Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Lady ( of the Garden )

John says - What's with the lady standing in our garden?

Suzan says- I have no idea what you're talking about

John says - What's that lady doing out there?

Suzan says - What lady?  Who's there?

John says - There's a lady in the middle of the garden

Suzan says - Are you serious?  Is she a crack pot?

John says - I don't know but I don't like it

Suzan says - Can you go ask her to leave please?  OMG - we have a nutcase living in our neighborhood?
How will I go swimming in the summer?

John says - Come with me

Suzan says - Uh uh - no way - you're going to deal with this on your own - I'm too nervous for this John

Suzan says - Does she look normal?

John says - Hold on - I'll go get her and bring her in the house


I swear to you - one of these day - right to the moon ( I was going to clobber him with her )

How I didn't make the connection I have no idea - but I really thought there was a lunatic standing in our garden...................( and not the statue I placed there myself last month lol )

There's lots of green shoots coming up everywhere - which is kind of exciting ( because we only moved here at the end of November - everything will be a surprise )

But Mother's day gifts included 2 climbing rose plants - 6 lilies - and 2 rhododrendon  ( I had an entire fence once covered in climbing roses and am pretty excited to do it here too )

John spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning up the back yard - I can't tell you how appreciative I am of that ( I like the decorating part - and deciding where plants go - but I hate the clean up after winter part  )

In the meantime Our Lady of the Garden can keep an eye on everything for me :)

I'm hoping she can magically turn this swamp

Back to it's original state - Oh I think I see day lilies in this photo - that's one mystery solved !!!

I've never had a pool this large ( this even has a deep end !!! )  I've only had above ground pools and they were easy to shock and prepare for summer - I think this one's going to take a pool company - John insists we don't need professionals - we'll see

I've gained a lot of weight over the winter - strict dieting is in my future unless I can find something like these spiffy bathing dresses to wear....................

 Have a wonderful first day of the week everyone !!!

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  1. I expect you'd drown if you went swimming in one of those dresses. :P

  2. I don't know how you would be able to swim in those sexy suits LOL Did John finally figure out that the lady of the Garden was a statue?
    Have a great week Suzanne - stop by and see my latest post on gardens and mine.

  3. I will admit I have also checked out the 1800's bathing I love your pool!!! And your yard looks beautiful! You and John crack me always make me smile...:)

  4. The statue is BEAUTIFUL. John and your kids know your taste. I was initially confused and thought that John was the one yelling.... because he is generally speaking in Cap but when I re- read it .... I realized my error (Oh and wearing those darn reading glasses helps LOL) Your yard has such great bones. I have the above ground pool but I find it visually distracting from the garden. I can just see you enjoying time lazing around the pool.....wait a minute - Suzann...lazing???? Really?? You have got to blog one day from the poolside, just to prove it. LOL have a great day

  5. the pool looks beautiful, I would imagine they are a lot of work but so so worth it! That is a lovely statue in the garden, I'm glad it wasn't a human, that would be just a bit creepy, like from a bad movie,

  6. Ohhhh Suzan the pool is going to be awesome this summer. You are going to love that. I wish I were closer you and John would be waking up to not only a lady in the garden but a lady floating in your pool LOL!

  7. hahaha, what a great mother's day gift....what an AMAZING POOL! I would love to have one like that. hmmmm, I wonder if hubby could rent a backhoe!

  8. Hey! My knowledge increaseth!
    My 'pool' consists of a tiny pond 2' x 3', with a fountain gig. It fits one Labrador Retriever. (My friend's Lab likes swimming - in anything he can find.) The statue is lovely, and surprise plants are fun. What a nice reward after a winter of hard work.

  9. She's lovely Suzan, and what a great addition to the garden. How fun it must be to discover what's popping up in your new garden. Enjoy!

  10. Your lady is beautiful. Isn't it nice to see green poking through the earth these days? As for the pool, I've never had one but, I think I'd get a service to do the initial cleaning and inspection to make sure all is in working order. I won't be seen in a swimsuit other than maybe one of the historic ones in the photo. lol I don't even wear shorts anymore! I hope you can soon enjoy your backyard paradise Suzan. Enjoy the day.

  11. You can't get rid of the lady! She was there before you. When John is finished cleaning up your yard, send him over here to help me. That hard winter has left a mess that isn't anywhere near being cleaned up after days of work.

  12. That pool will be lovely and cooling in the summer. Please be careful with Soda, I know someone who had an accident with their dog and their pool.

  13. I'll take the swimsuit with the vertical lines, on the left. The lines will make me look MUCH slimmer :)

  14. What a great yard! The pool going to be awesome this summer! I am an absolute water bug so I probably wouldn't get out of it! We've had above ground and in-ground and I think my husband found it easier to to take care of the in-ground because it's easier to navigate around.

    As for winter was a horrible winter and not a lot of activity so...I 'm right where you are. Bonne chance.

  15. Those bathing dresses are dead sexy. Put on on The Lady. :P


  16. Suzan the pool will be gorgeous with daylilies. You'll get it cleaned up. The stories continually crack me up!!


  17. I wonder how many people drowned swimming in those bathing suits. I was inherited a fountain that was a damn eyesore, do you know by the time I moved I actually loved that thing and considered taking it with me. You're lady might turn out like that.

  18. And you're going to model your new bathing attire for us, right?
    Yup......the lady should be allowed to stay. She's got class.

  19. You never crack me up! Thanks for the laughs and I look forward to seeing your lovely backyard in full bloom! Have a wonderful Tuesday...Vicky

  20. I think your lady is a beauty, and she is doing a fine job looking over things in your yard. John sounds so much like my hubs. I bought an armillary sphere, and put it in the garden bed. He said, someone is going to fall on that and impale themselves on that arrow. Really? REALLY? Like who? Like the gardener. OMG...I had to freakin' move it.

  21. So envious of your pool! I think my mystery plants have all turned out to be weeds!

  22. Ahhhh spring is here, I'll bring the cocktails for our poolside party! Hopefully John can get it all cleaned up before all of your bloggy friends arrive.....Sounds like you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

  23. I went bathing suit shopping this week - ugh! But I swim regularly and my suits get eaten by the chlorine.

    We had a lady in the garden, but someone knocked her head off. She just became too ugly so we had to get rid of her. I like your lady.

  24. Oh sheesh, John does like to get you going sometimes! lol Too funny! I hear you about the weight gain over winter...this past year was so bad we rarely went for our walks to the ponds. Too bad we don't live closer, my husband is constantly being 'hired' (for beer, lol) to go open friends' pools. Of course, ours never looks as nice...he's too busy doing everyone else's! One bonus, we didn't have to add water this year, the snow filled it up perfectly. Debbie :)


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