Sunday, July 6, 2014

Headboard Makeover

This room is soooo close to being done !

We still have to buy a mattress ( it only has a box spring on it ) so I smushed a comforter and pillows on it for photos .

I've had this comforter set from Ikea forever and very seldom used it - it works in this room !
( Thank God for unhealthy linen obsessions really )

The words on the headboard were just transferred on ( so they can very easily be removed ) using a transfer which my son had popped into my Christmas stocking last year ( but I DO have a piece of fabric I cut out just in case )
I'm having a love/hate relationship with this right now.

But Lucy says - Lolli - that's perfect - because we all love each other - AND we laugh when we're together - a LOT - and we're so Happy when we're here !!!  ( with both hands up in the air for emphasis )
How the heck can I change it now lol?

and then - right out of the mouths of babes

Lolli says - Oh My God - you're soooo right Lucy -
Lucy says - We don't say that, Lolli - we say Oh My Gosh
Lolli says - Sorry Lucy - I just got so excited for a minute
Lucy says - ( with a big forgiving smile ) That's ok - it was just an accident.

Hope she never reads my blog when she gets older - she'll have a lot of forgiving to do..............

I love the footboard in particular

I used the last of the gallon of Behr's patio and porch paint to do this project
That ONE gallon painted the floors  HERE
The dresser HERE
The armoire  HERE
and all of the baseboards................ I think we paid 35.99 from Home Depot - talk about something going a lonnnng way !

Oh and here's how it looked before - great condition - but again there's no way it was going to work in this almost ethereal room - hmmm - I like that word - it works perfectly for this room lol

  1. extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
       "her ethereal beauty"

The perfect size for 2 little weekend visiting girls

But I'm not going to kid myself - the real reason they are dying for a sleepover has nothing to do with this room at all
It's more to do with this  ( pretending to be at the rodeo while they're being tossed all over the place )
And I have to tell you I was nervous to use the diving board to actually dive until I saw these 2 diving off of it repeatedly - they put me to shame - so I dove off it this weekend for the first time.  And didn't split my head open.  I didn't jump up in the air and do a flip and then dive like they do - but still - I dove ..............lamely.

( at least there's a mattress in the pool - maybe the sleep over can happen a little earlier if they want to sleep in the pool - and I can't even say that as a joke or they'd be all over that idea )

That there'll be a room to allow them 2 days in a row of it is just a bonus in their worlds..
And the real reason I'm dying for this room to be finished is because I simply cannot get enough of them
( the other 3 little angels are just a little too young to want to have sleepovers - but these 2 - they jump at every opportunity with such glee )
Lucy & Olivia

Soon girls - very very soon - I promise !
Lolli & Pop can't wait !
The room is almost done - just a little left to

gerund or present participle: tweaking

  1. informal
  2. improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it.
    "engineers tweak the car's operating systems during the race"

Ok - that's it for the Headboard -  hope your day is filled with lots of

  1. 1.
    an intense feeling of deep affection.
    "babies fill parents with intense feelings of love"
    synonyms:deep affection, fondnesstendernesswarmthintimacyattachment,endearmentMore

  2. 2.
    a person or thing that one loves.
    "she was the love of his life"
    synonyms:beloved, loved one, love of one's life, deardearest, dear one, darling,sweetheartsweetangelhoney;


noun: laughter
  1. the action or sound of laughing.
    "he roared with laughter"
    synonyms:laughing, chuckling, chortling, guffawing, giggling, tittering, twittering, 

And that's enough with the English lessons
Have a good day ALL !!!
Much love ( and laughter - let's always remember the laughter - and if you're in need of something to laugh about picture me diving - now THAT's funny )

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  1. Love the is perfection! Those two cuties will love it too...:) Keep enjoying summer!

    Blessings, VIcky

  2. it is perfect...and so is the saying. there is nothing better than kids to keep us in line. lol

  3. Oh Suzan how sweet are the girls. Too precious. Glad you are enjoying your time with them. I bet they love the pool. Love the headboard. I too love the saying too sweet.
    Have a great start to the new week.

  4. I love the headboard! I'm a huge fan of using verbiage in decor so I just love the saying on the headboard and love the mix of fonts and color choice. It's looking terrific!!


  5. What fun! And what adorable girls. Enjoy!

  6. That headboard is so lovely! If I was a little girl I'd love to sleep on the pool mattress too... maybe even as a big girl. lol.

  7. I love it all!!!! It reminds me of spending summers with my Granny on her farm, no pool but a wonderful big farm house and lots of animals to take care of!!! Brings back cherished memories!!!! Thank you Suzan, you and your posts are again rays of sunshine!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Karen - I'm hoping to make some memories for them here !!!
      Rays of sunshine? Me? Well that's a leap of faith -but so kind of you to say LOL

  8. oh my GOSH no you can't change it now or ever, no. It's been blessed by the little ones...just adorable! :)

    1. lol - it has been blessed by them - and the pool - don't forget the pool - they're favorite part of this house LOL
      Oh my gosh - they just love it LOL

  9. Sweet girls! They must love coming over to visit you. I imagine that you are a pretty sweet Lolli.;)
    That bed is adorable, Suze!

  10. What a precious room you are putting together for your precious girls! I would love it!


  11. OMGosh! Too freakin' sweet! And the words on the bed, no, you have to keep it, sew a slipcover if you get sick of it. Gosh that wee curvy footboard it soooo sweet. (raising my right hand) I am a linen junkie. 'nuf said. Patty

  12. So pretty! The room is looking great! And such sweet, cute girls. Jealous!
    Hm, you diving in...probably better than me...I'd belly flop!

  13. Oh what sweethearts. I think it is perfect for two little ones and the room is looking gorgeous.

  14. Cutie pies! The bed is charming and I love the linens!!

  15. How nice to have young people around the house! (Wish I did) The guest room is lovely, I'll be right over, LOL!

  16. They are adorable!!! and that bed is so pretty. I love the lines and the white really makes them stand out... LOVE PAINTED FURNITURE! Is there a club for that? And your flowers near the pool are pretty too Suzan! And why oh why can't I just throw my pillows and blankets on the bed and it look good??? You have the magic touch friend.

  17. Love the headboard and all the pretties in the room. You have done a terrific job on your guest bedroom. The girls are darling and they can hardly wait to come and stay. You are going to have a ball with them. Such a fun fun summer you are going to have.
    Enjoy that pool - wish I had one right about now. Hot here.

  18. I think the sentiment on the headboard is sweet and perfect for these sweet girls. The pool looks so inviting and it would be so nice to lay on that air mattress and just drift round sleeping in the sun. Ahhh, that's the life.

  19. Sweet headboard, I just love it. Have a great time, I love the smiles on the faces of those two cuties. :-)

  20. Who's talking about sleepovers? They'll never want to leave with such a cute room... and pool!

  21. Oh, thank gawd you said "tweak" and not "twerk." I almost had a moment there.


  22. Gee I had my bags packed and my plane ticket booked, but I can't take my, I mean your guest room over from those adorable girls? LOVE your bed frame. Simply gorgeous!

  23. I fell totally in love with your headboard and what a wonderful sentiment you put on as well.

  24. Suan that bed is gorgeous. The transfer is perfect for it. Those sweet girls will have lots of happy memories there for sure. Love the pool too.

  25. Oh my GOSH! I love Lolli and Pop! Adorable names.

  26. I have that same headboard! It was mine when I was little and I painted it cream and put it in my daughter's room. She's ready for something different so I'm going to move it to the guest room. I think it's time to go with white. Yours looks great. And, I'm in love with the painted floors!!!

  27. You're so clever. I have never seen these transfers done on furniture. Great idea.

  28. Hi Suzan!!!!!

    The headboard looks great!!!! I love the foot-board as well!!!

    I've always loved the lighter paint color for furniture!!! Those two little cuties look like playful trouble to me!!! Don't you just love having a pool? That was a pretty bad storm that went through your region!!! Glad your safe and no damage done to your place!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  29. Aren't grandkids the best???!!! I think a sleepover at the pool sounds lovely! I'm kind of surprised you haven't painted some words on that pool yet Suzan!!

  30. Your granddaughters are so beautfiful, isn't it great to have them around? We lived away from our grand kids for long time so missed much of their younger years. Was so nice when we moved here. Do you get to see them often? Hope so. Think kids benefit a great deal from having grand parents around and a big part of their lives.

    You are very lucky they're still young enuf to want to sleep over. Our two grand daughters that live close are only ones that ever wanted to sleep over. They would come crawl in bed with us on Sunday a.m. and we'd talk, giggle, play, read. Now they're 14 and 17, only 14 yr. old wants to still come over once in while. I sure miss them staying over and fun we had.
    They came one time not too long after I'd had my knee replaced so we had to curtail the craziness, not many positions to get comfy for while after that surgery but they were so good to me, spoiled me, brought me food, helped me dress after shower, but didn't like looking at leg, it's a long scar and not pretty for quite awhile. They are such dear wonderful girls as I'm sure your little gals are. How old are they? Enjoy them with all your love and heart.

  31. So sorry, forgot to comment on headboard, saying which are perfect for your little gals. Think saying really sets off headboard, making it more special. Happy summer days. How I envy you your pool, can see why g'd. love it.

  32. So cute, both those girls and the room. What a sweet, fun project. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Oh I love your headboard. I am trying to find one to makeover for my daughter. I think she would love something like this, with the quote too :} I also enjoying the words that come out of kids, that keep of thinking and laughing.

  34. I love your headboard. Isn't amazing what comes our of the mouths of babes that makes us sit and think.


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