Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shabbify - the definition

I found this old mirror in a cupboard - when we bought this place it was hung in the bathroom as THE bathroom mirror - faux wood as it's actually plastic ( and I only realized it last night when I found it by accident and decided to do something with it )

I decided to shabbify it ...............yes in my vocabulary, that is most definitely a word
Much like Sprainting is ( spray painting ) I'm working on creating my own dictionary also.
A quick dry brushing of Annie Sloan Pure White did the trick.

There is no special way to do this - other than to go lightly in some areas, thicker in others..............
although where ever there is " relief " work - always go lightly to leave the darker color showing.........
That's it - probably took 10 minutes to do this makeover!

A little tip - I don't bother taping windows or mirrors - I simply use a razor tool to scrape paint off once I'm finished - eliminates any and all prep time that way..............and the scraping ( especially with chalk paint )
is effortless really.

To create " wear " I simply wet a scott towel - and rubbed a little..................

I placed it in front of the flreplace doors - since I choose to believe there will be no use for it for another 8 months
I also tried it with different candles - and not sure which way I prefer it

leaning towards the books I think.

Simply Vintageous by Suzan  Thesaurus
To create a Shabby Chic look with the use of white paint - 
eg - I shabbified a mirror today.
Shabbified, Shabbifying - Shabbify

Not too shabby, right?
Have a great Sunday all,
P.S. - just so you know how " blonde " I can be sometimes -
I posted this - and then went onto google reader to catch up on some other's posts and as I'm scrolling down
I come across a site - that reads SHABBIFY - THE DEFINITION
and I thought - Well!!! What are the chances of that?
Took me a moment before I realized it was mine..................

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  1. You are the Daniel Webster of the blog world! And your mirror looks awesomely shabbified!

  2. Ha! Too funny! I love the look of that mirror. I seem to have my own fascination with mirrors these days. Enjoy this beautiful weather Suzan!!

  3. Looks amazing and I really like both vignettes. Hugs, Marty

  4. LOL- Okay- Glad I am not the ONLY blond in blogland. I love the mirror- I have one waiting on me downstairs to Shabbify today (or tomorrow-or whenever). I need to get my mojo on to get a few projects done here. I love how yours turned out-you would never know it was (dreaded word) plastic. I like it with the books but that's just me.
    Have a great day- we'll catch up later- xo Diana

  5. Love it and I love making up fun words.

  6. Great shabbification!

    The last part of your post cracked me up. I don't think you have to be blonde to do stuff like that. Trust me. I'm not blonde and I do plenty of stuff like that, lol!

  7. Love how you have shabbified the mirror! I too like the set up with the books!
    hugs across the seas
    Alyson x

    1. I need a house with floor to ceiling built ins just for books Alyson - drowning in them - and they are the ONE thing I will never part with lol
      Thanks so much!

  8. I love how you Shabbified your mirror! It looks great! Beautiful vignette with the candlesticks. I hope the weather warms up and you don't have to move it!!

  9. i love the candle look but i'm a sucker for candles great job on the frame

  10. Love this....and the word shabbify is perfect! If I ever get around to posting my shabbified paris gray mirror, you'll be getting credit for the great word of the week!

  11. You didn't recognize your own blog title? ROFL! Gotta love a 10 minute project that turned out so well. You'd never guess it was plastic. I always say, if it will stand still, it can be painted.

  12. buahahahaha, on the definition. :)

    It looks good, and I sure hope you're right about not needing a fireplace for the next 8 mos. ;)

  13. I like it with the candles in front... so calming!

  14. That's too funny...I have lots of blonde friends, but I do love them! :) The mirror looks soooo much better. Love that it only took you 10 minutes. I've got the same paint but I need to get over my fear of rendering something useless in case I "change my mind" later. You go girl!


  15. We blondes have such a hard life! The time wasted by our blonde moments is something other people can't understand! There's a shot of the mirror where we can see your ceiling! Oh my God, you must share your ceiling more often, don't be selfish and keep it for yourself! Your house looks amazing in every picture. I'm sorry but if someone posts about a mirror, I'm going to check what it reflects!
    Magali, an other blonde.

  16. Sounds like something I would do. I was a blonde in my youth and you never outgrow it. I loved it and "LOL" that I was not alone.
    The mirror turned out fabulous and I was saying to myself that I liked the books better before I scrolled down and saw you favored the books. I love how the mirror placement reflect the rest of the room. The mirror over my mantel only reflects my ceiling fan.
    Have a blessed week, Ginger

  17. cheaply mirror looks grand, I hate the black hole called the fireplace (unless its lit). Snort, giggle, giggle - you are too funny! Patty/BC

    1. lol - do I make you snort Patty?

  18. Just laughing at bit at you blondie, just laughing.


  19. I always keep saying that the blond hair dye is going to kill me one brain cell at a time!!

    1. omg - thank God we have an abundance of brain cells LMHO

  20. Love the new shabbified mirror and the blonde joke. '-)

  21. Beautifully, perfectly, shabbily done, my Canadian sista! :) I like it with the books, too. :) And of course, there's only ONE word for you (yup, in the dictionary!): Suzantageous!!!!! lol! Hugs!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  22. How beautiful! Hey pretty girl, you are so talented too! Your vignettes are so pretty, as well. Have a happy St. Patty's week.

  23. Ha Ha Suzan I am glad to hear someone else has those blonde moments!!! I love your mirror it came out beautiful. I like the books and candles in front of it so pretty. Great job.

  24. Hi Suzan,

    I love your repurposed mirror! It looks fabulous with the candles in front of it. Totally vintageous!

  25. Great mirro, you did a fantastic job. Love the little topiary.


  26. mirror looks fantastic-I love the books display-love dee x

  27. you are TOO dang funny!!!! i like the "books version" too!

  28. Oh I love the word you used "shabbify" I think I will have to use that one, as I am always shabbifiing things. I love what you do, and in the background of your room 9reflection in the mirror, you have a desk that is so similar to one I have. Does the slanted part fold down to make a desk. It is a chippendale style and I have painted mine to be in my craft studio.

    1. LOL - perfect word, right?
      I'm amazed at what you people spotted in the mirror - I'm going to have to make sure the place is neat and tidy from now on ( just the reflected parts LOL )
      Yes that's a chippendale style secretary - love it more than I can tell you -
      Here's a little story on that - I loved it so much I paid 250.00 dollars for - talked the dealer down 100.00 and was so proud of myself - pre blogging days -
      a couple of months ago I saw the identical one for 50.00 - lesson learned!
      Thanks so much for coming by
      Big hugs,

  29. I love the frame and all of your unique little words. I seem to have a mirror addiction, can not resist them. My hubby thinks its funny that someone who hates looking in the mirror always buys mirrors lol
    Love the reflection of your room in the mirror, your place is so beautiful and unique, just like you. hugs Tobey

  30. Looks great! Come link up to my party on my blog The Style Sisters

  31. HiYa Blondie!!!!!

    It really looks like real wood!!!!

    Great job...I love it in white shabby!!! You're such a shabbify gal..LOL

    And putting on the mantel makes it looks very chic. Cool!!!


  32. I have been browsing through a link party and see something intriguing -and it be my entry! You should name her Holly Go-Lightly for the painting technique. I like the look of the books.

  33. Ha! I have the same memory issues. Short term memory is sketchy for sure, but ask me what I did when I was 9. No problem.

  34. Love the mirror makeover and the pretty vignette!


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