Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 19

I live in a pretty incredible area - It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by ) 
Because there's days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one home that's for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )

I don't know about everyone else but Wednesday's seem to be coming quicker and quicker lol!!!
First one up is a real gem - 
It's a 3 storey home built in 1913 designed by artchitect Percy Nobbs ( you can click on his name for information on him - things like architecture fascinate me so included his biography and accomplishments )

6 bedrooms
4 baths
1 powder room

Let's go!


I just love how they took this glassed in porch and made it an eating nook off the kitchen!!!
I had that rocking horse last year - sold it with a bedroom set for a little girl!!!

I'm in love completely with this one - every last single detail - 
And considering the area - and what you get - this house is a steal - and will be snatched up before I
can win the lottery - most definitely!

Next up - Wood lovers rejoice!
4 bedrooms
4 baths
Wine Cellar
Built in 1890

I have to tell you ( most of you know this already ) I am not a wood lover. AT ALL.  For me this would feel like living inside a Church - and as beautiful as Churches are - I don't want to live in one...................
However, having said that - I can appreciate how absolutely magnificent this wood is - and looking at it
I can almost understand why someone would not want to paint it out ( although I still would - every
ounce of wood you see here would be pure white - sorry lol )  

and those ceilings give me heart palpitations - s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g.

really really love this kitchen - great work surfaces - and the floor is probably the nicest kitchen floor since I started the series, no?

The master bath must have been a bedroom once upon a time - it actually has a balcony off it - and these century old row houses usually were built with 1 bathroom ( which was considered a luxury I suppose at the time ) 

I love the exposed original stone wall in the basement - 

both homes are close in price - which one would you choose?
I love both of them for different reasons - tough call for me

have a great Wednesday everyone - see you tomorrow!!!


  1. I'm leaning toward the row house. Love the exposed stone and all the detail in the ceilings and woodwork!

  2. First house for me. Totally love it. The best part of the second house is the fabulous basement...and not just because that is where they keep the wine!

  3. I'm with you, I LOVE everything about the first house.

  4. Hi Suzan!!

    OH MY!!!!!

    I love the first one including all the furniture!! I usually love wood, but, the 2nd one was just too dark. I would have to paint it white or ivory. Right away I said, "I love the exposed old wall", in the basement in the second house. It screams HISTORY!!! They both are beautiful!!

    WOW!!!! The wine cellar!!! I can't recall if I've ever seen a house with one on your I Wanna Live There Wednesdays.

    Thanks, they were both gorgeous!!


    1. House #1 gets my vote too. Everything about it is perfect. Can I write a check ??

    2. yes - you can make it out to Simply Vintagous by Suzan - I only require 50% down - lol

  5. I love that mirror in the third pic of the first house and that four poster bed. In the second house I love the woodwork and the stone wall. But I would have to move both of these houses to the country. I want privacy and land and no neighbours close by. I want to be able to make all the noise I want and go outside and not have my neighbours staring at me. that would be my dream house, just trees everywhere, and a big barn for barn sales.

  6. I think we would have to fight for the first house - love everything about it, the large rooms, the yard, the kitchen, the sunporch turned eating area, the master bedroom. IF I have that kind of money, that's the type of house I would want.

  7. I could live on the lawn of the first one and just be happy looking at my new house.

    The kitchens in one and two are both fabulous. And I laughed at the closet w/all the guy shoes. My husband has more shoes than I do, he'd love that closet. -_-

    Nice pics on both, but I'd go w/the first just because both are fabulous inside, but I'm totally in love with the outside of the first one too.


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