Friday, July 4, 2014

Fairyville Friday - part 3

Good morning everyone !

The last " episode " ( let's pretend I have a weekly t.v. show, shall we ) I showed you the Fairy Church in the Wildwood..............there's a Church in the valley by the Wildwood

DIY Fairy Garden Houses

It comes complete with a twig cross on top so that it can be seen from far and wide
No lovelier spot in the dale

There's an ominous looking collection of giant knives next to the Church.................

Ok - time for another house - this one resides on Blue Creek Way...............

Again I started off with a dollar store birdhouse -

Birdhouse to Fairy Garden House

I cut the door out with a steak knife - John's going to kill me - really he is - one of these days he's just going to have reached his limit and wham - no more simply Suzan.

Anyway he didn't catch me - so there's at least one more post in my life.

I decided this house should have a thatch roof - by using this ( also from the dollar store ) faux moss
( remember when we said everything was fake?  fake fur - fake flowers - fake moss ?  How come we don't call false teeth faux teeth?  Doesn't that sound more elegant? )

If you've never seen this - it's so realistic it's unbelievable that it's FAUX - I may just cover my own house with it instead of painting it in the fall :)

I buttered on some Carpenter's glue and a paint stick - because I'm a carpenter building houses don't you know?  ( here is Montreal we have a Home Depot - and a Reno Depot - I'm giving a shout out to Reno Depot because they sponsored this post............. NOT )

Then I pressed the moss onto it and painted stripes all over the " body " of the house
( it's not easy getting into the minds of fairy's and trying to figure out what they'd like, you know, but I do my best  )

DIY Fairy Gardens

I found a little lamp finial that fit on the top perfectly ( there was a hole there where I pulled out the rope to hang the birdhouse with )

Fairy Garden Houses

I made another twig ladder - because a thatch roof has to be constantly taken care of - and like all contractors, once I'm done with a job I walk away completely - so they'll have to run up and down themselves with repairs.

Fairy Garden House - twig ladder

I was giggling out loud as I was typing -
John says - what's so funny
Suzan says - do you want to hear my post so far?
John says - sure
Suzan reads it to him - again giggling -
John says - in a flat dead voice - You sound mentally defiicient, do you realize that ?
John says - I honestly don't understand why anyone reads you sometimes
John says - It's complete nonsense
Suzan says - Oh put a sock in it for crying out loud.....................

I didn't read him the rest
OH !!!  Say can you see?  In the far right hand corner?

A fairy flag for all of my American Sisters ! ( made with a broken paint stick - the Reno Depot one to be precise - since they didn't sponsor this post )
Happy July 4th - hope you all have an amazing celebration weekend
( well I hope everyone has a nice weekend wherever they are lol )

You can see the last Fairy house made HERE
The village is growing in leaps and bounds
( and I have no idea where I'm going to put it now - never put much thought into that )

Much love,

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  1. I love it!!!
    Every bit of it and yes John,
    put a sock in it!!!!!

  2. Love your whimsical little village. My grandaughter and I are making a fairy garden this summer. Love how yours turned out.

  3. Thanks for the shout out to your American Sisters!!

  4. Love the whimsy to your village. Too sweet.

  5. The fairy village is so sweet and very nice of you to throw in an American flag for the folks south of your border! Now that the hurricane has moved way off shore we should have a great weekend. Hope yours is a good one, too!

  6. The fairy village is so sweet and very nice of you to throw in an American flag for the folks south of your border! Now that the hurricane has moved way off shore we should have a great weekend. Hope yours is a good one, too!

  7. Really cute! And a funny post as well. :) Have a great weekend. Pool time? Our pool will be standing in the pouring rain but I think it will be too cold. :(

  8. You always make me laugh! And you are so creative to boot. John should definitely loosen up a bit!

  9. Love your little village & your funny comments. John probably didn't 'get it' because if you read the whole post to him, he was upset about the steak knife part. LOL Have a great weekend!

    1. well that's just too funny - because I omitted that part entirely LOL - we have arguments all the time about me using cutlery as tools ( I open paint tins with butter knives - I also use them as screw drivers - and last week I pulled a nail out of something with a fork LMHO

    2. You use what works, right? I don't know why men don't understand that.... :-)

  10. So cute! Obviously you didn't hold John's head under the water long enough...maybe try again. ;)
    How big is your village going to be? I'm going to send you tiny animals to live in the village.
    How many squirrels do you want????

  11. It's really coming together Suzan. Love it.

  12. That last one's got a nice Copenhagen (Christiana) feel to it. :) You're doing a good job!

  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of it!! So cute and so inspirational!! Now to find the time....

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    I always tell my hubby that he always comes along to burst my bubble!! LOL!!


  14. You are amazing! And funny. And talented! And one of my favorite blog sisters! You are rocking those fairy houses!

  15. Love that little champagne glass with twinkles! How did you do that? Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  16. A-DORable little house! Faux teeth! Bahhahah! Too funny, Suzan. Why do we read you? Because you are hilarious!

  17. I read blogs not only for their creative inspiration, but also for the language inspiration. "Mentally deficient" - I plan to use that, often.

    Cute fairy village!

  18. That is the cutest little thing I've ever seen! Love the stained glass windows :) Thanks for linking up to Monday Funday!

    1. Thanks so much Jamie !!! ( I was kind of proud of myself for those stained glass windows - I may just color in my house windows like that LOL )

  19. So cute!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. I am obsessed with fairies latley. Very cute ideas there. Thanks for linking to the Monday party!


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