Saturday, February 28, 2015

Well excuse me........................

But I think you've painted my chair .........................

I wanted something Spring/Summer like - because I've definitely got a bad case of winter doldrums
And so I went with this fabric which I ordered on line.

Most of you liked it - some of you didn't -  John HATED it - while I secretly fretted over it not being what I imagined - it's hard to order things on line and get an accurate perspective of what it'll look like in person.

I told myself that if it didn't look good on the chairs I'd use it somehow in the blue guest room - but I really had a vision in my head

I saw a white French Provincial Dining Set in a Paris Apartment once - with bright colorful chairs - and it got filed away in my brain for  " some day "

It took it's time getting here but " some day " finally arrived !

Ooops - sorry - the fabric isn't stapled in the above photo !

I distressed the edges a little - so that it didn't look quite so pristine

Another thing I worried about was that I just eyeballed the measurements - ( who does that ?  really, there's something wrong with me I know )
But luckily I have just enough for 6 chairs - and I do mean JUST enough !

Here it is all stapled - nice and neat

Most of you that follow know by now that I'm a black and white and grey kind of person - I love color in other's homes - but have never been one to apply it in my own - so I don't quite understand why I'm almost giddy over these - but I am !
Doesn't it look like the happiest dining room chair?

They even make John happy !
Well he's not dancing around with glee or anything - but he actually said last night that he really liked them - and that's GOLD coming from him.

Suzan says - We'll paint the dining room completely white - and these will be the feature !
John says - I'm not sure about that
Suzan says - You're never sure about anything until you see it - you hated this fabric until it was on the chairs.
John says - I haven't made my mind up about keeping this set...............

Ok - we'll let him think I'm selling it -
But I'm not.
I can't.
I'm too in love.

I finished one of the arm chairs as well

I primed them first ( because of fear of tannin coming through AND to save money on paint )
By doing that, it only took 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pure White

The dining room ( or the office for that matter ) have not been touched yet - it's sealed off so that I don't have to look at it - but here's the seller's photo

Dear God ..............really, just Dear God

I don't even know where to begin - there's panelling and wall paper to come off ( including on the ceiling ) and those horrible heater covers and the color of the floor and and and ............
I'm sure it was lovely in it's hey day - but hey - that day has long since sailed.
We need to change the windows - and put in French doors to the garden - maybe add a window seat - this is going to be a lot of work.
But I know what's going in there when it's finished !

Ok there's only so much I can say about a chair LOL !!!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone
I'll be painting a few more of them today -
And then a table
And then a buffet/hutch
And maybe, just maybe, a chandelier !

I've got sunshine ( on a cloudy day )
When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May......................

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Mystery of the Missing Tulip Petals........................

When John brought me home a planter of Tulips - he had no idea he was bringing me home a bouquet of memories.
Tulips, you see,  have a special place for me and the kids.................

When they were little I had a story I made up for them  and each night the characters in the story would go on a different adventure -

The characters were as follows

Sir Gordon Brave-A-Lot - who carried the sword of truth and protection

Princess Ashley of Grace - who wore a pointed hat with the lace of love cascading down the back

Princess Lindsay of Hope - whose magic shoes restored hope wherever she stepped

And Donald the Dragon - their faithful pet.
( the King and Queen always slept through the children's adventure's )

They lived in a Castle set high on a hill and reigned supreme over all of the forest animals - no animal was too small or insignificant for these brave children of royalty to lend a helping hand to.
There was a perpetual Triple Rainbow that arched over the castle -  which protected their Kingdom from war, drought, disease and famine - there were however constant mysteries to be solved - which Donald the Dragon would ask their assistance in solving.

One of the stories went like this.........................( or as much of it as I can remember - there's a little improvising involved because this was 25 years ago after all !)

Titled " The Mystery of the Missing Tulip Petals "

One day Donald the Dragon came to the children with a large frown over his already very wrinkled face, in a state of panic

My oh my - said Donald - we have a terrible problem in the forest.
What is it ? - The children asked
Well - all the fields of tulips have been plucked dry -
There's only stems left - not one petal remains on the stem - he sadly explained - as one long tear drop fell from his cheek - ( though it was quickly dried with a gust of fire that blew out as he spoke )

How can that be?  the children asked
There hasn't been any terrible winds !
I don't know - Donald lamented - but it's the saddest thing that could ever happen to a tulip -
The stems are bowed down in shame and embarrassment - we HAVE to do something - please help !

So Sir Gordon Brave a Lot pulled his sword of truth out from it's case
Princess Ashley gingerly lifted her Pointed Hat of Grace from the box she stored it in
And Princess Lindsey quickly slipped into her Shoes of Hope.

Ready ! they exclaimed to Donald - who quickly lowered himself into a kneeling position - as the girls scrambled up his scales ( which formed a perfect staircase )
Sir Gordon Brave - A - Lot led the way ( as he always did ) and off they started on their journey.

During the course of that evening they ran into many many animals -
Molly the  Merry Mole
Freddie the Funny Fox
Harriet the Happy Horse
Fanny the Furry Fawn
Graham the Gorgeous Goat
William the  Wily Weasel - and so on.

But the conversation I remember most was with Mary the  Mischievous Monkey......................

Oh Mary !
We have a terrible problem we need to solve !

What is it?  asked Mary - lazily batting her very long eyelashes

The tulips are missing - and we need to find out where they have gone !
Did you take them by any chance ?  ( because Mary the Mischievous Monkey was always pulling pranks in the kingdom )

TWO LIPS?  Mary drawled - ( and what the children could not have known as little ones was that Mary the Mischievous Monkey ALWAYS spoke with a Mae West accent )
TWO LIPS?  Mary repeated.
Why would I have to steal TWO LIPS - when I have two of my own?

My kids would go into fits of giggles over this line - every.  single.  time.

Although there were countless adventures the main characters went on nightly - this particular one was a favorite and one I was required to tell over and over again - which is why I ( and they ) remember it still.

To this day - I can't look at Tulips without remembering 3 children in their pajamas - curled up around me and ready to go on an adventure just before bedtime.

The years fly quickly
Mary the Mischievous Monkey and I would both agree
Far, far too quickly.

And sometimes I miss the little world where I reigned supreme.
It's the only time I was a Queen - and it's a hard place to step down from.

But real life replaces castles on mountain tops - cats and dogs make their way into hearts, replacing forest animals - rainbows show up only after rainstorms and love of a different sort consume worlds.................

Sir Gordon Brave - A - Lot is still a protector of tiny beings........................

Princess Lindsay still dreams and hopes of a better world for all animals - domestic and wild and lives her life rescuing and nurturing.- and further lives her truth by being a Vegan.

And Princess Ashley has filled her world with love and grace.

For those of you who are curious about where the Tulip Petals actually went?

All of the Mrs.Merry Mouse's had had babies that week - every last one of them - and since it would get chilly at night - the babies ( in their little walnut half shell beds ) would lay there shivering and so their Mama's gently placed a petal over each of their beds as a blanket.........................,
All of the forest animals donated fur and the children began to knit - until they had enough miniature blankets to cover every single mouse baby in the kingdom.
Upon being presented with them the Mama's wept for joy - and their tears watered the tulip fields with such abundance that legend has it that the next Spring the tulips sprung up in every color of the rainbow and doubled in size.

Mary the Mischievous Monkey says - Now why on earth do you have tears in yours eyes ?
Suzan says - Ahhhh - you know Mary - those were some pretty sweet memories we created
Mary the Mischievous Monkey says - It's all as it should be - they have new adventures that they must go on
now - adventures that don't require the Queen to oversee.
Suzan says - If you were Mary the Magical Monkey - you could bring back those days
Mary the Mischievous Monkey says - Life moves forward Suzan, and the best is yet to come my dear
Mary the Mischievous Monkey says - There'll soon be a new generation of Princesses and Princes to tell our stories to.................
Suzan says - Shhh................I haven't told Bloglandia yet that Princess Ashley is expecting
Mary the Mischievous Monkey says - I think it's time you did

Congratulations to my beautiful daughter Ashley and the thrilled to the moon Papa - Chris !
I know you'll be an incredible Mom & Dad.
And I can't wait for this miracle of an adventure to begin .............and the stories I'll get to tell.

Tulips...............a sign of Spring and New Life and Triple Rainbows....................

Life is good.
Life is so very very good.

( The first gift I purchased just HAD to be animals, don't  you know? )

Big Hugs,


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I WANNA live there Wednesday # 114

 Good morning everyone !

This weeks home is not for sale - but it's just too beautiful to pass up - I HAD to share this with you !

All images sourced through HOUZZ
Images credited to Melbourne Interior Designs
Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Amanda and Brett McMillian and their 2 young daughters
Location: Melbourne
Size: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

What a dream come true cottage !








Now that's renovating at it's finest, isn't it ?
A dream come true - and I most definitely WANNA live there !

Have a great Wednesday everyone,


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I don't have a before !

Or rather, I DID have a before but I have no idea what I did with close your eyes and imagine.

The dresser had been painted black many many years ago ( and resided at my daughters ) but it was chipping everywhere ( and drove me crazy every time I saw it to be honest with you because it wasn't that chippy perfection - instead it looked like it needed a good overhaul )  I kept offering to paint it for her but the timing was never right - until one day she asked if I wanted it............


With 12 drawers I most definitely wanted it !

The black undercoat was perfect for distressing actually

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ( pure white )

This piece has such great edges to do a little sanding on -

It's sitting in my ( enclosed ) porch until I can get my Son and Son in Law over at the same time - this things a beast - heavier then any dresser I've worked on before I think - and it needs to go upstairs in my bedroom where it most definitely belongs................

Originally I thought I'd use it for the downstairs bathroom vanity - but it's a few inches too long for the space
So the one in my bedroom now will be brought downstairs to use as a vanity instead

John says - It's like musical chairs and dressers and armoires and desks in this damn house .......................
Suzan says - But this one will work much better in our room - it has more drawers
Suzan says - Relax - stop getting yours in a twist already.

Ok - have to start that dining set now - ( there's 2 complete dining room sets in the dining room - you don't want to hear the conversation about that - trust me )
Or that I desperately want to keep the new one I just bought and sell the old one - which John still likes 
( I'm at the point where I'm thinking he's just saying he likes it to spite me ).

And thankfully the BEFORE shots are safe and sound on those pieces - so you won't just be left with only an after !

This enclosed porch has 2 identical sides on either side of the front door - wonder what else I can fit on the other side - perhaps a dining room set?  LOL !!!
Not ideal - but at least it's out of the line of fire !

Have a wonderful day everyone !


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Monday, February 23, 2015

When Genius goes wrong..................

It goes wrong big.

The thing is it's hard to be a genius - really hard.
Trust me, I know.

Remember last week when I showed you how to add back plates to handles for a little pizazz?

Genius, right?  Even if you don't want to say it out loud - I know all of you think I'm a genius - as in a furniture painter with a huge I.Q. - or is it E.G.O. ?  I get them mixed up sometimes

Then I showed you a snippet of the dresser ( as it looked then )

Well I don't know if I've ever admitted this here -  but I'm lousy at covering pre-existing holes up with filler.
L.O.U.S.Y. - ( it's definitely not something someone who redoes furniture should go around admitting on her blog either ) but even Geniuses have their Achilles heel, right?

This dresser was missing a handle - and it's a very specific size as you can see ( look how close the holes are together )

So I had another genius idea - I would cover those holes up with appliques - and create holes on either side of the drawers ( mimicking the top drawer )

I painted them to go with the back plates - found some antique knobs in my stash and ended up with this look

I know, I know, you're screaming - NO - YOU ARE A GENIUS right about now !

Now on to drilling new holes in the bottom 3 drawers

I used a piece of painter's tape as a template - this may not be fully genius but you have to admit it's borderline, without a doubt.

Perfect !!!

Dancing around with a drill in my hand,
Suzan says - What does it feel like to live with a genius?
John says - immersed in his Sodoku - I wouldn't know

Poor guy - It's a hard thing to admit you live with a genius - I know that - because he's never said it - not once and we all know how many genius ideas I've had !

But sometimes the negativity affects my mojo - that's the only reason I can explain why I put the tape in the wrong place on the last drawer

And because my mind was on Quantum physics and trying to solve world peace instead of on what I was doing - I actually drilled the holes in it before I noticed.
( hey - Einstein would have done the same thing if he did furniture on the side )

Leaving this genius without a finished dresser to show you - because I'm busy doing this

Wikipedia :

Genius is a talent for producing something for which no 

determinate rule can be given,

Told ya - that's me !!!

working on a dresser -  hand in hand with baking a chocolate loaf for dessert - I'm not sure what
you'd call it - but it falls under the same category to say the least

Especially getting it to crack while removing it from the pan and then getting the bag to slip at just the right moment to allow an abundance of icing sugar to land on it

And the genius in that would be that I could make something so ugly taste positively delicious.

Have a wonderful day everyone - we're in the last stretch of February

I'm still waiting for the necklace and earrings to arrive ( from Australia ) so the giveaway can't be announced yet - so much for a Valentine's day giveaway - hope it doesn't turn into an Easter one LOL
Sorry about this - I should have ordered it much earlier than I did !
If you haven't left a comment to win you can click HERE -

Oh and I still think the backplates were genius

Much love


BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH                                      A STROLL THRU LIFE