Saturday, April 14, 2012

ENGLAND SWINGS (like a pendulum do )

Cannot get this song out of my have to be of a certain age to even have ever heard it - but there was a lot of Roger Miller played in my house growing up ( and Merle Haggard - my mother had crushes on both of them, .)  I have been singing it all night ( John asked me to please stop - hah - fat chance big boy ( he's from England ) unless you want me to start singing Silver Wings - or Mama Tried tee hee.

Ok - sorry - no before photo here - but here we go - this is a children's desk
Westminster Abbey - the Tower of Big Ben and.........................?
The rosy red cheeks of the little children - told you I couldn't stop - and I'm singing it as I'm typing.

I haven't waxed it yet - but that should be done today and ready to list tomorrow
It's missing the slim red stripes - but I had quite a disaster with that so this is how it's staying.

have also started one for one of my daughters ( who has been asking for one forever ) like the shoemakers family that had no shoes really.

When I went to get the paint colors I told the store clerk that I needed help choosing the perfect blue for the Union Jack - " don't look at me " he said - " I don't know jack about flags "

On another note ( complete random thought ) I went into the kitchen tonight to get a screwdriver that I left on the counter - and by the time I got there I had completely forgotten why I had gone to the kitchen at all ( this happens quite frequently to me - hope it's just a very crowded mind! ) anyways there was a giant chocolate bar just sitting there - and I don't understand the physics about how these things happen but it jumped off the counter into my hands so told myself that that must have been the reason I was there.
THEN - walked back into the kitchen to get my screwdriver, stuffed and quite contented.

Happy Saturday All.


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  1. Those are really neat. I lose my train of thought all the time LOL. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  2. I have had a huge crush on union jack for a while now! Love the chair and desk. I think it looks great whether you add the little stripes or not :)

    Thanks for sharing at Simply Klassic!

  3. gorgeous! just found your lovely blog...come visit anytime:



  4. Hey Susan, I am doing the British invasion too. I have almost the exact same desk in the store (base color Emperor's silk).Of course not finished because I am always running out of time :(... I was scouting your site for pieces for a little girl who is shopping for a vanity / highboy / dresser...she is not sure what she wants as long as it is in Antoinette.
    I will email you.


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