Saturday, December 22, 2012

When one door closes.....................

Sometimes ( if you're lucky - and I was ) out of the blue another one definitely opens - much much wider................
So as some of you know I was asked to go to a customers house as a favor to work the whole day Friday helping someone paint furniture - and I RAN because of the potential business this could lead me to -
Well this is huge folks -
First of all the house I arrived at is ( literally ) like one of the houses I showcase on I WANNA live there Wednesdays - the most beautiful home you can imagine - my photography skills are not the greatest as you know - but I promise to post photos of the house as I go - BECAUSE I ( little ole me ) have been asked to help with the interior decorating - plus all the furniture - plus this woman owns a store on a very expensive la di da street here in Montreal and wants to start showcasing my furniture in the Summer of 2013...................
( she currently sells designer clothing - but has a space she's thinking of using for furniture )
She told me just before I left - " Suzan - you are going places - I am going to make sure of that - I know talent when I see it "
Someone pinch me - go ahead - pinch me until I have a big fat black and blue bruise on my arm!!!

First item I worked on was this -

This customer just found out about chalk paint - and was over the top excited after seeing  a show on it -
And the colors she purchased happened to be my favorite 2 colors to combine( Paris Grey and Pure White )
Almost forgot to take a before - so this is the best you get, sorry about that!

and then I staged it for her - she's never changing it, she says, lol
but a pretty easy thing to do when all around you there are the most gorgeous things to choose from, really.

Omg - she says - Who taught you how to do that?
Nobody, I laughed -
She was over the top excited about it - dancing - literally dancing around her kitchen - so I started dancing with her
She grabbed me and hugged me
I hugged her back
She told me she loved me
I said - Whoa Evita - so soon?
YES - she screamed - Yes - it's true - you never heard of love at first sight?

Then she danced into the dining room - and said I want this painted too!

So here's where the story gets interesting - I've been cropping out what sits on top of this piece - but here it is

The most spectacular looking piece you can imagine -
PAINT IT she says
Oh Evita - I don't know if I should
What will your husband ( who was somewhere on one of the 5 floors ) say?
Oh he doesn't care what I do - the house is my department

and then I got to the back of this beauty - are you freaking kidding me Evita?
can all of you see what this says ?
I've never painted a piece of furniture this old Evita - I'm really uncomfortable
I want it painted - please Suzan  please..................
Vintage?  This piece was vintage by 1900!!!

And just as I finished the top - her husband walks downstairs - takes one look at what I'm doing - turns around whispers something to his wife - quite furiously - and storms out of the house  - I felt sick to my stomach.....................really sick to my stomach.

Don't worry about him - she says - he'll back and forget all about it -
AND HE DID - he came back - told me it looked beautiful - go figure
( please please no negative comments about this particular project - it's her house - her furniture and at the
end of the day, only HER business )

Standing there looking at the alcove where it fits into - I said "what would you think of painting your alcove a dark gray to make the white pop" - and I swear to you the ladder was out and she painted it in 15 minutes!

Also in her living room she had these 3 gorgeous mirrors -

Evita - can I make a suggestion?
Yes - please do!
Can we take those mirrors and put them in your dining room?

and at the end of the day - this was the " new look for the nook " in her dining room

the rest of the walls are going to be painted as white as possible -

those mirrors look so perfect on either side of the niche/nook - and are almost the same color as the grey wall.

Her drapes are gorgeous - this photo does not do them justice at all!  Evita made them -
( hmm - we may have to barter a little for my services if she can do things like this )
The fireplace will be painted white -my suggestion - but shhh - don't tell her husband - the brass trim around it will go black - the mantel will be gray to go with the niche.....................
Do you see that ceiling peaking through the mirror?  That will most definitely stay wood -
Oh My God - I was just swooning over it all

but that may have been due to the bottle of red wine she opened as we were finishing off....................

I'm back at her house on the 27th - much more work to do - more photos to follow -
You're going to help me with the whole house right Suzan?
Yes Evita - with more pleasure than I can tell you !!!

Shopped this morning - wrapped 32 gifts this afternoon - more shopping tomorrow - more wrapping tomorrow.
Now I have to run and finish off the pallet trees I'm giving as gifts - and bake bake bake.

I just went in the kitchen to take photos to do a tutorial for the Pallet trees and John surprised me by making all of them - all sitting pretty and waiting for me to stencil

Suzan says - WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
Suzan says - OMG - I was supposed to take photos for a tutorital
John says - I can't win - can I - I just can't win
Suzan says - You know what?  You're the best - absolutely John - but after the holidays we'll have to make one more so I can do a step by step
John says - yeah yeah - sure - anything for the blog..........................

Love to all

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  1. Oh, sweet darling lady! I KNEW you would hit the big time. You are over-the-top talented with a great least one eye is great- not sure about the other one!;>) I am sure that lady felt she ran into the Princess of the Paint World. Good for you! All of your hard work (and fun spirit) is paying off for you. Tell me when the Queen invites you over for high tea- I want to tag along and I PROMISE to be GOOD! xo Diana

  2. I can't imagine a better person to be discovered than you! I'm so excited for you and know you will bring that house to life. I wouldn't worry too much about the display cabinet you painted. I don't usually touch Georgian pieces but that one looks like a store fixture. Looks like she has some very early transferware and some of that blue and white may be early Canton export pieces. What a dream to work with those for accessories! Wtg girl and I'm sure you'll have a very merry Christmas!

  3. OMG... You are a stinkin hoot!I feel the same way with some of the homesI have babysat at in the past. All joking asidethough, your work is beautiful and she is right! Best wishes =)

  4. It's gorgeous what you have done. Looking forward to seeing all your transformations Cease the moment!!! What a beautiful home. More pics... I want to see more!!!!

  5. Wow lovely pieces and they look fabulous painted.I would love to paint my white boring fireplace to look old. Wish you lived closer. Do you ever come across old shutters or paneled doors that could be shutters? I want to get rid of my living room curtains and hang old shutters on each side.

  6. How exciting for you and what an over -the -top Christmas present.... Your work is amazing so I am surprised that you are surprised....Love the transformations...

  7. What a wonderful way to start your Christmas - so happy for this opportunity for you!

  8. I am so excited for you, what an opportunity, Evita sounds like such a fun bubbly person. Her furniture looks amazing painted and I love the house too, can not wait to see the rest of the pics. You deserve this Suzan, I am glad that Evita is helping to show you how talented you are. This sounds like a great opportunity for you, you should be very proud of yourself Suzan. The pieces you have done look gorgeous.

    You sound so busy I wish I had your energy lol

    Sounds like you are going to be a very busy girl in 2013, so your new year is already off to a an amazing start. Wishing you and John and your family a very Merry Christmas, hugs Tobey, Brian, Maggie and family

  9. Oh Susan, how wonderful. What a fantastic Christmas gift!

  10. Wow - Congratulations!!! Have a great Christmas. :)

  11. Suzan, good things are coming your way in 2013 and that is wonderful! You work hard, you're talented and you deserve it!

    You did a wonderful job for this lady. It sounds like you two will become good friends in the process too. Her house looks gorgeous already and with your magic touch it will become magazine worthy!

    From my family to yours, I wish you and your family a great Christmas full of love, my friend.


  12. Congratulations that is wonderful news!!! I look forward to reading as you post photos and share your new venture!

  13. Awesome. I love how you share your conversations! So fun :)


  14. :) So very very excited for you! I can just imagine how you feel! Someday I hope to get such a fun opportunity - of course I want mine to include some sewing too :)
    And yes, anything for the blog! Tutorials is something I've been very lacking on lately!

  15. Suzan, you are walking good luck rabbit's foot! Well, that and you have incredible talent. I'm so excited for you that she is going to showcase your talent. I can't wait til you get your own show! Wonder if it'll be broadcast in Denver?? Keep us all filled in! Those pieces you did turned out gorgeous and the way you staged everything with the mirrors was truly stunning!

    Merry Christmas, my friend!


    1. Hi Jaye!!!
      You're too kind as always - but it was a pretty great day let me tell you!!!
      You have a very very merry merry Christmas too!

  16. Suzan, Suzan, Suzan, - I am not a bit surprised with your success because you are so talented and not just talented but you have a heart of gold. God did open a door and this was not a coincidence. Just a little over 6 months ago I started following just a few bloggers and you were one of them - my favorite but shhh, don't tell the others.

    You mentioned not too long ago that you were having a difficult time and I know about difficult times so although you didn't do a "pity party" I truly understood. God does open a door right after he closes one in order for us to appreciate his daily blessings, now he only does this after he puts us through a few challenges - so for those who lack faith or who openly do not believe in God I don't mean to offend but I myself do believe in God as is my right. He should reside in all our hearts but I can't expect that kind of miracle but I do and continue to pray for it.

    You have extreme talent and you deserve this break big time. Actually I thought your email of this adventure was a hoax as I couldn't imagine that anyone would want painting done to the extreme level this lady wanted at the last minute right before Christmas! Oh, me of little faith as I should know better...... because God has touched me so many times at my darkest hour.

    So as you and John snuggle tonight and talk about better tomorrow's and then when tomorrow comes you will for sure argue just know I'm so so, so happy for the both of you.

    Christmas truly is a time of miracles and God just blessed you both. I can't think of anybody more deserving than you to be blessed with a Christmas miracle. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Carolyn

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn - I AM so humbled by everyone's encouragement and kindness - really it's very overwhelming actually...............
      You have a beautiful Christmas as well - sweet dreams my friend.

  17. Wonderful, exciting news, wishing you all the best!
    Happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Deanne! It really is exciting - let's see where it takes me - I thought after I posted it that I shouldn't have jumped on the news so fast - because things happen - but she does seem very genuine - time will tell

  18. Awesome, Suzan ! Very very cool ! when you said her husband came and Whisper-Yelled in her ear I thought, "oh, no, she has a John, too!"

    But your John rocks ! How sweet is he !!

  19. That's awesome Suzan! Congratulations!

    1. thanks so much Faye - I'm so behind in replying to comments it's terrible

  20. hello susan
    TiranaAduka blogger from Malaysia
    Wish you
    Mary x'mas

  21. Looking good, but if you do her whole house will we ever see you in 2013???


  22. How exciting for you Suzan! You are really moving on up and I'm thrilled to watch you go on this journey to the next stage of your career.
    You did a wonderful job in her home so far, so it's not surprising!
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
    Debbie :)

  23. Oh was only a matter of time, my dear.There's no way that your talent would go unnoticed. :) I am so very happy for you, sweetie. You are going to have so much fun "playing house" with this thrilled, grateful soul who hired you. :) Congratulations! Enjoy every single minute, sweets!

    Oh....and sending joyous Christmas blessings to you and John! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  24. That woman hired you so obviously she has the best in taste!!! Congratulations on finding each other, and hurray that your furniture is going to be featured.

    It's awesome too that your hubby did your pallet trees. :)

    How wonderful to find your happy post. :)

  25. It all looks so wonderful!! Great job and congrats! Chalk paint is the best....

  26. Outstanding! I'm so happy for you ~ and now I can say "I knew you when". :)
    Such beautiful painting and rearranging you've done already, no wonder she likes it! Those mirrors are totally gorgeous. Can't wait to see more ~


  27. Hi Suzan!!

    I'm soooo happy for you!! It's about time your beautiful work is shown in a store. Your never ending talents are going to take you to new levels. Who knows, maybe a realtor will want you to start staging homes for her/him.

    I really love the colors you chose and those mirrors are beautiful. The room looks great!!


  28. Yup girl, I agree. YOU are going places. When you got it you got it. And yes, you got it! Painting old furniture is sometimes hard, but I really love the new look. Great job and can't wait to see what else you whip up for her. I bet she's still dancing! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  29. Gorgeous pieces! I'd be nervous to paint that antique too. I'm featuring you in the PoPP Spotlight this weekend. Thanks for linking up.

  30. Oh Suzan I'm so happy for you! What a beautiful home and WOW you did a wonderful job on her furniture. I'm like you and hesitant to paint really old furniture but it is the customers choice. I'm also glad he didn't stay made. lol. Thanks so much for linking up at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy

    1. Thanks so much Peggy!!! She really does have a gorgeous home- the potential is just amazing

  31. What a riot! Turned out great, how fun!!

    1. thanks Shelly - lol - she was a riot - and then I never heard back from her LOL


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