Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Living with Scrooge!

A warm Hello from the home of sunshine and happiness lol - just a few vignettes of Christmas in our home......................I'm taking a break from I WANNA live there this week - too many holiday things to post about!

a home made Christmas Cloche - made with an oversized glass vase turned upside down

I did this tray that sits on an antique sled that Johnny Boy found in the garbage (he hates it when I call him that - so today I'm calling him that - he peed me off royally tonight - tell you why at the end of the post )

and this one is really significant for me - because I placed 20 small ornaments and 6 large ones...................
to honor the Sandy Hook victims and to keep them close to me for Christmas.  To the wandering eye they're just a tray of pretty ornaments - to me however they're so much more than that.
Tobey from tobey's trash or treasure did a Christmas Tribute in her home too - take a peak at hers too, it's so lovely.

wreath in our bedroom - I tried to strategically place my watermark so you couldn't see that my bed's not made - who has time to make a bed this week?

ornaments sits on dressers ( hmmm - think I'll put that happy picture of us face down tonight lol )

John says - What's with all the ornaments in glasses and bowls all over the house?
Suzan says - They're decorations John
John says - Yeah - but aren't they meant to go on trees?
Suzan says - Are you serious?
Suzan says - Don't you know how to use your imagination?
John says - Ok Ok - God you're testy
( and I am - like I said I'll tell you why at the end of the post )
John says - I think they look a little silly to be honest with you
Suzan says - So don't be honest with me
John says - you've even got them sitting on sconces and picture frames
Suzan says - Isn't there any golf on t.v. or something?
John says - what are you going to hang on the tree?  can't wait to see this
because you won't have any ornaments left to hang on it........................
Oh I can think of a couple of ornaments I'd like to hang on the tree this year

Ok here's why I'm peed off
I want to make one of these

Wood and Wool Stool
Aren't they just fantastic?  They're all over the place and every time I see one I know I have to make one.
I HAVE the planks all ready to be sawed down to size - ( and before you say I can do the sawing - trust me I cannot - I have a shoulder that's been causing me a lot of pain ) And I pictured us happily working on this
project together - side by side with Christmas carols playing in the background - snow falling gently outside
and instead this happens.........................

Suzan says - John could you cut me some of those planks we have from the pallet we found this summer
John says - WHY?
Suzan says - I want to make a pallet christmas tree
John says - Dear God - isn't the ladder enough?
Suzan says - Could you just please cut me the planks
John says - NO ( ohhhh - I don't take to that word too well ) and to be honest he doesn't say it all that much
Suzan says - What do you mean, NO ?  What kind of reply is that?
John says - It's overkill - we've got the ladder - I think the dirty pallets are just too much
John then goes to lie on the bed - with the converter in his hand - legs crossed - and there's
something about this particular position that can make me lose my mind.
There's still a million things to do after all - and making a pallet tree is one of them.  Top Priority actually.
And the longer he lays on that bed - the bigger a priority it becomes for me.
Suzan says - standing in the doorway - Do I have to call someone to come cut the planks for me?
John says - NO - give it up already - where the hell are you going to put it?
Oh I can think of the perfect place I'd like to put it.
John says - Are you making supper?
Suzan says - NO
Suzan says - I'll be too busy trying to cut pallets with my bad arm
Suzan says - Supper is overkill - you ate last night
Suzan says - eyeing his belly - Where would you put it after all?

But I am going to keep bugging until those planks are cut!
I will have myself one of those pallet sign trees - I will, I will, I tell you I will!
( stamping my feet like the spoiled baby I am and there's nothing worse than a
53 year old spoiled baby - it loses its cuteness somehow to pout when you have wrinkles )

AND - I'm NOT making supper tonight - it's the only bargaining tool I have left
and I aim to use it folks.......................he's not going to bah humbug his way out of this one.
Sunshine and happiness to all :)

Oh and I wanted to relay a comment I got from Carolyn -OLD CROW if anybody is wondering what to do in light of Friday - please read this - what an incredible idea - and something I would have been overwhelmed by as a young mother when everything I bought for Christmas was on lay away....................Carolyn - you are the farthest thing from an Old Crow that I know - much love

"As with another blogger that I follow on Pinterest I really thought today my in box would have no messages but there were and they were words of hurt, pain and sorrow so that's OK. What I propose since we are so strong in the blog world as in the real world that we something more and it's something we can do everyday of our lives and that's Pay it Forward. If you can, go to Target, K-Mart, Walmart and pay for a layaway or just give a smile to someone homeless standing on a corner. Let's all strive to Pay it Forward and maybe, just maybe we can change the world. Thank you and bless each of you. I'm having a hard time dealing with 20 little children being killed so in order for me to heal I think I need to Pay it Forward. Thank you all."


  1. I am cracking up at your little story. Men just don't get it. You will have to get your shoulder mended so you can tackle the project on your own. Love all the ornaments by the way, make sure you tell John. LOL

  2. When I showed Chucks the ladder trees and my plan for next year's wooden tree (quite elaborate!), he said he liked traditional trees. This would be the man who NEVER puts up decorations. (To be fair at the moment he has the flu.) I have declared I will call everyone and cancel Christmas if I do not get some help. Then I banished him upstairs filled with oatmeal, OJ, and cold medicine. At least I won't have to look at him while I finish decorating! If I was anywhere within 200 miles, I would come and help you cut the pallet and erect the tree and add the proper balls to it!

  3. I was laughing way back at 'Johnny Boy,'lolol

    I hope you get your pallet rung tree. And I hope your hubby gets dinner (if he's like mine he will starve rather than fix it for himself).

    And as for 'paying it forward,' it's a great plan and I'm all in.

  4. Always entertaining, but seriously get a saw, they're not that expensive, I would have nothing if I had to rely on the hubs cutting for me. A great christmas present!

  5. so, did he cut the wood or did he skip dinner?

  6. :D Oh boys! They don't get it! Great idea, I also need to Pay it Forward!

  7. Men just don't get it do they!
    Thinking of you there in the cold, while pool water is dripping off me as I type!

  8. Sometimes the urge to create just overides everything else. I had to paint a crate before I could even think about cooking for my family. x

  9. Suzan - I do not saw either. It's on my bucket list to learn how to use power tools but the hubs or my son usually take care of those things for me. The conversation and the pose of John are so like our house - I had tears - laughing. Pay it forward is awesome. My niece was at a fast food restaurant the other night and the person in front of her paid for her dinner so she paid for the person's behind her. It's a wonderful jesture and maybe, just maybe it will help....As always, great post.....

  10. I want one of those pallet trees too! You could by a miter saw - then you won't hurt your arm!

  11. Hmmmpfh. I hit enter too soon. As far as paying it forward, my husband and I don't limit it to this time of year. We always pick up the bill if there is a police officer or soldier in line with us. We've also paid for groceries and prescriptions of elderly people.

  12. Wish I was closer, you tell me what to cut and I'll cut it. We could get into a whole lot of trouble!

  13. LOVE your Christmas decorations! You are so clever--can you please come over and do my house????? Sorry the Hubs isn't cooperating. I get frustrated with mine for the same reasons during the holidays. I sincerely hope that you get your plank tree though--that is one of the coolest homemade Christmas decorations I have seen! Good luck to you & post pictures as soon as you put it up--see, I'm sending positive energy your way so you get your tree!

  14. I love your conversations with hubby, they make my day. I can't wait to see it when it's done. I know he'll do it eventually tee hee. Your decorating is so pretty. Love that wreath on the mirror.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  15. Suzan, you are sooo funny! I love how you 'keep it real'! And your holiday decor looks amazing (even sans pallet tree :)

  16. Hi Suzan!!

    You're killing me!!!!! Bah-ha-ha...I can't stop!!!!

    I live with a John and it kills me that he can't see what I'm trying to achieve and once that I do the project ON MY OWN, he says how great it looks!!!!

    If I was John, I would never say no again, because some of him might just land on the tree!!!

    I love what you're doing with the decorations. It's so personal and it shows the beauty inside you.


  17. Thanks for the laughs...& for letting me know that my "DH" isn't the only stoopid male on the face of the earth (we had an "incident" at a concert the other night where he told me to stop doing something because it was annoying him...well, you might say that I didn't take too kindly to that #@%%^*## !!)! It ruined the whole night & I could still spit nails when I think about it...so I'm trying not to!

    Just remember, this too shall pass!

    1. Hey you!
      Who do they think they are?
      Don't they realize how lucky they are? lol
      Stop spitting nails - really really bad for the enamel on your teeth!

  18. Oh dear, are we still married to the same man? Hubby has started his Christmas vacation by overflowing the bathroom sink (I just wanted to run it a bit to loosen the sluggishness) - so much so that it dripped through to the living room couch, carpet and decorations - leaving marks in the ceiling and the hardwood. Then spent the remainder of the day installing an over the stove microwave (should have taken about an hour).

    I have one project that I need his help with, but that's not getting done.Happy, happy, happy.

  19. I got a terrible visual of John today. He's walking funny with a very high pitched voice, but the tree is decorated with two things anyhow.


  20. I always enjoy your arguments oops, sorry discussions with John. I was quite shocked this morning when I reached the bottom and you had mentioned my name and displayed my comment. I can't take credit for the idea because I heard about it on the Today show. I did my Pay it Forward today but there is still more I can do with simple acts of kindness. I was thrilled that others plan to embrace the idea. We really can help to change the world or at least make it a more pleasant place.

    On another note - I'm guessing John has now cut your wood for your plank Christmas tree or it is being worked on as I type if not already finished and ready for you to add your creative touch.

    Keep including your conversations with John as they are a bright spot because we all have those talks and it keeps life real.

    Merry Christmas and thank you for helping to spread the word on Pay it Forward.

  21. This is hysterical…how did you clone John, from my husband…too funny!

    now I have to see the real pallet tree


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