Thursday, July 31, 2014

Willow Tree Love....................

Good morning everyone !

I pulled out one of my willow trees figurines to put in the small guest room ( to remind the little ones that must still say their prayers even when they're at a sleepover at Lolli & Pop's! )

and it reminded me that I haven't unpacked my collection yet

I have some that represent my kids ( and that I sometimes use as place settings ) these ones, are in fact, unpacked and sit on my end table beside my bed ) these must always be my bed - even if I end up in a home one day - not remembering anything at all - these MUST sit by my bed.............

it felt like Christmas last night opening all of these up again

I love them all - even the ones with missing limbs ( which are in a jewellery box waiting to be glued back on

They were all gifts and hold a special place in my memories and my heart and it all started with this one - given to me by a sister of the heart

I've given many many of them as gifts as well - for baby showers - Christmas gifts or just because

Stay tuned - I just ordered another very special one .....................she's inscribed " Grateful "
Can you guess what it's for?

Have a beautiful day all
Much love,

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 89

There's something about tree houses that are so appealing - I've never had one - not even sure if I've ever been in one for that matter but it's something I always wanted as a child.
Whenever I would see one I would imagine it all spiffied up ( I come from an era where tree houses were just crude little shacks - a plywood floor - walls - and roof - they were basically plywood tents that were fitted onto sturdy old limbs - with a rope ladder for access.  Seeing them, I would ALWAYS imagine them decorated - with curtains and flower boxes.  You know, into little houses instead of forts built mostly for boys.

But my little mind could have never imagined such beauty nor could it have processed it - I would have been so enamored of them I probably would have just snuck into the owners yards and slept at the base of them like a little orphan - just to be close to them !

I wouldn't need such an elaborate one - a small cozy treehouse would be fine

with a place to nap

and maybe a bath

All images can be found on my Pinterest page here GARDEN ENVY
I don't know if I could live in one permanently but if I had one in my backyard - I'd most definitely WANNA live there a couple of hours each day - without a doubt !!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday all !
Much love,

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A little more Gingham .....................

Just the smallest touch really - because too much gingham can be ................well, too much I guess.
But these are how my obsessions are born - I've never learned that Less is More as you all know by now -
I always have to take it just one step - one little step over the top.

This was just a tiny test - because after I'd painted the gingham pattern doors in the guest room - an idea was born - and since most of my " stock " of furniture to paint is in storage while we renovate - I used what I had on hand.
I'd love to do a gingham painted dresser for a child's room - or nursery so I grabbed the only piece I had that could accommodate it - the dresser in the guest room

Just a little on the 2 top drawers - a subtle touch really - with such huge impact in my humble opinion.
( and it really just may be only my humble opinion which is why I'm putting it out there - it's for advice more than anything - yours to be exact )

Does this scream little country nursery dresser - or does it scream for help - as in

I have one small project left in this room and I'm done - and here I am adding things to it that really don't need it at all
( I think I'm bone weary - and can't face the next room I have to go into - which is a nightmare - truly a total nightmare )  so I play in here almost daily instead.
BUT having said that - I really do like this little change to the dresser

and I'm wondering.......................

Do you think this would be marketable?
Would someone want this as a changing table ( it's NOT for sale - but another one could be in the not too far future )

Wanna see why I'm hanging around this room for so long?
This is the next reno I have to tackle

OMG - I can't believe the way I'm living LOL - if you knew me in " real life " you'd know how unbelievable it is to imagine me in this setting but..................that's the way it is ( for now )
This will be my " boudoir " ( hopefully ) and I start on it next week.
Someone has actually slept in this space - it's really only messy - other than paint paint and more paint it's not that bad! ( and they slept on the other side of the room which is cleaner LOL )
( UPDATE - room makeover HERE )
As soon as I can drag myself out of the little guest room -
And the gingham

Oppa Gingham Style - sexy lady.......................

Have a wonderful day everyone -
Hugs from me................
to YOU

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY Dream Catcher

Good morning everyone !

I had the strangest dream last week - I was invited to Honey Boo Boo's mother's wedding...............
I arrived a little late and was met with the entire family cursing and jabbing their fingers at me - and Honey Boo - Boo screaming in my face that I had just about ruined the entire day for them all.
After speaking to the camera men - and begging them not to include me in any footage
( I have a blog - I explained and I don't want anyone to know I'm here ) I proceeded to do the Mother's hair for her.  In a beautiful French chignon with little wisps hanging down - ( I CANNOT do hair - so that was the first clue that this was a dream )
I then noticed the camera man was zoomed right in on me doing this - and so I did what any blogger with an ounce of self respect would do - I attacked him - and smashed his camera.
Now I had the entire family attacking me as well as the camera men, who were telling me I would be sued as soon as the wedding was over...............
In walked the all of this chaos - who quickly quieted everyone down ( as Preachers are prone to do ) when all of a sudden there was a large commotion at the door - and in walked.................the Duck Dynasty people.
" I'm outta here " I whispered to John - who had magically appeared by my side
" You can't " John said - I signed a contract for at least 10 shows
" WHAAAT" ?  I screamed frantically in his face?
and that's the second clue that this was a dream - because in real life I would have responded like this:
" For how much? "  ( because everything has a price, after all )

And then I woke up - furious with John -
Suzan says - Don't ever sign me up for anything without my consent ok?
John says - What the hell are you talking about?  It's 5 in the morning for God's sakes
Suzan says - I had to tell you - just don't do it.  Ever.  You can go back to sleep now.....................

Later that day I created this ....................because if there was ever a dream that should have been " caught"
in a web. it was this one.

John says - You probably shouldn't be blogging about your dream
Suzan says - Why not?  I have no control over my dreams...........
John says - But you have the most ridiculous ones - really - they're over the top ridiculous
Suzan says - That's why I'm making a dream catcher
John says - What the hell is a dream catcher?
Suzan says - It's a trap for bad dreams - they'll get caught up in the web and vanish in the morning light
John looks at me horrified - Of all the ideas you've ever had - this one is the most insane
John says - " a dream catcher " and roars his head off
Suzan says - Should I patent it honey?
John says -  Why?  Who the hell would want to make one of those?

Ok - so John's all time favorite expression is
" Do you think I just got off the boat? "
And yet........................and yet he constantly acts like he DID in fact just get off the boat
And in another century.
He's never heard of a dream catcher.
I had to google it to prove something once again
( Thank God for Google - really - because otherwise I'd be manually looking up 10 things a day in an encyclopedia - every day of my life )

This project took 10 minutes - and it was free since I had all the items on hand.

I started off with a hoop ( TIP - unmade beds make great back drops )

I then used the only material I had on hand for the web - which was pipe cleaners - and just randomly attached them to the inside of the hoop like this

Years ago I bought a cocktail ring - I wore it once and the silver piece which rested around the stone fell off
I kept it with the intention of glueing it back on - but it works better on this I think

( and if I need it one night - I'll risk the nightmare I guess )

I added a little bling from it because well, I'm a blingy type of girl

and then I ripped up some fabric into strips ( this will be going in the guest room - so I went with blue and a few strips of white netting as well - the netting will do double duty to trap those nightmares I think )

and simply tied them on the bottom of the hoop

It's a dream catcher wanna be actually -

But it'll do in a pinch

Desperate times

call for desperate measures after all.........

here it is gently swaying with a soft breeze -
So how do you stop bad dreams, you ask?

well, the answer my blowing in the wind

DIY easy dream catcher

and a dream catcher - a dream catcher most definitely helps

Have a wonderful Monday everyone !
Hugs from me......................
to you

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