Saturday, March 30, 2013

Client's update ( dining room set makeover )

Good morning everyone.............

I have to give such thanks to all of you for being so understanding this week - I feel terrible - I'm behind with comments ( hundreds of them ) and I haven't had time to visit - I just keep posting and posting and feel I'm not doing my share here in Bloglandia.................
I really will catch up on the weekend!

Ok - this week was a little messed up - I worked at April's on Monday afternoon - 
Tuesday morning I checked my messages and there was one from the doctor - I had forgotten all
about a follow up appointment from that fiasco in January - and had already forgotten a prior one so 
had no choice but to bail out on April for the day..............
Went again on Wednesday -
Thursday April had previous plans - so I made other plans - then she was able to cancel hers - couldn't cancel mine - so another write off............
Went again on Friday - forgot my camera................
I brought the 4 chairs home to do from here ( I HATE doing chairs lol - but they take the longest so better I spend a couple of days here doing them )

So here's where we stood after a day and a half - ( wednesday before I left for the day ) 

painted, dining room table, pedestal legs, mahogany, ascp, french linen, old white,

including 2 leaves - I'll have to get a close up of those legs because they're just gorgeous!

Mahogany, Dining table, Antique, pedestal legs, ascp, french linen,old white,

from " meh "

painted,antique,buffet and hutch,ascp,french linen, old white,

to such elegance - God I love this piece - it's casual sophistication - an oxymoron I know but that's how I see it now - it doesn't look stuffy and formal - not finished in these photos but almost - 

painted, antique buffet, hutch, before,after,ascp,french linen,old white,

painted, before, after, mahogany,antique,sideboard,buffet,ascp,french linen,old white

painted, before,after,antique,buffet,sideboard,mahogany,annie sloan,french linen,old white

There's a technique that's being applied to make it look kind of like " driftwood " turned out gorgeous - 
But I'll save that until it's finished.

I swear to you, I didn't realize how absolutely beautiful this set was until it was painted - the details on each piece are just amazing!
Once again, I'm in love with inanimate objects lol

April and Vladismir ( you know I'm using Aliases here, right?  Don't ask me how I picked Vladismir when her hubby has the most North American name you can imagine lmho,  had an almost identical set in their garage for ages - couldn't sell it - they finally got rid of it last month - I would have bought that in a heart beat - and apparently they had to let it go for almost nothing  ) 

If I don't speak to you this weekend - have a lovely Easter weekend

Much love,

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  1. As always - gorgeous! Have a lovely Easter. (With or without a hat!!)

  2. its beautiful and I'm anxious to know about the drift wood technique!

  3. Hola Suzan!
    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! your before & afters, definitely coming back for tips! Newest Bloglovin follower, thanks for hosting the hop! Also, followed via GFC and am now your newest reader #833. Looking forward to sharing the love and support. Thanks! :)


  4. I'm always amazed how painting a gorgeous wood piece can make it even better. You're so right about the details coming through. Just last week I helped my BFF paint her cherry wood bedroom suite (much to her husband's dismay) and it turned out beautifully - the details on the piece showed through in a way they never had before.

    This dining room suite is stunning - love the grays. What a difference this will make in the room.

    And I'm with you - I hate painting chairs - have a lovely set in the basement just waiting (and waiting, and waiting).

    Happy Easter to you and John - hope you're surrounded with kids and chocolate.

  5. Beautiful, Suzan!
    Oh. And I love the Minnie Pearl impression. lol

  6. Hi Suzan, I love the transformation and look forward to seeing your driftwood technique. Happy Easter!

  7. The set really is coming to life with the new colours. She's gonna love it! I hate doing chairs, too. They go on for ever and ever.

  8. It's looking fabulous, and so is your Easter bonnet. :)

    Pity they let the other set go! Sometimes it's better to just not know these things, lol.

    Happy Easter weekend to you.

  9. Everything is looking fabulous I can't wait to see this whole project. Doing chairs is the worst. Happy Easter.


  10. oh it's looking awesome! I think it is so funny that so many people think it a crime to cover the wood grain. paint a piece and the details of how it's made really stand out! Guess it's whether you like the details or the wood grain. I just wish the grain lover would get over being so devastated when I like the details! LOL!
    ps - I painted my old ladder and hauled it in to my living room today! I am IN LOVE!

  11. Amazing job! The hutch is really beautiful. I love the top. And please don't apologize about anything, I love it when you're visiting, but I'm not going to blame you if you're too busy. And also, will you still visit me every now and then even if I tell you I couldn't help me laugh when I saw you with your Easter hat?

  12. Don't wear your self out answering emails..we receive from your art and blogging and sharing and funny stuff.
    Just make a blog post or on your comments saying you read them you thank everyone and that your time is spent making posts and art. You only answer emails sometimes..we don't want you to burn out!! Guilt is not healthy!!!

  13. These pieces are looking mighty fine!! You're so sweet to stop by with everything else you have going on. Have a wonderful Easter celebration!
    Mary Alice

  14. I love the color! It's so pretty! Great job!

  15. Happy Easter - lovin' your Easter bonnet!
    Furniture is great.

  16. This is gorgeous! Loving all the details!
    Hope you have a restful holiday weekend and look forward to seeing the finished pieces when they are done!
    hugs Alyson x

    1. You're such a sweetheart Alyson - thanks SO much!
      Hope you're having a great Easter :)
      Much love,

  17. Looking good. The furniture... not so sure about that Easter bonnet.


  18. This set is coming up roses! It is amazing the difference paint can make...can't wait to see it finished! And to finding out what this new 'driftwood' technique is. :)
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  19. great job- look so much more up to date!

  20. Careful, you do not want to become the crazy hat lady! I did not expect to like this set painted, but you are so right - in the gray and white it is simply elegant. I can't wait to see how she styles the room. Please include a pic of Vladismir - I can't seem to picture what one would look like :>)

  21. I love your blog, always brings a smile when I read. You seem like such a fun person :)


  22. Looooking gooood!!!! Can't wait to see the driftwood finish. Always love learning something new!

  23. these pieces look incredible (but of course...this is you we are talking about) i bet the client is uber happy!

  24. Looking forward to the finished pieces. The driftwood thing sounds cool! Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  25. Oh my gosh your clients must adore you! So beautiful and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the driftwood technique! The hat?? should not be allowed to hat shop alone.

  26. Hi Suzan!!!!!!

    I really love the after shots. Great color!!! The set looks really great now!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend!! We had the most perfect weather!!

    Have a great week!!!


  27. Yes, those pieces look so much better painted...who'd thought? Amazing transformation! Can't wait to see them all finished.

  28. These pieces look amazing can't wait to see them all done. I am in love with that table. curious about what that white liquid is in the dish soap container, is this the secret to the driftwood effect hhmmmmm
    Never apologize for being busy my dear, hope you had a great Easter weekend. hugs Tobey

  29. Love the results. What is the color of the hutch?

  30. This is gorgeous! i love the color and Loving all the details!UK Cheapest Online Beds Store


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