Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I WANNA live there # 86

Good Morning everyone !!!

I thought I'd switch it up a little this week - and instead of featuring homes - and the rooms in those homes - I'd showcase outdoor living spaces - living rooms - kitchens etc ( just because it's summertime and the livin' is easy and all )

It'd be pretty hard to come in at the end of the night if I had any of these, let me tell you !!!

All of the above images can be found on the HOUSE BEAUTIFUL site

And then I found these on HOUZZ

                                    Contemporary Deck by Sydney Landscape Contractors On Common Ground Landscapes

                                       Rustic Deck by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Thom Filicia Inc.

                                    Contemporary Deck by Santa Monica Photographers Luke Gibson Photography

                                  Contemporary Deck by Brisbane Interior Designers & Decorators Highgate House

Any guesses on what I'll be working on this weekend?  ( with an approximately 20.00 budget - wish me luck)

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone,
Much love,

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  1. You found so many totally dreamy rooms! I would love to have an outdoor space with a big stone fireplace and comfy furniture but I would have to move to California or someplace~we live on our porch at our coastal home but have to be ready to bring everything in whenever there is a storm [hurricane season especially!] and at our other home in Birmingham it is either too hot, too buggy or too rainy! So I will just dream through your photos~

  2. I was going to say what Jenna (above) said. How do people live with this stuff outside? What about the rain, the wind? Not at all practical here, but beautiful.

  3. Wow Suzan what a great group of serene and restful places. I would love to "lounge" at any one of those spots. Ahhhhhhh!

  4. I love them all. I wonder if they have a maid to keep all that outdoor furniture spotless. We use our outdoor seating area every single day for about 10 months of the year. But, it is another room I have to sweep and fluff. Things do not always look so perfect.

    Enjoy your pool and warm summer days.

  5. Suzan, ohmygoodness! The rest of my house would be totally neat and in order constantly, from disuse, we'd be outside all the time!

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  7. The Sad Part About Apartment Living In The City Is No Beautiful Outdoors. Sigh. And Building Codes About Decorating The Balconies (Don't Decorate At All)

  8. You are a cruel woman showing me all those beautiful outdoor areas! I've just had a look at the miniature bomb site that was my courtyard and tried to work out what on earth I can do to get it to the state where I don't want to cry when I open the back door :-0

  9. I think I would still be happiest by your pool! But I would definitely not turn my nose up at any of these places. Thanks for the eye candy!

  10. Oh, these are just gorgeous. The first one is amazing!! Every time I see pics like this it makes me rethink the idea of selling my house and giving up my backyard - we're still waffling.


  11. All great outdoor spaces... I really need some outdoor furniture. We have a pretty big screened in porch that needs a makeover. If we would ever move from here... I would have to have another screened porch. I couldn't imagine not having it. We use it so much.

  12. Those are all amazing spaces!! I would take any one of them. ;)

  13. Wow, totally wonderful spaces....of course I am always so biased, I love anything outdoors and especially with a fireplace or fire pit! or a water view...a garden view....or colorful pillows....Ok I loved all of it! LOL

  14. These are all amazing spaces. Each of them could be my "Calgon Take Me Away" haven. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this round up together.

  15. You are a brutal lady demonstrating to me every one of those lovely outside regions! I've simply observed the scaled down shell site that was my patio and attempted to work out what on earth I can do to get it to the state where I would prefer not to holler when I open the secondary passage.

    Rustic mexican furniture

  16. Thanks so much for linking! Featuring you tomorrow!


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