Monday, February 23, 2015

When Genius goes wrong..................

It goes wrong big.

The thing is it's hard to be a genius - really hard.
Trust me, I know.

Remember last week when I showed you how to add back plates to handles for a little pizazz?

Genius, right?  Even if you don't want to say it out loud - I know all of you think I'm a genius - as in a furniture painter with a huge I.Q. - or is it E.G.O. ?  I get them mixed up sometimes

Then I showed you a snippet of the dresser ( as it looked then )

Well I don't know if I've ever admitted this here -  but I'm lousy at covering pre-existing holes up with filler.
L.O.U.S.Y. - ( it's definitely not something someone who redoes furniture should go around admitting on her blog either ) but even Geniuses have their Achilles heel, right?

This dresser was missing a handle - and it's a very specific size as you can see ( look how close the holes are together )

So I had another genius idea - I would cover those holes up with appliques - and create holes on either side of the drawers ( mimicking the top drawer )

I painted them to go with the back plates - found some antique knobs in my stash and ended up with this look

I know, I know, you're screaming - NO - YOU ARE A GENIUS right about now !

Now on to drilling new holes in the bottom 3 drawers

I used a piece of painter's tape as a template - this may not be fully genius but you have to admit it's borderline, without a doubt.

Perfect !!!

Dancing around with a drill in my hand,
Suzan says - What does it feel like to live with a genius?
John says - immersed in his Sodoku - I wouldn't know

Poor guy - It's a hard thing to admit you live with a genius - I know that - because he's never said it - not once and we all know how many genius ideas I've had !

But sometimes the negativity affects my mojo - that's the only reason I can explain why I put the tape in the wrong place on the last drawer

And because my mind was on Quantum physics and trying to solve world peace instead of on what I was doing - I actually drilled the holes in it before I noticed.
( hey - Einstein would have done the same thing if he did furniture on the side )

Leaving this genius without a finished dresser to show you - because I'm busy doing this

Wikipedia :

Genius is a talent for producing something for which no 

determinate rule can be given,

Told ya - that's me !!!

working on a dresser -  hand in hand with baking a chocolate loaf for dessert - I'm not sure what
you'd call it - but it falls under the same category to say the least

Especially getting it to crack while removing it from the pan and then getting the bag to slip at just the right moment to allow an abundance of icing sugar to land on it

And the genius in that would be that I could make something so ugly taste positively delicious.

Have a wonderful day everyone - we're in the last stretch of February

I'm still waiting for the necklace and earrings to arrive ( from Australia ) so the giveaway can't be announced yet - so much for a Valentine's day giveaway - hope it doesn't turn into an Easter one LOL
Sorry about this - I should have ordered it much earlier than I did !
If you haven't left a comment to win you can click HERE -

Oh and I still think the backplates were genius

Much love


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  1. What's the old saying? All's well that ends well- It will be okay-but I HATE when that sort of thing happens. What a mess and extra work to boot...and then to try to get it be so smooth that you don't even notice the screw up. ah well.....There's another saying- There is no great genius without a touch of madness.....I'm sure John will agree with THAT. Have a great Monday! xo Diana

  2. Are you using wood filler for the holes? I find spackle is so much better, you might want to try it. I use DAP brand, it comes in a little tub. (from one genius to another! LOL)

  3. Well, I thought the bread looked great. And that had to help you deal with filling that pesky hole. :/


  4. John cracks me up but so do you. Have a great week. Stay warm!

  5. I know that the dresser will look terrific. You do such great re-finishing. Just look at what you've done to the house your in now. Totally beautiful. You go girl.
    Have a wonderful week and stay warm.

  6. That's my life! 2 steps forward- 1 step back .... well that might be a little dramatic but it's my story LOL! The dresser is pretty Suzan! Even with the brown smudge... lessons learned:-)

  7. Well, I am right there with you. It's definitely a genius thing to screw up so BIG. It MUST be, right??? LOL (The genius part kicks in later for the fix of the massive screw up.)

  8. Oh I wish I could find the picture of the holes Dave drilled for me once. It was priceless I tell you. I cursed him uphill and down dale having to fill the hole and repaint, etc. You are genius to use the appliques and the back plates, looks perfect. xo Patty

  9. Well you are still a genius in my book Suzan! I can never do that wood filler stuff right either. I've tried a bunch of times and finally just gave up. Now will you be sharing that chocolate loaf recipe because i want some!

  10. My hubby did the exact same thing with my vintage English chest....
    HEY....I had NO idea I was living with a genius....and....we just left the hole and not a living soul has ever even noticed didn't come to an end or anything !!

  11. Yep, definitely genius! And just before I scrolled down, I was wondering what John's vote would be on that. LOL (We love you and you ARE a genius, without a doubt, regardless of John's vote.) :-))

  12. The back plates are genius and hey! Nothing ventured, nothing gained :) even geniuses mKe mistakes...they just don't let them stop them. SO, you are still a genius!
    Hugs, moi

  13. Hey there, I know why you made your deliberate error! It was so in your absolute unselfishness you wanted the rest of us definitely-not-so-talented plebs to know there is hope for all of us. Thanks you for that.

    AND, if the recipe is not a state secret how about sharing it? In a series of books I read they always talk about chocolate bread and though I've tried some recipes I haven't found one I really like. So please share.

  14. Even with the hiccup the dresser is going to be gorgeous as always. You are the furniture whisper and it looks so great. Happy new week and happy last week of February yeah!
    Stay warm.

  15. Love your cute little appliques that you added. Very nice touch to the dresser by adding them. Such a bummer on your set-back but knowing you, you will bounce right back and have that dresser finished in no time.
    Your chocolate loaf looks delish.
    Like my dear hubby says; 'who cares what it looks like, as long as it taste good.'

  16. It's just a temporary setback so you'll enjoy the finished product more. I think the appliques and back plates were great ideas and I know the finished product will be beautiful. While I admire the chest, to me your real genius showed up in baking the chocolate loaf! Yummy.

  17. I know I read your whole post and saw genius slipped in there a few times (well the appliques) but all I can focus on right now is that darn chocolate loaf.....mmmmmm

  18. I have some kind of issue with measuring. No matter how many times I check my calculations, there's at least a 50% chance I got them wrong. I'm quite used to redoing things.

  19. I love using backplates with knobs. It seems to add that "finishing" touch. Have you ever tried using old doorknob backplates with regular drawer knobs? They look fantastic and add a quirky touch. You are the furniture whisperer.....

    1. Hey Sharon !
      I've used old doorknob back plates on armoires ( twice ) but never thought to use them on a dresser !
      I'm so NOT the furniture whisperer - maybe the furniture Screamer and Curser though LOL


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