Sunday, April 1, 2012

A turn around................

My furniture has been sitting for weeks - I have a couple of items in a beautiful vintage shop ( Piorra Maison ) - and apparently they generate a lot of interest but no bites................
And I have several items sitting in my house that I patiently list on Kijiji and CL every week - and nothing.
People keep telling me it's the time of year ( in colder climates people tend to wait until Spring before changing rooms, painting, ets ) but I was really starting to get discouraged - either they go immediately or they tend to hang around far too long.
At the last minute this weekend I decided to post one last time before putting things in storage for awhile - and
I am now up to 5 people who are interested in the 2 dressers below - and one of them asked if she could commission me to paint 2 antique dressers she already has ( as well as purchasing the 2 )
Spring is definitely in the air now, it's official:)


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