Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What 15 hours of no electricity does to a person

9.50 P.M.

John says - Have you ever seen The Prime of  Miss Brodie?
Suzan says - No, I've never heard of it
John says - It's a great movie with Maggie Smith - from the 60's - it's starting in 10 minutes
Suzan says - Oh that sounds great - ok !

I scurried around the house to make sure I could lay down for the entire length of the move

Suzan says - I hope the worst of this wind has died down - the trees are going crazy outside.

10.00 P.M.  - on the nose.

The power goes out................

John says - $&*(*#%^(@)* - WHAT KIND OF BLACK CLOUD DO WE LIVE UNDER?
Suzan says - Oh it'll be back on soon

The battery operated radio says 100,000 homes have lost power.

11.00 P.M. - after laying there in the dark - eye balls wide open - there's an explosion like we've never heard in our lives

John jumps up - I think the roof has just been hit with a tree
Suzan says - No it came from down the street

Upon which I jump up also and see a bright orange light way down the street -
I also see that all our neighbor's lights are back on - except for ours............

The battery operated radio says 80,000 homes still have no power

Suzan says - it'll be back on any minute - the neighbor's lights are all on

12.00 A.M.

John says - Well I'm turning in for the night
Suzan lays there listening to the radio - which now says aproximately 60,000 homes  are still affected.

1.00 A.M.

I listen to the radio - which includes a talk show sex therapist - boring as hell - and a comedy show - funny as hell............and which also says power has been restored to many homes - only 30,000 or so now have no power...............
Like an addict - I'm dying to turn on the computer and do my IWLT's palpable this need to do so.
I also need a cup of tea so bad that I'm getting the DT's .............

2.00 A.M.

I fall asleep to the reassuring sound of tinny music playing in my ear................

2.20 A.M.
I awake to music blasting in the bedroom - almost causing a heart attack - when I accidentally lean on the volume button.

3.00 A.M.
I light a candle and go downstairs - for no other reason then to light a candle and go downstairs.
I grab a bottle of water so that the trip won't be a total right off

I fall asleep until 4. A.M. when the birds frantically chirping awake me -
I turn the radio back on

Well well well - there's only 20,000 homes with no power now - fabulous -

5 A.M. I once again go downstairs - I have an uncontrollable need to vaccuum - or bake a cake - I wash some dishes instead and go outside to see the pool completely covered in branches.
I'm an agitated nervous mess and feel like I'm losing my mind..............I need electricity.  Badly.

6 A.M. - I wake John up

Suzan says - Good morning - sleep well?
John says - What time is it?
Suzan says - 6
John says - Is the power on?
Suzan says - No
John says - Good night

I watch him like a crazed stalker for 1 hour -

7 A.M.

The radio says we're down to 10,000 or so left without power.

Oh goody goody freaking gum drops -

Suzan says - Are you going to sleep all day?
John says - What the hell do you want me to do?
Suzan says - I'd like you to turn the bar b que on please
Suzan says - No - I'd like a cup of tea please..............
John says - You've got to be kidding me
Suzan says - NO, there's a pot of water on the kitchen counter - just stick it on it please.

8 A.M.

John says - The neighbor's say their electricity came back on at 10.30 last night
John says - Did you pay the Hydro bill?

9 A.M

The radio says most houses now have there electricity back - a few thousand apparently left to go

At this point I'm pretty damned sure the next announcement will be
ALL houses except ONE have their electricity back.

10. A.M.
I grab a book - and lay down on the bed
And I read for 3.00 hours
Actually I read until I hear John screaming at precisely

1.00 P.M

John screams - The power's back on -
John says - what are we going to do today?
Suzan says - I'm going to bed -
John says - We have appointments today -
Suzan says - Please reschedule them?   Having no power has drained me completely.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday !!!



  1. Thanks for the laugh. I would definitely be the last one to get mine back on. :)


  2. And now I'm exhausted! Going to take a nap. Oh Suzanna... oh don't you want some tea.... singing this to you ;-)

  3. I feel your pain! I do not do power outages at all. The last time we were out of power for a few hours I was in agony. Evidently the back up battery for the security system was dead and the damn thing chirped the entire time. 2am to 5 am... enough to drive me batty! Douglas slept! The nerve... We have a backup generator, but he said in the middle of the night there was no need. WHAT!!!

  4. Great post!! It's amazing how much we can figure what needs to be done but can't do a thing without the power on! Two years ago, our power went out for five days, in the hot 100F degree temps with 100% humidity, fortunately we were able to stay in my office on the other side of town which had power. I wish I could've made a funny story out of ours, I'm just not witty like you! Have a great week! -Bev

  5. I'm so sorry. We were without power for 4 days once. It was terrible.
    I'm so glad you survived the ordeal. :) I can't believe you didn't sleep all night. Yikes.

  6. That actually happened to us, after five days, we were the last ones back on!!! Had an ice storm, I took the repairman Starbucks and bakery goods every day to try to get my block up and running quicker!!! It was so cold, we went to a hotel!!! When I took them coffee and brownies the last day, they said you're on. I went home, no power!!! I went back to tell them, there was some relay on our transformer that affected two houses on our end!!! We were still off. Took six more hours to figure it out!!!!

  7.!!! This was my favorite post ever!! I laughed and laughed and it sounds just like something I would do...:) My favorite was this
    3.00 A.M.
    I light a candle and go downstairs - for no other reason then to light a candle and go downstairs.
    I grab a bottle of water so that the trip won't be a total right off

    or maybe this

    I watch him like a crazed stalker for 1 hour - are so funny!....:)))))) Made my day...:)

  8. Thanks so much for your visit and I got the biggest kick out of visiting you here today!!

    It must be a guy thing because my Hubby would definitely sleep through the whole thing and I would be awake prowling the house making sure all was well!!!

    And then he would say, you get no sleep because you don't go to bed!!!

    Thanks for the laugh!!


  9. Making coffee or tea on the grill is a must when you lose power. Our survival depends on it.
    I can just see you going down those stairs....which reminds me...anymore ghost sightings???

  10. Oh yes pretty Suzanne, we've been without power for two days and a few times long ago. Once cause there had been some trees fallen because of wind, some other times cause of big car accidents, etc. Thank goodness it hasn't happen in a very long time, so I know it's awful!!! I loved your story, you sure made me laugh, I was needing it, so thanks!Thanks for your visit too.

  11. I feel for you, we've lost power many times. Thankfully we have a generator which makes things much easier, and allows me to have a cup of tea!

  12. At least you got a really amusing post from all your struggles! LOL Poor your, hope the bad weather goes away.

  13. Three years ago we were without power for two long weeks, we heated the house with a wood burning stove in the basement and a fireplace upstairs. My husband is a trucker so he was gone most of the time so I fed the beast in the basement and that is how I made my coffee and cooked my meals. Finally I had had enough and three days before the power came back on my hubby came home just as I was leaving I said see ya I have had enough I'm going to a friends house, I'm going to have a long hot shower watch TV and sit with lights on I may even sleep with a light on and off I went and I didn't come home until the power was back on.

  14. I needed that - you are so funny. It was almost as good as the story about the squirrels.
    I can be home all day and not turn on anything that requires electricity but let it go off and I need it RIGHT THEN. So, I know exactly how you felt.
    Hope that the damage was to bad.

  15. No fun when the power goes out. Several years ago...we got the winds from a hurricane here in Ohio and had no power for over a week. I never want to go thru that ever again!!

  16. I just knew this was going to be hilarious!! I feel for you and love the part about the tea I would make it over a campfire if I had to!

    Last week we had a terrible storm and 170,000 in Chicago were without power. Ours finally went on 22 hours later. Frightful!! The worst thing was waking up in the morning thinking all was well with the sunlight and then coffee, no computer, no TV. Crap. I went back to bed.

    Jane xx

  17. LOL , no power really sucks. I remember one time having to heat a bottle of formual on the bbq at 3 am, no power won't stop the baby feeding. Nightmare!

  18. Shame because you missed a really good movie :-D Glad to know I'm not the only nutter who can't sleep because ANYTHING is wrong, I can't count the number of times I've woken up my other half to tell him I can hear, smell, feel something which he blatantly can't as he was sound asleep!

  19. Hehehehe...Okay, it's always funnier when it happens to someone else. We used to lose power fairly frequently at our old house, so we hooked up a Gennie at the new house. WE NEVER LOSE POWER OUT HERE! You can send your next power outage to my house. I'd love to be able to gloat when the other neighbors are in the dark.

    Wait. That's mean. I didn't mean it. Truly.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  20. NO… true blue, this happened to us. We had a horrible storm 2 years ago and lost 15 trees and sat without power for 3 days… we kept hearing the same thing and all of our neighbors got theirs back. I finally called the electric company for the 1000th time. They came out to look and one of our trees was laying on ONLY our power line. THREE DAYS, I say.. It really, really, really sucked. 😛


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