Monday, September 30, 2013

What are you going to do today?

Thanks to Martha from Plowing through Life for posting this once upon a time -
I pinned it as soon as I saw it - and promptly forgot about it -

Take a moment to about thought provoking

And if that doesn't make you want to get up and walk away from the computer for awhile, nothing
will lol

Have a great Monday all
Do something different.
For myself, I'm going to buy a bag of jellybeans
and savor every single one of them


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Isn't Food Beautiful???

Good Morning everyone!!!

Last week when I went to the market I showed you photos of all the beautiful flowers that were in all the stands - ( HERE  ) but the fresh produce is every bit as gorgeous!

There's nothing like nature to get creative juices flowing ( quite literally lol ) and as much as Fall fills me with a sense of endings - ( sorry - but it does - I just can't get as enthusiastic as everyone else about it ) I can't deny that the colors are just magnificent.....................bushels of cranberries

Suzan says- Isn't this absolutely inspiring
John says - for what?  to eat?
Suzan says - for everything - to eat, yes but to decorate too!!!
John says - you mean the colors?
Suzan says - actually no - I mean I'm going to decorate with food
John says - Just don't buy anything that I can't actually eat, ok?

Fresh produce

SO inspiring - and actually left me a little hungry - care to come for lunch???
This is a typical lunch around these parts on the weekend

We can pick up some fresh sausage

Cheese will be nice with the sausage !!!
Some fresh 3 x creamy Brie, S'il Vous Plait :)

Olives???  LOVE ( only I eat them - John won't touch them )

Now what are we going to do for dessert?
A weekend lunch HAS to include something sweet don't you know !!!

They call Montreal the Paris of North America - this is when I feel it most - when I walk into any of the thousands of " les boulangeries " in town ( Bakeries )

in my world there's nothing more beautiful than a box with a ribbon on top of it, filled with French Pastries lol

Back home for my favorite ( all time - bar none ) lunch of all time

Autumn on a plate !!!

and some dessert to share - half a creme brulee and half a slice of strawberry cheesecake each

Walking home with our " lunch "

Suzan says - I never realized how dangerous the city of Montreal was
John says - The crime rate is very low here Suzan
Suzan says - but the calorie rate is horrific......................

Have a wonderful Sunday all
Much love,

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A door to nowhere

Good morning everyone!!!

Our neighbor gutted out his Victorian home and had doors sitting ( covered with tarp ) in his back yard ( our alley ) for the last month .................
We were constantly trying to get in touch with him to see if he'd be willing to sell them - but he was never around - or we weren't.
Finally yesterday we were able to chase down his contractor and asked HIM if the owner would be willing to sell ! or 2 -
Long story short - we purchased 4 of them - 2 with glass panes on the upper half - and 2 solid wood !!!

Here's photo's of 1 of them ( the rest are outside )

These are HUGE - 85 inches high !!! ( you can't tell in these photos because our ceilings are very high )
And if this place weren't up for sell - this is the exact spot I would leave it in - ( attached to the wall - a door to nowhere, type of thing )

Suzan says - If we weren't selling - I'd have that door installed in that little niche
John says - What?  That's ridiculous
Suzan says - WHY?
John says - Well a door should lead to another room - not a brick wall
Suzan says - Can't you ever just use your imagination?  Just every now and then ?
Suzan says - It would be a little quirky design - and I think it would be absolutely charming
John says - I think it would be absolutely stupid.
John says - People would come in and open the door thinking it was another room
Suzan says - WHO is going to walk into our home and start randomly opening doors????
John says - You never know - you just never know..................

Suzan says - anyway it's a moot topic - we're selling
John says - yeah - but you'll probably want to do it somewhere else now................
John says - AND I think a door leading to nowhere is just stupid
Suzan says - I know - you said that already

Look everyone!!!  It's already blingified !!!

Suzan says - AND I feel that conversations that lead to nowhere are kind of stupid myself.....................

Besides, don't all doors lead to Paris?
( and he most definitely will NOT get that !!!! )

I've squished them all in just so you have a chance to see them -
Wood letters from Michael's ( I told you they owe me a sponsored post - I went a little crazy with the pumpkin bling and letters )

Who wants to place their bets now?

I WILL have a door or 2 that lead to Paris - mark my words..............

And only I have the magic keys that will let me enter it :)

I think it's time for some lyrics, don't you ?

Richard Marx
Just when I believed I couldn't ever ask for more
This ever changing world pushes me through another door...................

( very symbolic for me right now, those lines )

Have a wonderful Friday everyone - may your day be filled with only open doors :)
( FOUR of them - did I mention I have FOUR of them - no Andi and Kris - you can't have them LMHO )

Much love,

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Polly Pickwick Paints a Patch of Pretty Pumpkins

A Patch of Pretty Pumpkins Polly Pickwick Paints..................

Pumpkins, decor,

If Polly Pickwick Paints a Patch of Pretty Pumpkins

Where's the patch of pretty pumpkins Polly Pickwick paints???

Why they're here of course................

pumpkins, white paint, jewels, decor

and here - with a little glitzy xmas decoration for candles

Suzan says - Painting pumpkins
John says - You're painting food now?????
Suzan says - The orange doesn't go with the house at all John - c'mon - use your head
John says - You're painting food now???
Suzan says - They're only pumpkins - I wasn't going to serve them to you for dinner
John says - Ridiculous - just ridiculous...............painting pumpkins..............
John says - They looked really nice in their natural state
Suzan says - But they look nicer now!!!
John says - Are you going to paint the cranberries you bought?
Suzan says - Why would I ever do that?
John says - To match the pumpkins of course - cranberries don't go with anything either
Suzan says - And you say I'm ridiculous???
Suzan says - mmmm - unless I spray paint them - you may have an idea there John
John says - I'm buying a lock for the fridge -
And he grabs an apple and goes running down the hallway -
John says - Quick Soda - grab your biscuit - Mama's in a painting frenzy again......................
AND Soda actually goes running down the hall with him LMHOROTF !!!

And while he was laying down in bed munching his apple ( Soda did NOT have a biscuit )
I started decorating these Pretty Pumpkins..................

John walks by with his apple core
John says - Here you go
Suzan ignores him
John says - I saved half an apple for you to paint
Suzan ignores him
John says - Putting some jewellery on your pumpkins now are we?
Suzan ignores him
John says - I'm not trying to be funny - actually I like it - I think more people should put jewellery on their food -
John says - Is that the Queen Pumpkin by any chance?
and he roars as he walks away
John yells out - Should I put earrings on your steak tomorrow night?
I thought of flinging a pretty painted pumpkin in his general direction for a moment.

and then I decided to put words ( yup - words again ) on the bigger one - but I waited until John was in bed before I did it -

and here they sit on the dining room table

and this one rests on some books in the living room

Oh I almost forgot - 2 little ones were treated to some glitter spray and sit on candle holders - too bad you can't see the glitter lol

Now I would show you my fall decorating for the kitchen - but REALLY the colors are all wrong for this post - really they are - lots of reds.................

POLLY PICKWICK PAINTS A PATCH OF PRETTY PUMPKINS - say that 3 times really quickly please!!!

I used ASCP - Pure White - very little was needed !
Supplies were all from Michael's - ( and since this is not a sponsored post I feel they owe me big time - I mean like HUGE - )
Pumpkins were all from Atwater Market ( and they owe me too because I bought a ton of flowers there for the open house )

Remember you

what you

Best to plant an acre of smiles and kindness :)

Have a wonderful Thursday all !!!
Much love,

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