Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thinking out loud ( is that allowed? )

A random post - because some days my brain just works like that -
Really - I'm just " thinking " out loud................( which is in fact rambling in my world )

1) I deleted my blogger comments from my " in box " since last June 20, 2012 - all 18,000 of them -
Why did I feel a little sick letting them go?
Another quirk I suppose...................
You're supposed to feel better when you " purge "
I didn't.
I'm a comment hoarder obviously.

2) Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the awesome things out there in blogland?
Like seriously OVERWHELMED?
Especially in the mornings when I'm trying to play catch up................
Where do people get these ideas from?
I swear to you - I've mentioned this before but I really believe if we all joined forces we
could build a country.  A very pretty country. I don't know how economically sound it would
be - but wouldn't it be the prettiest country on the planet?
Oh yeah - with NO POLITICS - just fabulous makeovers and crafts.
I'm tired of politics - I'm sick of politics - living in this province makes one very very weary sometimes.

3) Why doesn't Blogger have a block button?
Why shouldn't we be able to block people we would rather not have visiting our blogs?
We can keep them from entering our homes - we can block them from our phones -
We can terminate relationships that are toxic -
Why can't we stop unwanted guests from stalking our sites?
Something to think about Blogger.
And I don't mean Captcha - I mean regular mean spirited people - that really have no business
checking up on our daily posts.
Blogger stalking is every bit as yucky as real life stalking!
Not as scary - but definitely just as yucky. ( trust me - sometimes ignorance is bliss - I would rather not have known )

4) I have 1 week to work on as much as I can - because next week custom work begins - for 4 separate clients - it never rains ( but it pours folks - it most definitely pours )

5) I hit almost 45,000 hits last month - I  can remember ( very clearly ) walking around with a smile from ear to ear when I hit 10...............my brain can barely register last month's. My smile now goes from the front door to the back now ( I have a big mouth ).

6) Here's a sneak peak of the transfer gel I did on a coffee table - with verbal instructions over the phone.
First time for me - I'm hooked -
And the great thing is that I've worn my fingerprints off - so if I'm ever " wanted " they won't be able to identify me.
Tutorial to be posted on Friday.

7) Life is going by at a terrifyingly fast pace lately - is it because I'm in my 50's - or is life going by at a terrifyingly fast pace for everyone?
I think it has something to do with blogging - not sure though - have to do some research on that
There should be a warning somewhere when you first sign up.
At least then you'd know.

8) A day should be 36 hours - 24 hours is just not long enough.
Who decided it had to be one cycle of the orbit of the earth?
Must have been a MAN - who can actually live according to that rule
( other than Children - I have to admit it DOES work well for children )
And YEARS should be 104 weeks - then I'd only be 27 - and a wise 27 to boot - win win.
Must have been MEN who decided that too - because they seem to get better
with age,  Women?  Not so much.

9) I was recently asked by Adorned from Above to co-host a linky party - and I'm nervous.
Don't ask me why - I know logically there's nothing to be nervous about - but
this party gets over 300 links - those numbers make me nervous.
I put it off for a month - and am biting the bullet this week - and doing it tomorrow -
so I WANNA live there will be postponed slightly.  Wish me luck - come by and link up.

10) I miss my sisters ( don't have sisters - but the girls I grew up with are my sisters of the heart )
It's been too long - and it's my fault - not theirs.

Nella and I in Paris...............

Caroline - I saw you last week - don't miss you.......................

I thought of posting photos of all my blog buddies ( also of my heart ) but this page would go on forever
Hopefully you know how special you are to me.

11) Just received this interesting fact from a friend

 Calendar for March 2013


This year March has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years.
This is called money bags. So, forward this to your friends and money will arrive within 4 days.
Based on Chinese Feng Shui. The one who does not forward.....will be without money.

So I'm forwarding it on to as many as possible by posting it on my blog.............
May have to change the name of my blog to MONEY BAGS............by Suzan
If any of you benefit from this you cannot call your blog MONEY BAGS
But if we all get wealthy enough we can maybe build that country.

Where are you from?
Bloglandia, you?

What a perfect fit.
What a perfect place I've found for myself.
Just need to find a little of this. ( never was too good at that I must admit - even before blogging )
It's the key, after all
Have any of you found it?
Can you do a tutorial on it?

Hope you all find the perfect amount of it in your day
Love to all


  1. Suzan I so agree with all of the above. Especially about all the talent out there. It can be overwhelming and intimidating (if you let it). I so love your blog and your work and I am very happy for all of your success. You go girl! And remember to pace yourself.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  2. Bloglandia love it, congrats on the page views and I have yet to declutter my comment inbox. I love my blog friends too. I may not meet any but they're just as real as the ones in the flesh Sometimes better!

  3. I am constantly amazed, awed and humbled by the talent and friendship of Bloglandia. My mother-in-law says that that "flexibility is the key", which I think is easier to attain than balance. I'll be back tomorrow to link up to your party for sure!

  4. I know what you mean by getting overwhelmed and I'll be totally with you on the block button. Time is going by way too fast for a 30 year old too and I'm anxious about your coffee table! I can't get enough of that french graphic. :)
    Much love, Dina

  5. Suzan your random thoughts post made me smile. So many of the things you mentioned are bouncing around in my head as well. Yes time, time, we can't hold on tight enough, we can't slow it down. It is speeding up, moving faster than imagined now that I am fifty something. it seems to be moving more quickly than before. I am happy to be part of your blogging world. Hugs!

  6. I made the move to WP and like it much better :-)
    Yes I get overwhelmed too so much to do so little time!


  7. Unfortunately, I'm probably not the one to talk to about balance. I'm kinda an 'all or nothing' kind of person. It would be nice to get it figured out before I die. lol ANYWAY, love that gel tranfer. I even have that gel sitting in my closet, ready for me to get busy and do something with it! Hope you have a good day, Suzan.

  8. I totally agree with you, Suzan! I'm also trying to find that perfect balance!
    Congrats on the page views, I'll be here tomorrow to link up.

  9. Suzan-Oh-yeah- I hear you! It is hard to find balance in blogging and living and trying to do all we want/need to do. I think this post says perfectly what a lot of us want to say. You are right THERE, kiddo. And, yes, I do believe we have more of a sense of time speeding up the older we get. One of my friends recently told me how time DRAGGED for her- I told her she needed to get a LIFE...lol (nicely, of course). I can't IMAGINE time dragging, can you?

    I will be anxious to see the tutorial on the gel transfer. If your fingers aren't so eroded you can't type!;>) Sounds like you have a super busy week coming up!!! xo Diana

  10. Girl, you post to your blog every day, which is beeeyootiful for us readers, but I can only imagine what kind of impact that has on YOU. I get stressed out even trying to properly entertain my Pinterest followers! So, my hat if off to you and all the other bloggers that enhance my life so much. I truly mean that.

    THANK YOU for the Money Bags thing, I really need some cash. There is a little problem however. That formation does not actually take 823 years to re-spin. It will happen again in 2019 for instance, which will FEEL like 823 years later, but we'll all still be around...

    Your "sisters" look like an awesome bunch.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's link party! Love the coffee table transfer!

  11. Congrats Suzan!! That's a lot of page views!! Being in my 50s as well I can so relate to the time going fast thing, and my mother says it just keeps speeding up as you get older. Soon we'll have to start going backwards just to slow it down. lol. So would love a block button. I had a nasty comment a while ago that is still bugging me. I'll definitely be over to link up tomorrow with a guest room makeover project.
    Have a great day!!

  12. Wonderful post! Can't wait to see your tutorial! I'll come to your party also!! Oh and time, it flies!!

  13. Hey Suzan,
    I love this post. You are going to do great as a co-host for the party. I'm impressed bout 45,000 pageviews in a month. I was excited that I hit 40,000, and I have no idea how to handle all of my emails. It feels like it just grows and grows, but I love everyone who sends them to me. They make me smile each morning with their kinds comments. The not so kind comments are just deleted anymore. I am choosing to not let me get to me. I also don't get as many anymore since I started not allowing people to post anonymously. It seems that they don't want other people to know that they are being unkind.
    Thank you for putting my days and blogging in perspective. You and Linda from With A Blast were my first blogging friends. I am thrilled that you are co-hosting my party tomorrow.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  14. great post! most of your thinking out loud make me smile :)...others made me think (in a positive way). keep at it!

  15. Love this post, I love all of your posts but this one I love today. I don't think anyone but a fellow blogger would realize the work involved in maintaining a blog. And yes I agree our days are too short and yes time goes by way too fast. I need more hours in my day and I need to be cloned. The years are going by way too fast, I have a grandson old enough to vote, WHAT, where did those years go? Money bags would be nice, to never worry about money again, can not even imagine. I would gladly live in Bloglandia, don't I already? hugs Tobey

  16. I just learned that those Magic erase sponges work really well when doing transfer..we do need to identify your fingerprints in case of Spontaneous combustion...ha...it does happen once in a while to humans..I think your husband might have a few words to say about that and your decorating habits......smile..

    1. For finish I actually used one of those pot scrubbers Deirdra - but only AFTER my finger prints were worn off LOL
      And sometimes the hot flashes are so severe I actually think I AM about to self combust!!!
      Big hugs,

    2. Ha ha...enjoying your humor and blog..Looking forward to learning where to get the transferes for furniture..and your tutorial...

  17. 8) I've been saying over and over again that if the world had been made by a woman, days would be longer than 24 hours as this is obviously too short to ever complete a woman's to-do list.
    7) Life is going at fast pace for me also so either so I guess it has nothing to do with age... Or it means I'm ageing as well (since years are not more than 52 weeks...)
    12) Balance is very difficult to find and whenever you find it, it's easy to loose!
    9)I'm gonna miss "I wanna live there", but I'm thrilled about the party.

  18. your so rigth abotu when it rains it pours & so i have no idea how to get balance if you find some clues pls leave a breadcrumb for the rest of us

  19. Balance? Managing time? Seeing friends? All of that is lost to me...and I have no idea where they went...no idea how to get it back.
    But, woohoo to you for co-hosting a linky party! I'm sure you'll be fine. And congrats on 45k!!
    Debbie :)

  20. Suzan, are you sure you are in your 50's cause you're pretty hot. A day goes by somewhat slowly especially if you are at work, but a month is a blink of an eye.

  21. Time does fly... We def should petition for 36 hour days...I say thisall the time. Great minds think alike =)

  22. :) I don't miss blogger at all. I'd love to help build a blogger country. Can I sew the curtains and slip covers?
    Don't think I'll ever reach that many views a month!
    I have no balance to my life it seems. Just piles and stacks and lists and projects!
    If the money bags thing works for you can I come visit you and let you pay?!
    Hopefully your blog stalkers will go away. Not fun.
    Hope you have some sun and warmth in your weather forcast in the near future!

  23. Suzan,
    Ok my dear I love this post. I love all your posts but I really like this one. It is all so great. You are a special blogger and I love your fun and natural humor that you put in all your posts. You are so real and down to earth and get this whole blog world and what comes with it. I am so happy I found you you make me smile and lol and inspire me. Please come by my blog this week and enter for the first give away I am having to celebrate my 1 year anniversary in blog land. I want you to have a chance my sweet blogging friend.

  24. I have so many comments so instead of writing a book in the comments thread I'll just say yes I will be at your party.


  25. Yes lets build a country!
    Australia is gorgeous and warm!

    1. lol - no doubt - but too far Deanne - just too far!
      Have to be on the same continent as my kids - dem's the rules!
      So we could have Bloglandia - and Blogalia

  26. I will come live in your country Suzan. Especially if there is no politics! We will slow time down in the new country too. I will look forward to seeing the new coffee table! Love the little snipit you allowed us to see!

  27. Looking forward to your party. Balance must be overrated because who has that? I do find myself checking out of blogland from time to time to regroup, or doing all posting and no visiting, or all comment answering and no posting, or all visiting and no anything else in all of life but going to work. Blogs and balance do not go hand in hand but they sure are fun! Good luck with your projects!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  28. I want to live in the blogger country too! Great post! Good luck with your party.

  29. Balance? No such thing, SuzyQ.
    Will it exist in this new country or will we just pretend??? LOL
    The only balance I have is a cookie in one hand and a cold glass of tea in the other! Loved this post and I'm looking forward to your par-tay.
    That's a great looking group of friends you have and they look fun, too!
    Don't wear yourself out.
    xo, T.

  30. I'm definitely not the right person to ask about balance! It's been my goal for the last few years but I'm still very far from achieving it.

  31. Hi Suzan!!!

    I love the picture of you and your 'Sisters', of course, I missed meeting up with you girls that day. So next time I'll make sure I'm there!!

    When I started to follow blogs, I couldn't believe that there were people out there that liked what I liked. I then started to call it Blogland. I consider it like Disneyland, where women show their talent on their blogs.

    I sure appreciate all the hard work you do to show us what you're up to. You're the best when it comes to showing how your life really goes and John, he's hilarious. I can picture the trouble he gets into. Getting a ticket when he was picking up a piece of furniture for you and he was only a few blocks from home.

    This is why I love Blogland!!!!! I go visiting, never leaving the house.

    So thank you my friend for allowing us to visit you and see your talent from the beginning to the end of a project. Pace yourself over the next week, so you don't get burned out!!


  32. Great post! 18,000 comments! Wow, I wish!

    Hey I have that graphic in my blog banner! Except I hand painted it. I started using the transfer gel too. Are ypu using Artisan Enhancements? I made two things with it. One was really easy, the other I repainted 3 times because of the white stuff that wouldn't come off. I finally figured out you have to keep wetting it and rubbing gently. I'm posting about it today.

    Don't let Blogland take too much of your time. It is about balance.


  33. Balance. I wish. I think people that claim to have it are only fibbing ;-) BTW, if you win, I'm sure you will have the prettiest money bags; painted, distressed and stenciled.

    1. LMHO..............and the vault Betsy - the vault will be painted - distresssed and stencilled as well!


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