Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some days are perfect.

Some days are glorious.

You wake up and the sun is beaming in through the bedroom window, casting the most glorious shadows caused by dancing branches that are bursting with buds.
Yawns feel luxurious - stretching yields no aches - and as you toss the thick comforter lazily from your body
you don't have to reach for your housecoat because Summer's on it's way and it's decadently warm in the house.

Some days are perfect.

You throw open the windows and gentle breezes find their way to every one of them - leaving curtains swaying to the rhythm of the songs birds are singing just beyond.

Some days are magic.

The color of new grass - freshly uncovered from it's blanket of snow is somehow the prettiest color you've ever seen - daffodils and tulips are starting to bloom and the hope of warmth is everywhere.

Some days are beautiful.

And you wish it would go on forever - that you could somehow tattoo it onto your heart so that you
can remember it when the rain comes................some days are meant for basking for hours - some days are meant to be wasted - doing nothing but enjoying.

And then there are days when everything is


They happen too

Yesterday -

A morning spent with our accountant - which is way more fun than Disney
An afternoon arguing about what the accountant told us
And an early evening picking this up
Lucy and Ricardo in action - yelling at each other in front of the woman we bought it from

( who by the way wouldn't even bend down to carry a drawer for us as she ran down the
3 flights to hold the door open for us )

A bad day all in all - and that's the truth - it's factual - nothing was satisfactual
( my oh my what a horrible day )

And then just to end the day on a perfect note - Montreal lost to Boston ( hockey play offs )

There'd better be a blue bird ( or 2 ) on my shoulder at some point today.
Because there was not an ounce of zippity doo da in yesterday.

NO sympathy please - it happens to all of us right?

For all of you Mother's - hope you have a beautiful Mother's day
The kid's are coming over so I know - without a doubt - there's " plenty of sunshine heading my way "

( and we did get that hutch home so it wasn't a total write off :)

Have a wonderful weekend
Much love,


  1. Ugh, well at least it's spring and not the dead of winter! Have a fabulous Mother's Day :)

  2. Amen! Can't wait to see the magic you cast on that piece (which, I hope, was in 2 sections, right?). That's exactly the kind of piece I'm looking for right now. Happy weekend!

  3. Have a great Mother's Day and yes we all have those days.

  4. I KNOW how heavy those hutches are, I have one..errr...two! They are the single things that the movers always complain about when we have moved....arghhhhh

    Have a beautiful weekend and Mothers Day!


  5. I can't even imagine carrying that thing own all those stairs, but you will work your magic , it will shine, then sell, all will be over, to start again, maybe something smaller next time,

  6. Doesn't sound like you did enough "smooching" yesterday ;) Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend. The kids won't mind some "smooching." Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  7. This line:
    "There'd better be a blue bird ( or 2 ) on my shoulder at some point today.
    Because there was not an ounce of zippity doo da in yesterday."

    cracked me I'm going to have to use that some time in my life...:)

    Hang in there.....the weekend is coming!

  8. Accountants are arses! I am allowed to say that because, ya know, that's what I do, too. I dedicate my week days to making as many people miserable as possible. (But on weekends I'm all bluebirds.)

    1. OMG that is hilarious Cheryl! My sister and brother in-law fight every time they visit theirs too! Anyways, thanks for the laugh! And a Big haha to you too Suzan. Happy Mothers Day!!

  9. May the bird of paradise....oops wrong song....There's a bluebird on my shoulder....there that's better. LOL I didn't watch the game last night but the last I checked it was 0-0. I heard that a young Canadian player got the only goal that gave Boston the win. Quite a game!! I'm not a hockey fan and don't have a favourite team but I'm sorry to see Canada out of the finals. Boo! You've had quite the week with furniture. I hope this new piece doesn't bleed like the last one did. Enjoy your weekend, relax and have a great Mother's Day! Hugs. Pam

  10. Just remember, with a day like that, it can only go uphill from here, right? (There's the bluebird.) lol Have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend, Suzan. Though do you celebrate it when England does?

  11. well, if everyday was sunshine and rainbows, we would get bored and lazy. right? lol. so just sing out like Annie "the sun will come out...tomorrow"

  12. Suzan it is always something!!!!!! Love that girl you got home and I cannot wait to see what you do with her. Show off her pretty legs. Have a great week end.

  13. Things can only get better.......probably, hopefully, maybe!

  14. I'm having 'one of those weeks". Sometimes it just rolls like that. Wishing you many more beautiful days!

  15. Well, just think how beautiful it will be when you do your magic on it. And as Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day. xo Laura

  16. I feel ya..but sorry im a Boston fan for east coast. Im in Los Angeles and a Duck fan. My cousin is a Kings fan. Nothing else has mattered for weeks. I have not even been out junking. So play off season is hard.
    But grab a glass of your favorite beverage and get to work. See you around the ice rink.
    Barbara Ann / shop / barbaraannscreations

  17. Well....I sure hope that your Mother's Day is FULL of zippity do da, girl! You certainly deserve it after hauling that gorgeous hutch all the way home! lol Hugs, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  18. all in all, you survived :) happy Mother's day

  19. Such poetry in your beautiful. magical, perfect day description! We do bounce between the good and the bad, don't we? At least more "good" is headed your way this weekend -- Have a wonderful day, Suzan!

  20. my oh my....well I know you are going to make that new piece just gorgeous!

  21. We are definitely living parallel lives!! We delivered a sideboard on Thursday, it was from the shop and VERY cheap (I won't go into why, it's a whole other story and would take about a week). Whoever was in the shop did say we might need some delivery money but left it at that. SO after a 19 mile round trip we arrive at a hair and beauty salon on a trading estate - how weird is that? The young owner is highlighting a lady's hair 'is it heavy because it needs to go upstairs?' she says. Now her receptionist is built like a whippet and she's not much bigger OBVIOUSLY we're going to have to take it up as a puff of wind would blow those two over. Ten minutes of heaving and straining later and we're done (in every sense of the word!) and they cheerily wave us off. Do they give us anything for our trouble? Do they heck as like!! (that's not the word I used by the way). Friday we have to deliver a chest of drawers and a sideboard, which means we need to replace them with something as you can't have gaps in the shop on a weekend. All we have is the mother and father of all sideboards, I paint it and Colin waxes it (I give him all the best jobs) then we look at it for a while cos this is going to HURT. We eventually drag it cursing and moaning from the van into the shop at about 8.30pm, what a way to spend a Friday night!!! It's at times like these that a whole flock of bluebirds aren't going to help...:))

  22. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! We've got the sunny happy day thing going on here today, but I've seen the other days too. ;)

  23. At least you got the bad day out of the way. My decision to buy an item is now dependent on how much it weighs. Too many years of hauling furniture has worn my poor arms out. Pretty soon I'll be down to only buying plastic stuff. lol

  24. Great post, Suzan, good days always seem better in the spring when the world wakes up. I don't think any day would be a good day meeting with the accountant...yikes! At least there was one good thing about the day...getting the china cabinet home. (Yeah, I've been a stranger...I haven't been to blogs in quite a while, sorry, but I still save the emails of the ones I need to visit and get to them eventually.) Debbie :)


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