Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Endings make me sad

don't go I cried - stay awhile
I need yet to remember
January through December
and the way it made me smile

don't go I begged - rest by me
I need to know
before you go
that you'll forever see

the joy you brought
the things you taught
the price I paid
the friends I made
the way I grew
just knowing you

don't leave just yet
lest I forget
the year gone past
it went too fast
I need to cling awhile more
before I close another door

you were my friend
where did you go? why must you end?
With heavy heart, I watch you go
you took my heart, you see
and so
though my mind knows
that time moves on
my heart's not ready
for farewell songs

but leave you must
I realize
as I wipe memories from my eyes
and file you in
the memory banks
under heartfelt - warmest - truest thanks

2012 you're always be
one of the very best years for me
you brought hundreds and hundreds of new friends my way 
and gave me new reasons
to smile each day...................

To all of my friends in blogland I wish you much joy - much happiness - health and success.
And the happiest of New Year's filled with, above all, peace.
Please know how much I treasure you all - and how you have made a difference in my world..........................

For auld lang syne, my friend,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

See you all next year! ( tomorrow ) 


Much love

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm not ready to let go yet

I can't bear the thought of saying goodbye to Christmas yet - even though half of blogland is busy taking down and putting away -  I walk by my Tree and I think " Oh no, I can't throw you in the garbage, you need to stay for just a little longer....................

and how can I pack away all the glitz when I'm still in love with it all?

It can't possibly be over

When it still makes me happy to look at it

So I'm going to pretend it's still December 24th

for another week or so

until I'm ready



ready to let go

of the beautiful memories I have of this Christmas

Have any of you vanquished decorations from your home yet?
What happened to waiting  until Epiphany?
I always thought that was kind of like a rule, you know, as in you can't wear white after labor day, type of thing lol?

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

In the midst of Saints..................

I've been surrounded by Saints my entire life

I was born 53 years ago in St. Mary's Hospital

I was christened in St. Ambroise Church

the first school I attended was St. Kevin's Elementary

and my first communion and confirmation were done at St. Kevin's Church.

When I met John - he sang in St. George's Choir

Most of my shopping is done on St. Catherine street.

except for St. Patrick's day - when it's closed for the parade

In the summer we love to spend the day browsing around in St. Sauveur

and often spend lazy days having lunch and walking around St. Anne De Bellevue watching the boats line up for lunches

I  spend a lot of time on St. Denis Street in the summer going to the Just For Laughs Festival

and the Montreal Jazz Fest - starting on St Catherine St and working it's way up to St. Denis
( millions of tourist attend these shows every summer - are you one of them? )

I love getting smoked meat ( pastrami ) on St Laurence

We often go to Old Montreal ( a 17th century neighbourhood off the water ) in the winter and summer -
just to stroll around St. Sulpice - and St Andre streets

But my favorite street in Old Montreal would have to be St. Paul

St Helene's Island is a beautiful place to have a picnic ( just off the St Lawrence River ) that round sphere is the  former USA pavillion from Expo 67

and sometimes we find ourselves stopping by St. Hubert Chicken for a snack

I buy my fruit - flowers - and even my Christmas trees from the Atwater Market
which is in St. Henri

and though the burrough I live in is called Westmount - it's original name was St.Antoine

IF I wanted to Ski - I could go to Mont St Anne  

and going for a walk in the city - from almost any point - you can catch a glimpse of St. Joseph's Oratory

I'm still waiting for one of these to magically appear over my head

Hasn't happened yet

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Some photos of the storm that has hit Montreal - 46 centimeters ( 18 inches ) and more expected!
It's broken records -

Hey buddy - get some winter clothes on!

I ASKED you to pick up milk on your way home from work yesterday!

I've got to get to work - must get to work - God help me - I need to get to work

How to get to the pub in a snow storm - the submitter of the photo's caption - not mine lol - brilliant!


Can I come in now Mom ?  I'm tired of playing in the snow


It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood


O.M.G. - I dropped my keys!!!

BUT before we whine and complain - take a look at what got dumped in Watertown N.Y
146 inches in 2 weeks - now that's a lot of shoveling


And on a final note -

Is anyone else as excited as I am about this?
I can't tell you how much I love this show!

 Downton Abbey, Season 3 — The Phenomenon Lives On!

The acclaimed cast returns with guest star Shirley MacLaine
January 6, 2013 on PBS

I think I did a post not that long ago lamenting the lack of snow in Montreal ;)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Morning has broken

Well sort of - this is what I awoke to this morning

Oh wait - I just had a great idea!!!

John says - what the hell are you doing?
Suzan says - I see a great photo op !
John says - are you crazy?  No one is out there - there's a blizzard
Suzan says - I just want to put this on the bench - how can I do it without putting footprints
on the balcony?
John says - Use your broom and fly out there
Suzan says - Merry 2 days after Christmas John -
John says - Put a sign out for the mail man Suzan - ask him to throw the mail and you'll catch it - and
then explain that you prefer not to have foot prints on the snow.........................

and 10 minutes later just to keep things in perspective

My work at Evita's was cancelled today - she has to be at her shop - and she's leaving on the weekend for a couple ( few? ) weeks - so work has been delayed at her place.

I get to enjoy this for a little while longer

Suzan says - You have to walk Soda
John says - Nah - think I'll let you do that this morning
Suzan says - You know the rules John - I take care of what goes in her
John says - yeah, yeah - I take care of what comes out
John says - why do I get all the shitty jobs?
Suzan says - because I'm the one that makes the house look cozy to come back into

Suzan says - and I'm the one that made sure there's a fresh pot of home made Turkey soup for lunch

Suzan says - And I'm the one who made you a belated Christmas Breakfast

John's son's wife's parents gave us some home made jams - John says they were delish  - I was too full to try them
but apparently these will be good for another 20,000 years tee hee - do you see the date?
I only noticed it when I downloaded the photo

 Suzan says - and I'm the one that makes you a hot cup of tea to take the chill off

John says - Well I'd like to switch places with those rules
Suzan says - Oh no - impossible - you can't just change the rules in the middle of the game
Suzan says - Sorry about that buddy
Suzan says - Here's your boots
Suzan says - and take the garbage with you on your way out please

John says - did you just take a picture of my boots?
Suzan says - Yup
John says - another photo op?
Suzan says - Yup
John says - you didn't include the garbage, did you?
Suzan says - Yup
John says - I'm going to start taking photos of you taking photos -
John says - I can guarantee you you're the only one who puts photos of garbage on her blog, really, it's insane
John says - Can you please tell everyone that YOU bought those boots for me - and that I hate them -
I absolutely hate them
Suzan says - well they do the job don't they
John says - Suzan gets her boots in Paris - and John gets his from a big box crap store where everything's made in China -
John says - tell everyone that you bought the wrong size - and I almost lose one of them every time I walk the dog
John says - tell everyone that I absolutely hate them
Suzan says - you're repeating yourself again
John says - Well I do - I can't stand them
Suzan says - Can you please put them on and walk the dog?
Suzan says - and later today can you deliver Turkey soup to all the kids?
Suzan says - I have to take some photos of my Christmas presents - out of my way !
Suzan says - and why do you have to follow me around while I take photos anyway?

vintage inspired dress form from my daughter and SIL

Vintage inspired cd player / radio from my son

Vintage inspired shoe ( bank ) with a gift certificate ( think I'll buy something vintage ) from my other daughter.
And lots of other goodies including the Keep Calm and Carry on Cup set above from another of John's son's wife

Suzan says - Do you want to play scrabble today by the fire?
John says - that sounds like a plan
Suzan says - I'll set it up
Suzan says - but we can only play after you

You all have a beautiful day -
John's off to WALK THE DOG  ( I HOPE..........................)
Much love,

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