Monday, July 30, 2012

There was an old man named Michael Finnegan

he grew hair upon his chin-a-gan
the wind came out and blew them in again
poor old Michael Finnegan, begin again
there was an old man............................

Does anyone remember that song, lol?
I think I'm related to Michael Finnegan - because I certainly have hair upon my chin a gan................

I don't know about you but I spend a ridiculous amount of time on anything hair related -
I'm either shaving it - or plucking it - or having it streaked - or waxing it - or putting it up or one thing or another.
The other night while shaving my legs I noticed that I don't have as much as I once had - a couple of days
had gone by and I almost didn't have to shave ( they weren't smooth to touch - but they looked smooth and that's almost as good, right )?  And that may just be the one and only positive thing I can find about the aging process EXCEPT - and this is a biggie - you young'uns can turn away now, thank you, I really don't want to scare you unnecessarily - it starts sprouting up in areas where you really don't need it to.
What the hell is it with turning 50?

I've noticed that I have a chin hair that grows very long before I realize it's there.
I painstakingly put my makeup on - have my hair done - do my nails - and off I go with a bloody long hair dangling off my chin ( seriously - it grows long enough for John to pluck it out with his fingers in the car - because I only notice it's there when we're on our way out ) And I'm screaming at him - GET IT OUT -
I'LL DIE IF ANYONE SEES IT - and he frantically starts pulling at my face while driving - can you imagine
what people in the next car must think?

Why do they start growing on our chins at precisely the time our eyes are going and it's impossible to use tweezers?  If they grew there when I was younger and could still thread a needle it wouldn't be a problem - it would have just been part of my daily ritual.

What's next?  God forbid if I start sprouting hair out of my ears or nostrils.

And we will NOT talk about what's happening in the Netherlands....................because I'm just plain in denial about that..

I knew an old man named Michael Finnegan.......................


Sunday, July 29, 2012

I was raised on country sunshine.................

I was raised on country shine
I'm happy with the simple things
A saturday night dance, a picture show
and the joy that the bluebird brings
I love you and it's inviting
To go where life is more exciting,
But I was OK ENOUGH SUZAN - YOU ARE CITY BORN AND BRED.......................

but I can still love all things country right?  I love love love country music - and there isn't many of us
city gals that do - I line danced my way right through the 90's - even learned how to do the Achy Breaky Heart and that was a hard one to learn, believe me - I wore cowboy boots for years - and suede jeans and brought my kiddos to line dancing lessons with me ( with their little cowboy boots - and my son with his bolo tie - too too cute ) And if I wasn't raised on country sunshine - I was definitely raised on country music.

Ok - so this is what has me singing country songs tonight ( Alan Jackson is blaring away in the background -
apparently he's going to buy me Tall Tall Trees and all the water in the Seas - cuz he's a fool fool fool
( for me )

Before and After Hutch makeover - Pure White ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint )

and here is how the customer delivered it to me

and because that should not be the last photo you see of this here she is again

Annie Sloan chalk paint, pure white, versailles, painted hutch

I still have to paint the interiors of the doors - and the entire piece has to be waxed - but this is how she looks and will look finished!  I know I'm always saying this about a piece of furniture but I really am in love
again with an inanimate object.  I have to admit though the task was a little daunting when it first arrived - it just seemed so gigantic to me - and a little teensy bit intimidating - but baby look at her now!
Paint: ASCP - Pure White and Versailles Green

And on that note....................

I'm crazy 
Crazy for trying and crazy for crying
And I'm crazy........................
For loving you.



As the movers were taking it out - I asked them to wait a minute so I could get a photo of just the bottom, lol

You are reading the blog of a daughter of a lady who once asked firemen to remove their shoes ( boots?)
so they wouldn't get her newly installed carpets dirty, lol - the apple definitely doesn't fall too far from the
tree ladies....................

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Verdict is in.....................

Thanks so much everybody for your helpful suggestions with this

It was an overwhelming WHITE - with blue background - however the customer chose Versailles background from the ASCP line - ( I used her pure white as well )

And although I am not finished - here she is so far

HOLY MOLY BATMAN - amazing right?  Can you say Antique Country buffet?
Good - now say it again please - I couldn't quite hear ya!!!!

I've only done a minimal amount of distressing - because if the truth be known " Jessica " ( the owner of this beauty ) scares me a little.....................If you're looking at this Jessica - please say you like it!

Still have to paint the upper doors - and they're going to be a " pane in the glass " although actually I've removed the " piping " and the glass panels - but still getting in and out of each panel...................uggh that's one part I really don't like on furniture makeovers.................
And then the waxing begins - and that's going to take like forever on a piece this size - but she's coming along quite nicely, no?

And this is sitting on my desk

Because I will nevah - evah - remember this if I just count on my paint saturated brain,  but I'm so super excited I can't tell you - it's the first time I'm doing this - and I just love her blog - check it out and you'll see why!   KEEPING IT SIMPLE - her name is Kaysi and she really is a sweetheart!

And now I'm off to paint the doors - and vaccuum - and clean the bathroom - and change the sheets - and wash the floors - and .....................everything else that's been sorely neglected this week - if anyone knocked on my door today - I would seriously vomit right on the spot from embarrassment.
And maybe the vomit would take their minds off the train wreck my place looks like right now.

All or nothing - either it's so clean you can eat off the floors - or it's so horrible that I can't look at it myself - there is - and has never been for that matter - no medium ground in my life.....................
AND if you think I'm exaggerating - here is the before

and here's the after

and before

and after

come on in - can I get you something to drink?
perhaps a nice cold glass of French Linen - with a little plate of Dark Wax?


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To cuss or not to cuss.................

That is the question......................

I was not going to post my thoughts on this because I really don't want to offend anybody - but hey - it's a fact of life - a lot of us different degrees of course - but I really just can't imagine doing furniture all day - and all of the mishaps that that entails without letting a few of them slip under my breath.

I mean how can " Oh Dear " cover the anguish and despair of half a tin of paint spilling on to the floor.
How can " Dang it " ever possibly convey the gut wrenching pain of stubbing your toe against a dresser that's
in the middle of the room because it's being worked on?
How can " Oh Oh! " ever - in a million years - describe forgetting to put clear wax on BEFORE applying the dark wax. 
And " for goodness sakes " just doesn't make the cloth when you've spelled something wrong on a Subway Dresser and only realize it after it's completely finished.................
This business calls for - insists actually - that we let a few of them out now and then or quite frankly I think we would explode - 
But the problem with that is it sometimes spills over into our everyday life as well.
And then it becomes verbal gas - something that just slips out when you least expect it - and you're left having to murmur a meek " excuse me - I don't know where that came from " as your eyes dart all over the
room - actually it's worse because in this case you can't say " what are you looking at, that certainly didn't come from me"?

Which brings me to the reason I am writing this post.

John went to the bank today and was standing behind 2 elderly ladies - his guess would be that they were in their late 80's - dressed to the hilt - hair coiffed - beautifully manicured - jewels hanging from anywhere jewels can hang from - heels - the whole shebang - you've got the picture, right?
Now here's the conversation

- So tell me, have you sold your place in Florida?
and the whispered reply
- Yes I did - but I think they F_ _ _ed me.................

There you go -
My guess would be she worked on furniture most of her life.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Opinions are requested ( Please! )

Once upon a time there was an adorable couple named Jessica and Michael - who were expecting their first child -
Jessica is in the midst of hormonal-can't-make-a-decision-if-her-life-depended-on-it mode.
Michael is all over the board - loves color - and has found a new passion in finding old pieces that he would love to see restored.

Enter one such piece - now gracing my entry way - awaiting a makeover for their kitchen.

It really is a spectacular pc - so here we go -

Jessica wants white ( ascp old white - )
Michael would like Duck Egg blue ( probably my favorite ASCP color by the way )
They both agree that they would like it heavily distressed.

What do they do?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - especially by both their parents who Michael keeps harassing for advice, lol

For what it's worth - I always feel when in doubt stick with white -
HOWEVER - there is a compromise here - I could mix Duck egg blue and old white together half and half and come up with a much lighter version of that gorgeous color.
Or paint the whole piece white - and the back Duck Egg blue -

HELP - ( please )  they're far too young to be going through this kind of turmoil over a buffet/hutch

Yours Truly,
Suzanna Anna Danna

Ok - Jessica and Michael - here we go.............................

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Chapel of Love

My daughter is in the midst of planning her wedding for next June - ( which means I'm in the midst of trying to take over completely ) And after agonizing over halls - her fiance's parent's have graciously suggested they
have an outdoor wedding up north at their country place.
My daughters tastes are simple ( if not bizarre ) she is not into glitz and bling like her Mom - so the idea of a fancy schmancy hall filled her with dread - and the price of those halls actually filled me with dread - we are talking 30,000.00 to 45,000.00 dollars for 1 day - ludicrous? YEAH - I would say so........................
Anyway she asked if I would like to come up to the country place for the day to see if I had any " visions "
on what could be done.
" Don't get your hopes up Mom - it's a very simple country place - not very big at all "
So off I went with very little expectations -

BUT YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME honey - Oh what I can do with this setting -

Here are some photos -

She had me at the stairs lol - these go down to the property.
"Red carpet Lindsay - perfection - toille fabric draping the banister - fairy lights scattered here and there".
"No red carpet Mom - sorry but NO - it's tacky "
" Ok - a black carpet - and we'll do all the theme black and white and silver"

This is the first level in the back yard - beyond the hedges to the right - is the next level

and below the second level is a volley ball court - which we will be converting into a dance floor -
planks of wood will be temporarily installed for the occasion.......................can you see the fairy lights
everywhere - can you see the boat house all decorated?

There's a large deck off the house - this is where the main table will be - then there will be 2 eating area levels - and the dance floor - the invitation list is up to 250 people - so we have to arrange very carefully.
But the wedding costs will be cut in half by having it here.

A couple of more vignettes

does anyone else see the potential of making this the perfect spot for " I DO " ?
Gauzy white fabric - flowers and vines intertwined?  !000 lovebirds being released lol

Don't get my hopes up Lindsay? They're high in the sky apple pie hopes honey. They are
a stager's dream come true.  This is just about as perfect a setting as I can imagine.
You couldn't get a more perfect setting - I absolutely positively cannot wait to start decorating :)
I promise you - this is going to be spectacular.....................hanging baskets of white
flowers everywhere.

We'll have white tents - and fairy lights - and flowers - and white gauze blowing gently -
and .........................OK Mom - you're getting carried away again.

Then we went out on the boat -

The bride to be - my precious Tom Boy!!!!
God you're beautiful Lindsay - 
and her equally precious gorgeous twin sister

I feel guilty posting these because my son wasn't there and he should be in this post!!!
My kids are really close -

How I love my kids smiles........................

Ok then they decided to go dirt bike riding - and ATV riding - this is them taking off

Ashley is in black - sorry for blurry photo but I wanted to point out that there wasn't a mark on her body when they took off.  " Girls, do me a favor and just ride the ATV ok? Do not get on the dirt bike!!! "
" Ok Mom - we're not 10 years old - you can't say that anymore "
" But you're both so accident prone, PLEASE!!! "
"Thanks for the vote of confidence Mom - you would not say that to Gordie "
And if you think there's ever an age when you can finally stop worrying about your kids -
Take a look at how she came back

and her sister quickly administered 1st aid - because her mother almosts faints when she sees things like this



P.S. another part of our conversation - remember she's my Tom Boy

Mom - what do you think of Tony and I driving off at the end of the evening in the boat, with tin cans and just married signs
Oh I love that idea Lindsay - that's adorable -
And then I was thinking I could throw Tony off the boat into the water..........................

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've been lazy...............

I have received the Sunshine Award a few times ( and if I am missing someone, I am so sorry but my computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and I lost EVERYTHING - ) and the only 3 names I can think
of are the below great bloggers

Claudine from
Kathy from
Pat from

Thanks so much ladies - it means so much just to be mentionned on your blogs - and I appreciate it more than I can say!
Please drop by their blogs if you're reading this - they're fun people with great posts!

Here are the " rules " of the award!

1) Thank the person who took time out to give you the award - and link back to them -
2) Answer the following questions about yourself
3) Forward this award on to 10 other bloggers - and let them know you have done so!
4) Copy and paste the award on to your site ( preferably not waiting a month like I have done )

And then?
On with the show ( this is it - the night of nights )

1) Favorite Color?
Sorry guys - I simply cannot pick one - it has to be Black and White - and Gray - OK - if I have to pick one it' ll be Black - no I mean White ( you see what I mean???? )
2) Favorite Animal?
NOT A FAIR QUESTION GUYS!!!!! Love too many of them - but I currently have a dog who really is my 4th child - I cook all her meals for her - because she is just too special to eat dogfood ( I mean isn't that for dogs? And she is so much more than that :)
3) Favorite Number?
Have to go with 3 - I have 3 kids!
4) Favorite Drink?
I notice a lot of people are picking soft drinks - SORRY to break the pattern here - but it would have to be
a glass of red wine - and to further buck the rules - I plop an icecube in mine ( yes - - I'm a rule breaker lol )
5) Facebook or Twitter?
Good God I'm terrible with FB  - but Twitter? That is so beyond the realm of my
understanding - fuggedaboudit - leave me alone - I'm still beaming with pride and grinning from ear to ear that I sort of - kind of - understand the blogmosphere.
6) Good book or Good Movie?
This is the only question I can answer without hesitation - BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!
7) My Passion?
Ok - another impossible question - I am ( like most other bloggers ) passionate by nature - so everything in my life gets included in this one - EVERYTHING
8) Giving or getting gifts? 
GETTING ( lol - had to type that in - of course it's giving - but I'm not going to lie, I really like getting gifts too, lol
9) Favorite Day?
10) Favorite Flower?
Any WHITE flower - but top of the list are hydrangea's

and now this award is being forwarded to the following awesomeness!!!
Vicky from DECOR & HARMONY 
Julie from JAM'S CORNER
Ok - Ladies - time to spill the beans!!!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Goodbye Joe - me gotta go................

I'm leaving town - I'm outta here - and can't tell anyone because I'm leaving with a piece of furniture I've just customized for a customer -
I can't give it back because I'm so in love with it.................. part of my disorder is that I constantly fall in love with inanimate objects ( mostly furniture )
So if anyone is looking for me e.g. my clients - you haven't heard a thing from me in days.................

BTW - I'll be the lady trying to board a greyhound bus with a giant french provincial dresser -
arguing with the driver that Yes of course we can fit this on the roof.
And there may be a commotion at the border because I'm thinking  of going deep in the heart of Texas ( Pat, can I stay with you )?
Just until everything cools down - and I can return with this:

This dresser got the works - it was painted - than gray washed - then gently distressed - than dry brushed - then waxed to a high sheen - the handles were sanded and spray painted black semi gloss

ASCP - Pure White

and here she is before

TIP - because the wood was such an ugly color ( to me and the customer anyway )
I painted all the perimeters black - so black would be what was coming through when
I rubbed and distressed -

Ok - I've get to get some sleep tomorrow I'm Greyhound Bound

Son of a gun - I'll have good fun...............................


In the meantime I'll be partying here!!!

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What we have in common

What do Montreal, Colorado, California, Texas, Washington, Virginia and Toronto have in common?

When I was young those things would have been very typical of life in the 60's -

Mac and cheese - jello - tuna casseroles, a Dad at work - a Mom at home - grandparents that lived close by - cousins that lived in the same neighbourhood - parents that sat out on the stoop looking out for everyone. We were all still living on the cusp of Leave it to Beaver and Father knows best - respect was KEY - there was no discussion of only respecting those who deserved it or earned it - you respected or else. ( not always a good thing I know ) but it really has served me well in the long run.
We played hide and seek - and hopscotch - and pick up sticks and mother may I and tag and skipped rope and swung on swings and explored and rode our bikes and each of these activities were happily done for hours on end. We camped out in back yards - roasted potatoes and wieners on campfires, ( never heard of s'mores when I was young )  tried our best to catch fireflies and told ghost stories. We could spend an entire day at the pool without any props at all  just our arms and legs and when we came home as red as a lobster we were slathered in noxema.  We all ( north american children ) wore the same clothes - there was no such thing as a label - we wore keds and high tops - polyester shorts and little smocked tops or dresses.
Most girls had long hair - most girls wore ponytails - or pigtails - we did not go to salons unless there was a wedding to attend and even then most of the time our mothers would pin curl our hair the night before. All boys had crewcuts.
We had imaginations and we had no choice but to use them - sitting in the house all day watching t.v. was so beyond the realm that it wasn't considered an option - unless you were very sick and even then there were only a few channels.  You were better off with a book and so we read. And if you didn't feel like going out and playing you were told " Out!  Go out and get some fresh air - go on - get out from under my feet! "
And so we learned to be social - we learned most of our social skills by the time we were 5.  We adapted and we adjusted by moving around in a network of friends.
We didn't have 24 hour t.v. - or game boys - or play stations - or computers.
We certainly did not have cell phones or debit cards or credit cards.  We had roller skates - one size fits all and they lasted for years unless you lost the key - not state of the art rollerblades.
Boys jeans were patched - girls dresses had their hems lowered.
We didn't have Grill Masters - our barbeque's were simple contraptions  and they were only for hotdogs and hamburgers - the rare steak as a very special treat. Dinner was whatever was served - if Jane didn't like corn - well that was too bad - because there were no special menus - we ate what we were served, period ( and there was a lot of imagination used in that area too e.g.feeding the dog - filling pockets ) but the point is that our mothers would never have thought to cook 3 different meals.
Fast food was a bowl of cereal.
We physically went to the the theatre when we wanted to see a movie - and even though it was probably only a quarter, it was considered a big treat.  As was the amusement park.
Days at the beach included large picnic baskets with egg salad sandwiches - peanut butter and jelly - and Kool Aid, maybe some chips - and the highlight of summer evenings was when the tinkling sound came from the ice cream truck that drove in and out of all the neighbourhoods.
We drank milk.  We took cod liver oil pills. We ate home made cookies. We made our beds.
We said May I, and please - and thank you - without being told to - and  unless you were quite wealthy vacations were spent up north - of which far too many squeezed into the car to get there.
I don't recall a lot of whining about being bored - I don't recall a lot of whining period. It wouldn't have been tolerated.
We played hard - ate hearty - and slept sound.

Anyone my age ( 53 ) from Texas to British Columbia - from California to Prince Edward Island - from Boston to Montreal can relate to my childhood. With a few changes here and there it could have been anyone's.
Am I simplifying my childhood?
Probably - but life was simpler - there's no denying it.
Was it better?
Sometimes definitely not - but for the most part I think it was. 

Simple is good.

And it's not simple anymore.

Colorado, California, Montreal, Virginia, Texas,  Toronto, Washington - what we now have in common breaks my heart.

And I'm numb with grief - truly numb with grief.


Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak whispers the o'er-fraught heart and bids it break.  ~William Shakespeare
   It still breaks William - even with words, it still breaks.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Feel like drooling much?

On Kijiji Montreal ( which is Ebay in the States )


I don't think anything I can say or do or show can top this - it leaves me speechless