Saturday, May 31, 2014

O.C.D. ( c )

I have a mild case of it................I say mild because it used to be much worse.

I can remember being so relieved when they finally labelled it - and then sick with embarrassment that I actually had a disorder ( I've since learned to " own " my disorders - of which I have too many to count
simply because if I didn't I'd drive myself insane )
If any of you have noticed I usually always do three exclamation points and that's because I have 3 kids.
There you have it - if you ever only see one, you now know it was a struggle to move past it lol.

Anyway I've discovered that practically everyone on the planet has some form of it.

I used to put my cups a certain way in the cupboard - until I saw SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY
( well as much of it as I could stand - I don't do thriller's very well ) and there was a scene in the movie where the sicko notices cups are not put the way he wants them - so for a very long time I purposely 
did NOT put the cups a certain way - AND it took quite a long time to realize that being very diligent about NOT putting the cups a certain way was just as much an obsessively compulsive thing to do.  Trying to place them all messily took time and effort ( but if anyone looked in the cupboard my secret would be safe lol )
Ok - so the reason I'm telling you this is because of this conversation the other night when I was refolding the sheets John had put in a ball in the linen closet.

This is the way I like the linen closet to look - it makes me less anxious about the utter chaos living in a reno brings

Because if the only place my world has any semblance of order is in the linen closet - then the linen
It's completely crucial that in the midst of mayhem I can walk in here once in a while and feel peace.
It doesn't even matter if John " get's " that or not - it just IS.  I don't know if it's part of the disorder or the saddest commentary in the world - I only know that I must never - and I mean never - walk into it and see this ( well at least until a few more rooms have been done and then it wouldn't matter at all as much )

Because my sanity is hanging in the air right now -
It's enough that we just discovered we owe the government a new car basically
And the house is nowhere finished with reno's
Or that I'm drowning in furniture to paint and get rid of
If you add a rumpled sheet or blanket to that I'm afraid I'll slip off the edge.

Suzan says - Just leave the sheets for me to fold from now on please, ok?
John says - I think you have O.C.D.C.
Suzan says - and what would that be John?
John says - You never heard of it?  It's where you
Suzan interrupts him -  you mean O.C.D. the disorder
John says - What's the difference?  You know what I mean
Suzan says - You're asking someone with O.C.D. what the difference is?
Suzan playfully pushes him across the bed
John says - Cut it out - I'm watching T.V.
Suzan waits a little - and pushes him with the other hand
John says - WHAT THE HELL?
Suzan says - that, sweetheart, is O.C.D.
John says - Okay - enough (*&#*&@)*
Suzan says - And you may just have a mild form of Tourettes.........................


Have a good one all - though I have a LOT of rooms to scrape old remnants of carpet from - and windows to paint - and ceilings and walls for that matter - I think I'm going to get in that linen closet and make it shine LMHO

( and than another one - so that it's an even number )
The Happy Blogger
Or the
Demented one anyway

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Garden Update ( and outdoor dining sneak peak )

It's starting to look a little magical out there folks ( as opposed to the inside of this house which I'm starting to think will never be finished )

South " corner "

North " corner " - I have a couple of climbers that will be growing in this corner -

Mosquito repellent

A potted climber

to wrap itself around the ladder ( being used as an arbor )

Baskets are thriving ( I still need to get the " straw " filler for these )

12.50 a basket - you probably have to live in Montreal to know how exceptional a deal that is
( Home Depot was charging 34.99 for these )

Is it just me - or do rustic fences make the perfect back drop for flowers?

Hanging strawberry plant -

I think we have 10 hanging baskets - ( and there may be a few more before I'm finished )

And the Perennial's are waking up - at last - not in full bloom but there's a promise there lol

Peonies - my favorites !!!  5 or 6 bushes of them - I can't wait to see what colors they are!

Day lilies - Tiger lilies - Irises - plus tons of unknown surprises -  this makes all the agony of the interior of the house worth every second.
I think I'm going to love this garden we've inherited ♥

I'm working on a dining " niche " this weekend - here's a rough draft - ( it's not the final copy )
Wait until you hear what John says on this one................

Plus hanging fairy lights here and there for evening magic
And getting the swamp finished for swimming
And finishing off the last of the planting
And...............and...................and  - there's tons and tons of work to do!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody - love you all

Party Time - I'll be here - Join me !!!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HEAD ( board ) Head ( ache )

While checking out CL one day ( in the merry merry month of May )
I decided to check out the headboards................

It's been awhile since I've even looked for them -

A lot of you will remember this one from last year

which looked like this when we picked it up  you can see the dresser transformation HERE and the armoire and end tables which were done totally different ( HERE )
the transformation was done with ANNIE SLOAN chalk paint Pure White and Paris Grey

I've done a few more of them since then and I'm ready to do another - if I could have I would have bought them all !!!

Here's a sample of what was available this week on Craig's list in my neck of the woods

Don't ask me why but I think this one would be gorgeous in a bright color - coral, aqua or even yellow !!!

I love this one just the way it is actually - looks very French Chateau, non?


Same as above with a mirror in the center

Plain - but perfect for a shabby chic finish with a French graphic !!!

White?  Heavily distressed?

Pewter gray metallic paint?'s the one John went to pick up last night - lots of detail - solid oak

But it didn't fit in the van - too tall - going back on the weekend to strap it to the roof !!!
This little matching end table will fit in the van though!

It won't be staying like this - wood lovers beware -
( whoa whoa it's my headboard and I'll paint if I want to - paint if I want to - you would paint too....♪♫♪..)

Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet - but the creative juices are flowing in high gear today - I'll have to let them simmer for a bit until one in particular floats to the top.
What would you do with it?

Have a great day all
Much love,

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I WANNA live there Wednesday # 80

Good morning everyone !

Well we're back in Westmount ( the neighborhood we just moved from )
You can take the girl out of the city but you just can't take the city out of the girl -

This week I thought I'd showcase an apartment for sell there - turn of the century apartment of course :)

Here we go !!!

3 beds 1 bath
Built in 1906

I love how these apartments have the same architectural details as the homes of that period - the moldings on this ceiling are just beautiful !!!

Beautiful Bay Window

The entry and hall just tug at my heart - LOVE !!!  The current house we're in is the probably the first time in my life I have NOT had a long narrow hallway - which are very common in Montreal city flats.............

I know apartment living isn't for everyone - but this one?  Steps away from beautiful boutiques and  restaurants?  I could - I definitely could !!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all ♥


Party time !!!
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Red skies at morning

and John is still snoring

John yells out - What are you doing thumping up and down the stairs?
Suzan says - I DON'T thump - I gently ran downstairs to take a picture of the sky - you have to see this - it's just magnificent
John says - What time is it?
Suzan says - It's 4.56
John says - WHAT???????????????????
John says - you ran out in your nightgown at 5 in the morning to take photos?
Suzan says - Yes - because within minutes it vanishes
Suzan says - You see, now you've missed it................

John says - I'll take your word for it......................
John says - And the next time I see you snoring away with your gob wide open I'm going to run around the house moving furniture and running in and out with the back door slamming - and
Suzan interrupts - You really should start a blog you know.

I do not snore -
I do not have a gob - I have a mouth - and it remains closed when I sleep
I'm pretty sure about that.

The lilacs are starting to bloom

love the color of this one !

especially as it tucks into the old ladder

Does anyone know what type of tree this is?  They look like miniature pom poms !

I received a package in the mail last week from Kris at Junk Chic Cottage - I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about - the Queen of Shabby?  If you don't know her - please do yourself a favor and drop in for a visit - be prepared to be there awhile because her blog is as bad as pinterest ( you all know I mean that as the ultimate compliment, right? ) Shabby chic perfection !!!

Here's what she sent me !!!

This is the prettiest whimsical tote - and it's MINE !!!
Kris said it made her think of Soda & I - Soda's holding my paintbrush for me - how adorable !!!

There's writing on the inside - it reads..................

and that's not all - OMG - that's not all - look what she put in that package !!!

Oh Kris - I can't tell you how thrilled and touched I was by this over the top generous gift

John says - Why do people keep sending you presents?
Suzan says - clutching a paintbrush like a microphone - BECAUSE, JOHN " They like me - They really really like me !!! "

( I don't have to explain that line, do I lol ? )

Blogging has been a blessing that was bestowed upon me - plain and simple - the friendships made - the laughter shared - the inspiration gained - I can think of no other word than what it is - a blessing.

Red skies,
And precious gifts from afar........................

Some days you could almost burst with happiness - and you think to yourself
What a wonderful world.

Much love,
L'artiste et sa muse
( AKA Suzan )

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