Friday, April 13, 2012

Debateable ( I am pretty sure I've spelled it wrong - looks weird but I am tired, forgive me )

We are having a " debate " on this matter - ( well we have a lot of debates on a lot of matters but nothing I would bring to my blog, lol )
please let me know who is right about this one!!!!!

 Our ceiling medallions - painted white

I know the photo is dark - but you can see that it is the same color as the ceiling - it's ok, safe, boring,

I prefer them like this - a very deep silver ( almost pewter - ish )

Hope you can see the difference -

Ok - so who wins on this one? Before I start the discussion with John on painting the rest of them.

I love looking up and seeing the unexpected.....................
( for that matter I like looking down and sideways and seeing the unexpected too! )



  1. With that gorgeous, unusual light fixture, I prefer the pewter. It becomes part of it.

  2. Poor John will have a stiff neck! Love the paint


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