Thursday, July 24, 2014

Every lady should be treated like a Princess from time to time

We have a huge Queen sized mattress in the pool.
It's great but it's so big that when I lay on it not a drop of water touches my skin - no no no - I can't do that
So I use a cheap narrow floating mattress that allows me to almost be laying in the water as I float around.
Win - win - float - water - stay cool - 
Until it sprung a leak or 2 or 3 and I was almost completely submerged with basically just my head afloat


John was on his way out - 

Suzan says - Do you think you can pick me up a new pool mattress when you're out?
Suzan says - Nothing like the Queen sized mattress we have - it's too big - just one like the blue one I use.
John says - No problem - I'll pick it up on my way back.
Suzan says - NOT a huge QUEEN one okay?  ( I really do have to emphasize what not to get - I've learned through the years that if I don't do this at least 3 times - than he'll come home with exactly what I asked him not to bring home -  it's just the way it is -  ( some of you may remember when I asked for Flowers HERE )
John says - I HEARD you the first time
Suzan says - Ok - just want to make sure that you don't -
John interrupts - Don't say it again Suzan - I will not get you a Queen sized mattress..................

Later on when he got back home

John says - Listen - this is all they had - it's a blow up mattress and it'll serve the purpose - 
Suzan says - You've got to be freaking kidding me?
Suzan says - A Disney Princess Mattress?
John says - What do you care?  It's 65 inches long so you can float on it

He doesn't even see how ridiculous this is......................
John says - Well it's a pool mattress - what the hell does it matter what's on it?
Suzan says - I'm not getting on that thing - have you lost your mind?
Suzan says - Where would I put my left breast?
John says - WHAT THE HELL?
Suzan says - Well there's certainly not room for all of me on this
John says - I thought it was 65 inches long?
Suzan says - 65 cm's John - centimetres - we live in Canada, remember?

John says - You're always complaining - whatever I get - it's not good enough
Suzan can't even respond - she's on the floor laughing
John says - as he walks away - Oh go jump in the lake
Suzan says - Well I WOULD have jumped in the pool, but............................

Obviously I'm not Cinderella -I'm her ugly step sister - but instead of the shoe being too small.....................

Anyway I'm hitting the town tonight -
We're off to an evening of French dining ( Provencal to be precise ) - and the comedy fest afterward - where Chevy Chase is headlining - not sure who else is on the list.
I need to laugh at something other than the things that go on in this house - at least for 2 hours or so :)

This is where I'll be around 6 p.m ( all below images come from the restaurant's site )
Le Mas des Oliviers

hopefully on the terrace

having some of this

and this

and this

and maybe this

or this

and of course some of this

Because that's what Princesses eat when they dine !
Have a wonderful day all


  1. Tooo funny! Love your little pool mattress. lol. Have a great time tonight!

  2. I was laughing out loud at this one, Suzan. My sister thought I'd lost it. Too funny! I hope you had a wonderful dinner and evening with Chevy. Don't fall off your floatie! xx Pam

  3. Too funny! Poor John can't win - until he takes you to a fancy restaurant!! At first I thought you were not going on it because of the Disney Princess theme. I was thinking to myself that you probably wouldn't like the Tinkerbell floor mats in my car. But then I saw the size and had to giggle. Love the staging on the stove, by the way.

  4. never disappoint! I love visiting you in the morning and having a good laugh to start the day! Maybe the little girls will enjoy the princess float! Have fun at the comedy show...I love Chevy Chase...especially the National Lampoon's Christmas movies! Clark & Cousin Randy...hilarious! The restaurant is gorgeous and the food looks divine. Enjoy!

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. Dang it, Princess, you gave me the munchies.
    The new floatie looks perfectly Soda sized.

  6. Ha ha Suzan too funny! Yep now Soda has a floatation devise for the pool! Yum and Fun for tonight. Enjoy.

  7. That is too flippin' funny! Enjoy your fabulous night on the town!
    ~ Ashley

    1. Isn't it though ? LMHO !!!
      Thanks - tonight will be a blast - I love the Comedy Fest !

  8. OMG - I sooo understand having to be very specific and then.....he brings the wrong one. I hope dinner is yummy!

  9. Thanks for the good laugh. I'm just picturing you on that float. LOL That restaurant look amazing. Wish I was there. xo Laura

  10. Oh My Goodness! That is such a typical husband thing to do! LMAO!!!! Maybe you could use the Princess mattress as your floating table - maybe put a Pina Colada on it while you float on a real pool mattress!!

  11. That is one of the funniest things you have ever written about... and you write about a LOT of funny things! Anyway, I'm sure one of your little friends that come over would enjoy putting their Barbie on it while they are in your pool.

  12. That was the laugh that I needed today! Of course, now I want a Disney Princess pool mattress ;)

  13. haha, too funny! It's tiny.
    yum, though for dinner! It looks soooo good!

  14. Way too funny!! Have a great time tonight!!

  15. O.M.G! Hilarious : D

  16. Hope you had a wonderful time Princess Suzan Here's to your right boob having a good float and watch out for the pea or pee under there!

  17. Bahaha, 65cm you can use it as a pillow lol I thought the English used metric too. My Madeleine would kill for it tough she tells us every day she's a princess and she only eats, sleeps and wears what princesses do. If its not princessy enough I have to explain how it's princess food clothing or bedding.

  18. It's the perfect size for Soda! I think John loves the dog more than you!

  19. Poor John... well he tried...gotta give him credit for that. Too funny! Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

  20. Suzan, this is so funny! (and so familiar)

  21. Well, thank you for that laugh! I do the same to my hub - always repeat things, and still get the wrong thing. The picture of the raft on your stove just did me in. Hope you had a good nice out!


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