Monday, April 30, 2012

I feel busy ( oh so busy )

I feel busy and witty and bright

Well maybe not so bright - but here we go, I have started painting the kitchen
Remember how much I hated the orange tiles ( I cannot say TerraCotta because this is just such a blatant attempt at a forgery )

ASCP is supposed to be able to cover anything ( even glass supposedly ) so I took my Coco and painted them

and have started painting the cupboards white - ( with glass handles - need me my sparkle )

and added a little subway art to the kitchen wall

and started another dresser - 

this is ASCP's newest color Antoinette - and I love it ( truly deeply madly ) 
I took the mirror off to paint separately - but aren't the lines of this dresser
I can't wait to finish this one - it's to go to Piorra Maison 
( sometime this week so have to move it.
And that's all folks - 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Always on the lookout

Last night on our way out John casually mentionned that there was an old dresser someone had thrown out -
you could have knocked me over with a feather because this is something John would never do and I mean never - but he actually stopped the car in his suit and we dragged the dresser home - people do change you know.  There was a time when I would not step into a second hand shop, can you imagine being that superficial? But there you have it, I simply would not do it and if I was out with someone who wanted to go into one I would mostly wait outside and pray no one I knew would walk by. NOW?  I get excited to go to the Sally Ann - and second hand shops - it doesn't hurt that it's become a trendy thing to do ( save the planet ) I just love love love walking around and looking at old treasures but mostly I love the furniture - the beauty of the old pieces the bargaining with the shopkeepers but mostly I love the historical value that in my mind becomes priceless.
There was a time not so long ago when people retired from their first job - when they bought and lived in one home their entire lives - when spouses were forever - when appliances were maybe bought twice in a lifetime -  when watches and pens were something people treasured - when people went to shoemakers to repair shoes ( are they even around anymore? ) When people wore Sunday clothes only on Sunday because simple cotton housedresses were fine for the rest of the week - when kids wore hand me downs and shared rooms - when there was only 1 T.V. in the house and everyone sat down together to watch it ( and it actually went dead sometime after midnight - nada zilch finished ladies and gentlemen come back tomorrow )  when there was only 1 phone and you had to stretch the wire into your bedroom closet for some privacy ( trust me I know - I stretched our wire out as far as it could go until I got my beloved princess phone ) when the milkman came every morning and replaced the empty washed bottles with fresh new milk,  when furniture just got repainted when you wanted to change the decor in your room - it would simply be unthinkable to ask your parents for a new bedroom set.  Life was uncomplicated and in my mind the 60's were an idyllic time to be a child - on the cusp of big changes for sure - but sill uncomplicated, still an innocent time in general.  By the time I became a teenager in the 70's life was changing at a speed no one could have predicted and because I was a young teenager I changed with it - happily running where the changes would take me. Constantly buying buying buying - because everything had to be new and I had to have a lot of it.  I look back now at 53 and do not see anything I had even 10 years ago never mind a lifetime - and I see that any precious piece I would like my kids to have one day are pieces I have bought recently - treasured heirlooms I have picked up at thrift shops.  Priceless antiques that I have acquired for a steal and I wonder why on earth I didn't take some of my grandmothers pieces ( didn't want them at the time - they were old ugghhh ) what I wouldn't do for her piano today - or her antique glass cabinet with the cabriolet legs - instead I opted for chrome and glass - and then changed that for teak clean lines - and then changed that for.....................sinful isn't it?

Some of the pieces listed on CL tonight




When I walk into these old shops or scour Craigs List they take me back - they've become my comfort food - they're the pieces I grew up with and they want to come home to roost. ( or at the very least someone's home )


Monday, April 23, 2012

Lots of projects

I once again have too many unfinished projects................I have a real problem with the last of anything - the striped dresser needs the handles put on - the Union Jack dresser needs handles - the Union Jack desk needs handles and some waxing - for some reason I tend to stop before I should and move on to the next thing on my list..................some kind of disorder behind that I am sure.
They have not sold yet - and as soon as I get a request for one of them I'll move my butt and get it finished but until then?  Wonder why?
Hey Nicole can you help me out with why I do this, lol?

In the meantime I did this a couple of days ago -

John likes how the color of the diamonds are the same color as the couch ( ascp Coco )- he doesn't know
yet that I intend to sell it - but it really is too big for our living room - and guess what?
I HAVEN'T WAXED IT YET..........surprise surprise surprise.

Have a good one all

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My first blogger award!!!!!

Liebster Award

Please picture me with a long flowing gown on – I’m slightly trembling – and very very nervous


First of all I would like to thank my children – who’s unconditional love inspires me everyday and John, thank you for being here for me through this crazy journey of mine – I’d like To thank my Mother who instilled in me a love for all things d├ęcor –
I would like to thank all of my friends who encourage me day after day to keep doing what I am doing – and my grade 4 teacher who told me I had a “talent” I can’t remember what that talent was but thank you Miss Csillag……………
I would like to thank my followers who are more precious to me than they can ever realize and who make my day when they take the time to drop me a line – I would like to thank……………
IwouldliketothanksLindseyAllenfromBetterAfterwhohasfeaturedmemorethanIdeserve…..There I’ve got it all out there……………..LOL

Now, Seriously?
THANK YOU SO MUCH CJ, from In and Out my Nest ( ) pls check out her blog for really inspiring tablescapes - fun recipes and projects - she's a principal/teacher so have no idea where she finds time to do it all........................

I couldn’t be more thrilled – for me this is my Oscar – especially since it happens to fall on my Earthday/Birthday – what a
Great birthday present!!!!

The Liebster Blog Award is an award in the blogging community given to "up and coming" blogs, described as having less than 200 followers. The German translation of Liebstee is "My Beloved Friend."  

The Liebster rules:

1.  Nominate 5 up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers.
2. Show your appreciation to the person who nominated you by linking back to their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog and include links to the blogs you nominated.

I am passing this award on to:

Decorating Insanity ( ) these sisters rock - check out their before and afters
Nutmeg Place ( ) put a smile on your face guaranteed - check out her home projects ( plus she's an animal lover so a special place in my heart!! )

And now I am ever so gracefully exiting the stage - on Brad Pitt's arm .................


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lilith June 5, 2010 - Melati Suryodarmo -


I love museums - any and all that I've been too - including the Louvre and the D'orsay
and the Metropolitan. ( name dropping I know - but I am soooo lucky to have been
able to include them in my travels )
Obviously I've been getting my fixes at the wrong places.
I know art is very subjective and you either "get" it or you don't - I can honestly tell you
that I don't understand this one at all and even if I watched it nonstop for a month surrounded by
experts I would still not "get" it - but her audience does - great applause at the end. And check out her
face - very serious about her art.
Wow - " the times they are achangin "

Think I may videotape myself full of paint splatter and dance on ASCP wax
for 20 minutes and see where that takes me - but that would be a very expensive
creation - anybody want to sponsor me for the cost of 20 tins of wax ?


New obsession?

 When my daughter saw the subway dresser she wanted one ( all 3 of my children do, actually ) and because she is in love with all things British she got this version - my son suggested putting the flag on top -

She wanted the colors of the flag for the lettering- not sure how crazy I am about them - I would have preferred neutral colors I think but she loves it -
And if it's good enough for my daughter...........................
then it's good enough for me!
Unfortunately I do not have the before ( simply cannot find the photo ) but I used the same technique as I used for my Subway Dresser HERE


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Monday, April 16, 2012

running out of ASCP

I am running very very low on my supplies - little bits left in the bottom of the tins, certainly not enough to paint a whole dresser with 2 coats so this is how I used them up

just finished waxing it so the handles wills have to wait until tomorrow - and pls excuse that pitiful staging photo - talk about desperately just grabbing the first things on hand lol - which is exactly what I did - come on Owl, you'll do ( not - looks lost the poor thing )

this piece makes me smile - doesn't it look cheerful? I think it looks like Spring personified and makes me wish I had a summer cottage, badly.
Oh the furniture I could redo for a little place by the lake........................

Paint colors are Country Grey, Paloma, Duck Egg Blue and White ( pure white - not the old white )
No sanding - no distressing - just frog tape and paint

Oh almost forgot the before photo!!!

Have a good one all

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

ENGLAND SWINGS (like a pendulum do )

Cannot get this song out of my have to be of a certain age to even have ever heard it - but there was a lot of Roger Miller played in my house growing up ( and Merle Haggard - my mother had crushes on both of them, .)  I have been singing it all night ( John asked me to please stop - hah - fat chance big boy ( he's from England ) unless you want me to start singing Silver Wings - or Mama Tried tee hee.

Ok - sorry - no before photo here - but here we go - this is a children's desk
Westminster Abbey - the Tower of Big Ben and.........................?
The rosy red cheeks of the little children - told you I couldn't stop - and I'm singing it as I'm typing.

I haven't waxed it yet - but that should be done today and ready to list tomorrow
It's missing the slim red stripes - but I had quite a disaster with that so this is how it's staying.

have also started one for one of my daughters ( who has been asking for one forever ) like the shoemakers family that had no shoes really.

When I went to get the paint colors I told the store clerk that I needed help choosing the perfect blue for the Union Jack - " don't look at me " he said - " I don't know jack about flags "

On another note ( complete random thought ) I went into the kitchen tonight to get a screwdriver that I left on the counter - and by the time I got there I had completely forgotten why I had gone to the kitchen at all ( this happens quite frequently to me - hope it's just a very crowded mind! ) anyways there was a giant chocolate bar just sitting there - and I don't understand the physics about how these things happen but it jumped off the counter into my hands so told myself that that must have been the reason I was there.
THEN - walked back into the kitchen to get my screwdriver, stuffed and quite contented.

Happy Saturday All.


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Friday, April 13, 2012

Debateable ( I am pretty sure I've spelled it wrong - looks weird but I am tired, forgive me )

We are having a " debate " on this matter - ( well we have a lot of debates on a lot of matters but nothing I would bring to my blog, lol )
please let me know who is right about this one!!!!!

 Our ceiling medallions - painted white

I know the photo is dark - but you can see that it is the same color as the ceiling - it's ok, safe, boring,

I prefer them like this - a very deep silver ( almost pewter - ish )

Hope you can see the difference -

Ok - so who wins on this one? Before I start the discussion with John on painting the rest of them.

I love looking up and seeing the unexpected.....................
( for that matter I like looking down and sideways and seeing the unexpected too! )


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My NY subway dresser

I am going through hell with my blog - I cannot access my dashboard from my computer anymore - and don't know how to fix it - soooooo - here I sit from John's desk ( which is a total disaster - my arms are resting on 5 inches of paper work  but at least I am back!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my latest ( thanks to Nick and Lauren from Lindauer Designs for their incredibly inspired New York Subway dresser ) I knew I wanted to try this the moment I saw this - so here we go


and after

I followed Lindauers instructions of painting the dresser white first - then applying letter stickers and then painting the second coat over the stickers - painstakingly removing the stickers once the paint was dry. It's my first attempt ( definitely not my last ) and there are some things I would do differently.
I did not use ASCP - and that was a big mistake because of sanding and drying time - the letter stickers were not so easy to get in a straight line ( would make a template in the future ) and the removal of them once the paint was dry was not as easy as it would have been with Annie Sloans paint -but all in all I am in love with this piece -  
what do you think?

p.s. it's sooooooo good to be back!!!!


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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The thing with creativity


And here's the thing.
The mind that seeks to create is ( I believe ) particularly vulnerable to destruction of any kind.
My mindset is and has always been that I can make things better, I am a problem solver and
extremely resourceful and it hits me hard when I can't find a solution to things in my life or my
circle. And then there are the things that are far far away from my circle that I can only read about or
watch on T.V. and they become absolutely unbearable. I have been numb inside since it happened..
Here I live up in Montreal - many thousands of miles away and I cannot get this young boy's face
out of my heart.  I have a lump the size of an apple in my throat as I type his name and I just feel
so foolish submitting photos of furniture makeovers day after day whenIwanttowhenIneedtowhenIhaveto
talk about someone I never met.  This is not a political stance - this is not an NRA stance - this is
simply a mother of a young man myself  - who cannot let this story go.
It doesn't matter if he was suspended from school or was an honor student - it doesn't matter even if he provoked ( which in my heart of hearts I don't believe at all but that is only my opinion as no one knows all the facts yet ) all that matters is that his life was taken away from him at an age when life was really only beginning. What happened to just wrestling someone to the ground?  Why did a life have to end over absolutely nothing? What if it had been your son, her son, his  son, our son, my son who recently had his car totaled when a woman's brakes failed - who's first thought was to calm the woman who smashed into his ( beloved first car )  reassuring her over and over that it was OKAY - both of them were alive - neither of them were hurt and trying hard not to cry when he recounted the story " but Mom I was so scared ). He wasn't hurt, can you imagine how scared this other boy must have felt in the last moments just before he knew it was over?  He didn't have time to say " Mom, I'm scared " - but he was - as sure as I know the sun will rise tomorrow - I know that he was scared and it's more than I can stand.
John says " don't do it Suzan - this is not what your blog is about ". Ironically I did start another blog a long time ago with the intention of just writing my poetry - but for some reason it feels too raw for me, too vulnerable to put them out there. It's one thing if people don't like my furniture - but my words?  I am far too fragile for that kind of critique.

and so I quietly filed it in my draft file.
but it keeps looking at me every time I go to post another photo
and it haunts me

Tonight my creation is words.
Thursdays Thoughts.
That I needed to write.
May this beautiful boy rest in peace.

A young boy walks alone at night
in my day he wore a jean jacket
the collar up against his neck to protect him from ........
The wind, the cold, the lonely street
but never from bullets
Not even a hoodie can protect you from that.

A young boy walks alone at night
as rain falls hard against the pavement 
Oh please don't put your hood up
please oh please keep it down, 
there's evil lurking all around
your hood will blind you and then he will find you
Let your hair get wet, it will keep you alert
maybe enough to not get hurt
and all will be ok,

A young boy walks alone at night
like young men do, have always done
did he think, did he sense,
did he know when to run 
while a shadow awaited
and contemplated
the outcome of his story

A young boy walks alone at night
a grin on his face? his heart in a whirl?
a skip in his walk? a chat with his girl?
and then
and then
the end of his world?

Please say it ain't so
I don't want to know
That I live in a world where people kill people kill people 
it just can't be in this day and age
must we lock up our children (quick, where is the cage? )
to keep them safe from others rage
it just can't be
and yet it is............................

A young man walks alone at night
5 minutes left
to see the moon - to watch the stars
to dream of girls of sports of cars
if this were a movie ( oh why couldn't it be ) 
this is the part where I'd get and leave
but there's no leaving this
until the writing comes up in cold stark letters

He walks no more.

RIP Trayvon 

I had to write this - as a wise man once wrote and put to music
" silence, like a cancer, grows.

I'm sorry John - sometimes I listen - sometimes I don't
and sometimes I simply can't.

Blinded by the light ( revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night )

I will not name this post with the joke that goes with this piece -
I simply refuse to - it's too tacky - too obvious -

John is picking this up tonight ( already went once but it did not fit in the car ) so it will be a runner in the night ( isn't it dressed up like a deuce? )

Whoa - enough orange for you guys?  Even the floor looks orange doesn't it - I wonder
what color their curtains are?  My sunglasses broke yesterday so I cannot possibly go with
John to pick this up - I am afraid my sensitive eyes would be " blinded by the light "
BUT, looking away from all that ( and please do - this was only meant for a quick before post )
check out the legs - and the small upper drawer - and the fitted glass on the top - and the handles - and the orange paint and the orange floor and the orange wall...........................

Am I cheesy enough to say the next thing? - don't say it Suzan -

too bad - here it is
Orange you glad I'm going to make this piece over??????
( Well I didn't use it as my title anyway ).


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Remember this dresser? ( where John feared for his life picking it up? )

CAUTION: Heavy photo content!

sorry you have to twist your head - I keep fixing it and it keeps showing up on it's side

Well I was going to try to match it to this one that I had painted for my bedroom -

And it turned out like this

B - O - R
I - N - G
you need
( can you picture the pom poms?  I would have made a great cheerleader )

for some reason it does not look as nice as the dresser I wanted to " mate " it with ( so they could create little end tables ha ha ) that rope trim was screaming for some work so I started distressing it

very gingerly at first - and then I got a little braver

hmmm, not feeling it yet at all

the white looks too pristine - and so I distressed some more..................

at this point I am thinking I should have just left the whole thing alone -
I ended up adding waxing with clear wax and dark wax and still it was missing something.
I still had a little duck egg blue and old white which I mixed with some water and dry brushed
the combination until it looked like this

I love it - but it absolutely does not belong in my bedroom now lol
So another one for sale.

Have a great day

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Monday, April 2, 2012

subway dresser?

Hopefully being picked up tonight
New York or Paris?
Maybe Montreal ( for local buyers )
Ugghhh says John, it's awful ( you'll love it I say )
and he will


Sunday, April 1, 2012

A turn around................

My furniture has been sitting for weeks - I have a couple of items in a beautiful vintage shop ( Piorra Maison ) - and apparently they generate a lot of interest but no bites................
And I have several items sitting in my house that I patiently list on Kijiji and CL every week - and nothing.
People keep telling me it's the time of year ( in colder climates people tend to wait until Spring before changing rooms, painting, ets ) but I was really starting to get discouraged - either they go immediately or they tend to hang around far too long.
At the last minute this weekend I decided to post one last time before putting things in storage for awhile - and
I am now up to 5 people who are interested in the 2 dressers below - and one of them asked if she could commission me to paint 2 antique dressers she already has ( as well as purchasing the 2 )
Spring is definitely in the air now, it's official:)