Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A little more Gingham .....................

Just the smallest touch really - because too much gingham can be ................well, too much I guess.
But these are how my obsessions are born - I've never learned that Less is More as you all know by now -
I always have to take it just one step - one little step over the top.

This was just a tiny test - because after I'd painted the gingham pattern doors in the guest room - an idea was born - and since most of my " stock " of furniture to paint is in storage while we renovate - I used what I had on hand.
I'd love to do a gingham painted dresser for a child's room - or nursery so I grabbed the only piece I had that could accommodate it - the dresser in the guest room

Just a little on the 2 top drawers - a subtle touch really - with such huge impact in my humble opinion.
( and it really just may be only my humble opinion which is why I'm putting it out there - it's for advice more than anything - yours to be exact )

Does this scream little country nursery dresser - or does it scream for help - as in

I have one small project left in this room and I'm done - and here I am adding things to it that really don't need it at all
( I think I'm bone weary - and can't face the next room I have to go into - which is a nightmare - truly a total nightmare )  so I play in here almost daily instead.
BUT having said that - I really do like this little change to the dresser

and I'm wondering.......................

Do you think this would be marketable?
Would someone want this as a changing table ( it's NOT for sale - but another one could be in the not too far future )

Wanna see why I'm hanging around this room for so long?
This is the next reno I have to tackle

OMG - I can't believe the way I'm living LOL - if you knew me in " real life " you'd know how unbelievable it is to imagine me in this setting but..................that's the way it is ( for now )
This will be my " boudoir " ( hopefully ) and I start on it next week.
Someone has actually slept in this space - it's really only messy - other than paint paint and more paint it's not that bad! ( and they slept on the other side of the room which is cleaner LOL )
( UPDATE - room makeover HERE )
As soon as I can drag myself out of the little guest room -
And the gingham

Oppa Gingham Style - sexy lady.......................

Have a wonderful day everyone -
Hugs from me................
to YOU

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  1. I think it is absolutelyt precious and yes, I do think you could sell them! I can just see one in pink, yellow, blue, or green in a nursery. Grey would be nice too...:) I think it would be sweet in a little girl's bedroom as well. Your dresser is just gorgeous buy the way. I love the lines and details on it! Have a great day avoiding the next room...;)

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. I think the gingham is the perfect touch. It's so sweet on the dresser. That room is really coming together beautifully.

  3. I love gingham and it looks very sweet on that piece.

  4. I like the wee bit of gingham touch - just that wee bit and no more. :-) It is very sweet and pretty and inviting. Glad you didn't get carried away with it. It could get really annoying really fast, but this is perfect. Have a wonderful day, Suzan.

  5. LOVE the gingham. So cute... and I just painted over mine. Hmmmm what else can I paint like that????

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. I love the gingham I think you could market it, why not try. I hate that you now have that crappy song stuck in my head...as I go to bed, uncool LOL

  7. Very cute, but I am always impressed with the diversity of options you use on your furniture re-dos. Like Mel, that crappy song is now in my head, HOWEVER it replaced one equally offensive in nature that has been there all morning. I'm off to jam to good tunes, and perhaps paint something ginghamish.

  8. I love it Suzan, I definitely think it would be marketable for far more than a change table. Lots of people decorate with gingham and I could see this sitting in other rooms in a house besides a bedroom.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do to your "boudoir" - I see some fabulous pieces in that shot!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  9. I like the small touch of Gingham... definitely marketable!!

  10. I really like it Suzan... would also look great in a nursery in yellow or green? Nice work as usual!! V

  11. Yes. I love the gingham.

  12. The large gingham is perfect in its pale blues. I love gingham. Hate to quilt with it.

  13. Love the gingham on the dresser it looks so sweet.

  14. Oh, I want to squish it, it's so cute. I definitely think this is marketable. And, one step at a time with your boudoir. It'll get there.

  15. It's adorable, Suzan. It's just enough.
    xxx, T.

  16. I am trying to catch up after 10 days on vacation and almost no blogging time.

    I love the piece and I love gingham. But, I have to say that the center door detail is my favorite thing about the piece.

  17. Love the gingham touch! I think you are ahead of the trend about to start .... : D.

  18. Oh yes, I think it would sell! I can see it in different colors (pink, blue, green, yellow, grey) - it's very charming!
    As for your boudoir, you know how to eat an elephant, yes? One bite at a time. Same with this next project; one step at a time! You can do it!! Hang in there!

  19. I think you are a genius!!!! Truly! The dresser is beautiful and YES! it would be perfect in a nursery. You've done it again Suzan! Those fairy house projects have fueled your creativity :-)

  20. Just the right touch of gingham!

    When we undertake home renovations by ourselves, I think we all have one of THOSE rooms. When I get back to renovating in September, I have my own to tackle! Ugh. It has been a thorn in my side the whole time but....it is what it is.

  21. So cute. I can't wait to see what you will do with your boudoir.

  22. It looks fantastic. I'm a huge fan of gingham.

  23. Love it, and marketable? Yes! Oppa Gingham Style - sexy lady??? YOU ARE KILLING ME! Too funny...I love how your mind works!

  24. You could definitely market your new style. You should have listened to John, it will be the next big thing!

  25. I think the gingham is so cute Suzan! Can you tell I'm so far behind in blogs???!! LOL!

  26. I am salivating! I love how you added the gingham...you creative genius, you.
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates


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