton! Hugs, Diane

  42. Suzan, I love your ladder! Inside and outside! I just might have to make me one. I love it flat against the wall and the way you tucked a basket inside... and the cotton! Perfection!

  43. You keep using ladders - they are very chic. I've been looking for a ladder for a couple of years now and haven't found one to use yet. So enjoy yours - you've done a nice job decorating.

    1. Thanks SO much Val !!!
      You have a wonderful weekend

  44. I have a fetish for ladders too Suzan and my hubby doesn't get it either. Recently bought a white chippy one. It's on the porch right now, but thinking of bringing it in for Halloween. Can't you just see crows perched on the rungs? i think you've found a perfect spot for it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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