Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring in Montreal...................

DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS.......................

It's Tuesday - March 19 - roughly 6 o'clock in the evening  - I need to run to the store to pick up a few things
Care to join me for a beautiful Spring Walk?

The plow hasn't been down the street yet - how lucky!!!  OK let's go - the store's only 5 minutes away.

Westmount, Montreal, Spring, Snow, Heritage Home Fronts,

I may have bragged for the last couple of weeks that the snow was melting and it was very spring like here
in Montreal
SHUT UP SUZAN -  seriously, just SHUT UP - you'd think I would know better by now .....................

snow, heritage homes, westmount, montreal,

Can you hear the birds chirping in the trees?

tree, snow, montreal,

Do you see the " buds " on the bushes ?

Don't these " Pines " make you think of summer by the lake - adirondack chairs and camp grounds ?

Doesn't this no parking sign scream " Tulips " ?  Just the right amount of color to send my heart soaring in hopeful glee

not enough color for you?
how about this big beautiful bouquet of Street Lights ?

and it's not ALL red - there's splashes of blue too!

Birds are starting to build their nests

Spring planters are getting filled

Terraces are almost ready for the outdoor patio sets

So if I did commiserate with any of you last week ( quite smugly I would guess - because that's what I DO )
over all the snow you had -
And if I did unintentionally intentionally brag that it really was Spring Like here in Montreal - all I can say today is
PAYBACK'S AN really is

Do you have a " Spring " in  your walk yet?
Does this help?

nah, I didn't think so - I'm going to go eat my words with a bag of chips I just picked up at the store.
If I can't have spring - I can most definitely eat a bag of chips - the whole bag by the way -
because that's what happens when Mother Nature messes with me...................

O Canada! Our home and native land
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise
The true north, strong and free
From far and wide, O Canada
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free
O Canada! We stand on guard for thee

except when it's like this Canada - then I'm all like
"Oh say can you see - from the dawn's early light............."

from somewhere in Florida

this is what I got to hail tonight ( at the twilight's last gleaming )

I will ALWAYS stand on guard for you, Oh Canada
But right now,  I wish I could do it from Florida................

Montreal - where you can get 3 seasons in one week, lovely isn't it?
Just freaking lovely!
Happy Spring Everyone :)
It looks a little better today - no less snow - but the sun is out -
Thank you Mother Nature for that, at the very least! ( and I promise - no more gloating )


  1. Looks like the middle of winter here too, and I was chortling at the bird's nest, guffawing by the time I got to the patio comment (who makes up such words as 'chortling' and 'guffawing?'). :)

    1. Not so sure about 'guffaw' but it was Lewis Carroll who coined the word 'chortle' in his poem 'JABBERWOCKY' from the book "Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There,"

      "And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
      Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
      O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
      He chortled in his joy.

      It is a true lesson in grammar that as long as the syntax is correct you can make-up whatever word you like. Makes for a killer exam in sentence diagramming kinda like Mother Nature playing with the syntax of our weather... As long as she stays within the parameters of the season she can insert whatever seasonal anomaly she'd like.

  2. LOL!!! Oh Suzan... it looks just like that here in the Ontario boonies. Last year at this time we were outside in summer clothes doing yard work. Not this year! I love the colourful Gerbera daisies, and that blue fire hydrant is a nice splash of colour. Florida? Heck yah!!

  3. Damn I hate this country. It will never end will it? By the time spring finally rolls around it'll be November and winter will be back.

    This said, it's funny seeing pics of the neighborhood on your blog...

    1. Whoa - that's serious words Lil lol
      We've got a lot more to hate living in this province right now than snow..............
      I'm having pasta for supper, you?

    2. Ha! I am having a double helping of pasta....that is pasta and not les pâtes.... got it?? :)

  4. Here in Australia we don't ever get to experience the joy of snow- not even in the middle of winter, let alone spring!

  5. POOR YOU Deanne LMHO - poor you! You have to suffer with aqua like oceans..................

  6. I feel your pain! Thanks for taking us out on a walk today... love the blue hydrant :)

  7. It is freezing here in Chicago land. So over winter! I did see a robin in the backyard today. Woo hoooo there might be hope!

  8. Seriously Laughing so hard! I agree with you sister! Colorado can be the EXACT same way....This Vegas girl has a hard time with spring pretending to come and then winter dumping it's wonderful self!

  9. What a beautiful walk! We're about to get a snowstorm...and it was over 70 last Friday! Oh won't last. I think I'll have you write the National Anthem for the U.S.o.D.!

  10. OMG I didn't know you lived on my road
    ;-) SICK OF IT...

    1. Probably close to your son though!!!
      I'm sick of it too Ellie!

  11. Even tho today is the first day of spring, that was a lovely walk. Seriously. Yes, SERIOUSLY! But if you really need a dose of our Florida Sunshine I'll get the guestroom ready.
    Ummmm....can you say 82* F?

  12. Can you believe it? Same thing here!! We got a blast yesterday and this morning and that is my post for tomorrow if I get my butt in gear here. Oh-Canada-is right- like OH NO MORE SNOW...xo Diana

  13. Ok now I don't feel so bad about the rain, thunder and lightning we got today. I can see my grass and we do not have any of the white stuff. you poor thing, hope over to my blog and hopefully the pics will make you smile and get you out of the winter blues. hugs Tobey

  14. There was a robin in my yard a couple of days ago. I haven't seen him since so I guess he froze to death. It's enough already!

  15. It's a bit like that here too Suzan only without the snow. We are experiencing the coldest March in 10 years... only 15 degrees this morning. Not that 15 is all that cold for us, but in March? Our winter was warmer than our spring. Go figure.
    "Montreal - where you can get 3 seasons in one week, lovely isn't it?
    Just freaking lovely!" That's what we say about Indiana only you get it all in one day.
    "Spring planters are getting filled"... That's my personal favorite!
    It will get warmer right? If not I'm heading to Florida with you.

    1. It WILL get warmer Cindy - but when LMHO - it goes from this to stifling hot here -
      So we'll go from the heaters blasting to the air conditioning blasting -
      I'll meet you in Florida - that's a pretty safe bet of lovely temperatures............

  16. A little less snow here in my neck of the woods, but cold, cold, cold! I'm ready for spring. And by the way, we need to fire the groundhog's behind! Didn't he predict an early spring? He is full of hot air. Not really, cause at least that would warm us up!

    Perhaps we'll take a page from your book and put "cyber" flowers in our planters, lol!


  17. Can I get a witness??!!! The tv was on while I was getting ready this morning, and the weatherman said "It is currently ZERO degrees" and I used some nasty language and cast an evil look in his general direction.

    I let out an audible gasp at the second photo, the front of those homes are gorgeous! And then I laughed through the rest of your post. I want to cry. But laughing is so much healthy for the soul.

  18. Okay, between the ice that now lies beneath the snow and the never-ending snowfall....well, I am beat. Have you seen that Manitoba grandmother putting out videos of her in her black bathing suit participating in winter sports?? HIlarious.

  19. I should sympathise and all, but I really laughed while reading that post. My hands are all blue and my toes all red and swollen just watching at your pictures. In Brittany spring is on its way... But today it rained all day long (something the cats really can't understand - every five minutes, they asked to go out, hoping it had stopped).

  20. I feel your pain!!! I am so tired of the snow and winter i could SCREAM! When I did started reading this I was giggling a bit because that is similar to what I say. Too funny....LOL


  21. 3 seasons in one week. Yeah, ohio can do that to ya too. So if you decide to come south - please stop and see me and we will both head farther south where the sun is hot and the breeze is warm. And there is green and red and blue and yellow and pink and purple instead of white.

  22. So it's all YOUR fault! I wondered where this crummy weather was coming from. Last year at this time, we were basking in 26C weather and the magnolia tree was blooming (sadly only to freeze where it was the following week). Spring - still a dream here in SW Ontario too.

    1. The weather always comes from the West Sweetheart - YOU are sending it to me!!!
      Last St Patricks day it was 23 degrees here -
      Can't stand it anymore..........

  23. you dont suffer alone! walked out to leave for work this morning and it was cold, windy and snowing! spring got lost...

  24. Well I won't tell you about our day today at the risk of gloating myself...all I can say is that South Florida was the place to be. I wish I could have bottled up this day and saved it least into this coming Saturday when it is supposed to be up to 85. I say, "no thanks" to that. Loving the low 70's! Loved your pictures though and all that Spring color you found.

  25. LOL! We had the same problem here today--but it is melting! I put a post up about it--in the Country Whites Weekend Features. We've just need to be patient!
    Springtime Blessings,

  26. Hi Suzan!!!

    I'm afraid to comment because here on the West Coast, we had one snow fall
    and that was in early December and it stayed around for 1 day and that was

    I was telling my uncle in Hudson area that the grass is always green here and that there are parts on the north shore that is a rain forest. We do get rain, but, it's liveable, not a nuisance. Tulips are coming out and the temps are getting into the double digits.

    I know...Pam SHUT-UP!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!!!


  27. Oh Suzan how I love your blog! I get it via email and always open it, no matter the subject (sad to say I don't do so with all blogs). Just so FUN! Anyway, I'm in Kansa City, less than a week ago it was almost 80, I now have 10 inches of snow in my backyard. I am so ready for spring.

  28. Well that is the nicest compliment Joann - thanks SO much - I have a big cheesy grin on my face reading this!!!
    We're almost there - I can feel it in my bones - if not - I'll meet you in Florida lol


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