Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas in the Dining Room

Another job done - actually the dining room is finished now - another icy look - ( the kitchen is full of reds and greens so there is SOME color in this house lol )

The mirror candle holders come from Pier 1 imports - many years ago - the 2 on the left are much larger than then one on the right - I've mentionned before that I'm a magpie right?  All that glitters.

There's garland and lights on the top of the buffet - and some sprigs of christmas flowers on each end door

plus they hide the fact that I still haven't put handles on the doors of this thing -

I really still miss this one

has anyone ever tried to buy something back from someone lol?  I sold it right after last Christmas actually -
which is when I'm going to sell the one I have now - time for another one................
this is what it looked like when I bought it by the way

Ok - only I can take a Christmas post and stick a year old before and after in there - but I really do miss it!
Back to the present now

I put the ladder in the dining room ( where the tree usually goes - because I'm going to somehow try to fit the tree in the living room this year ) and I stuck a string of lights on it

John REALLY doesn't like the ladder btw - even less so today than yesterday

not much color this year but lots of bling!
my Paris Snow Globe - you want it, right Nicole?

Paris and New York are my two favourite cities - a few years ago I picked this up at Saks

Ok that's it for the Dining Room -
Oh I forgot to show you the table!!!
It's the very best part - if you'd like to see a gorgeous table - go visit Stacy at
South Shore Decorating.  She's on top of her game!

Let's see,
chalk paint - check
sanding block - check
Santa boot - check ( Debbie do you remember this? You brought it one year with flowers in it!!! )
books - check
lights - check
spray paint - check
bon ami - check
pillows - check
stencils - check
Ok - just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything - because the table is exactly how I meant for it to look. All ready for Christmas,  It does scream christmas doesn't it?
And you thought I was afraid of color, didn't you?

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  1. lol around the dinning room looks awesome and your old hutch fabulous i would miss it tooooo as for the dinning table lol im sure it will get there

  2. Your dining room is lovely - I really like silver and white. Very pretty but, I think I like yout table most because it greatly resembles mine right now, lol....

  3. I love the icey look, Suzan. I have several pieces that thoughtout my place. It all looks beautiful!

  4. ha ha - my kitchen is green and red too this year - got to get some in to make up for all the bronze and brown in the living room and dining room.

    LOVE your dining room table - it's exactly how my workspace looked until the kids took over to make gingerbread houses - now THAT mess you don't want to see.

    And you can ship me that Paris globe anytime!

  5. Hey! Your table looks just like mine! LOL I really need to get this decorating done! I love your decorations - so pretty! Really like the color of those pale blue/aqua ornaments on the branches! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Leena

  6. I had to do one of those cartoony head spin second looks at the dining room table photo - I thought you had broken into my house and had snapped a picture of mine! Except for the boot, I do NOT have a sassy ceramic boot. Sadly though the rest of my house is not as glammed up as yours is.

  7. I love these colors and they would actually be perfect for New Years too. Is the party at your house? :)

  8. It appears I have copied your tablescape. I, of course added my own touch by including a sewing machine. They do always say you should add height to your arrangement. The china cabinet does look lovely and I'm sure the ladder is growing on John.

  9. LOL at the table (and to Maureen's comment above mine)!!

    I love the globes, those were great finds! When we first started traveling Paris was the one city I wanted to see. We went there on our second trip and it was every bit as magical as I'd hoped. When you post about Paris things it always makes me wish I could go back! Everything you've decorated here looks great!

  10. Hi Suzan!!!

    I love both hutches, but, if I had to pick the one I would like it would be the first one. I love the before and after pics of the old one. And yes, you are the only one who wou,d get away with it!! LOL!!!!

    That what my dining table looks like when I'm doing stuff too.

    Have a great week!!


  11. I love the ladder! I also love bothe hutches! Very nice! Traci

  12. Thats too funny, I put up a ladder in the livingroom last week. Hubby wants to have me committed and the dog barked at it for a few days. But I love it. Can you come testify at my sanity hearing on my behalf please lol. I love your decorations and again i will say I love your photos. Your Christmas decor is beautiful, you can come decorate for me anytime. hugs Tobey

  13. Suzan, your posts so make my day! You are amazing and honest, LOL-- Love it and you!

  14. OMG I love it, all of it...but the silver ladder? Wow!

    Very Beautiful!



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