Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Someone Put a Curse on Me..................

There are quite a few options here - first of all I have a strong Irish heritage - and my grandmother believed in all of that stuff - she told me once that someone had put a curse on our family ( probably a century ago )

Sometimes my ankles do hurt, wow I never put 2 and 2 together

Then there's Voo Doo - a Haitian belief - I live in Montreal and there's a large Haitian community here because we are a french speaking province - did I piss a Haitian off recently?

Sometimes I get sharp jabbing pains in odd places on my body - OMG - is someone jabbing pins in a makeshift Simply Vintageous Suzy Q body?

Then there's the Italian Evil Eye - and I did have words with an Italian customer last winter who basically wanted what I was selling for 1/2 the price - I couldn't do it - and she got quite upset with me -

 I don't know which one it is - but it could possibly be that all three have been placed on me...................
 because I can't sell a damn thing!

 In the winter - when you'd think it would be more difficult things were flying out the door -

 Does anyone know how to reverse any of the above, lol

 I don't think it's the Irish Curse - too old now already
 The voodoo doll is probably far fetched because I have not offended a Haitian ( to my knowledge )
 But the evil eye?
 That woman was a bitch - yeah - think I'm going with that!
 How long do these curses last, lol???????

 I can live with the sharp jabbing pains from time to time
 I can live with sore ankles


 p.s. really just joking

 sort of.........................


  1. A dry spell huh? It seems in this business it is often feast or famine. Hope you are back to feasting soon!

  2. Suzan
    I was already following you on Linky and now on Google. In the South (US) we have the sweeter than tea curse. When someone acts as if butter would not melt in her mouth, she turns around to stab you in the back! This post gets even weirder than old curses. The antique mall where I sell had a unreal January, February, and March -more sales than I have had in 14 years. I could not keep small tables for more than a couple of days. Last month it just dried up. June is usually one of our better months. I, too, have inventory backing up into the living room!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  3. Dear Suzan!!! LOL!!!
    Your curse IS OVER!!! My dear friend Donna (above) passed me the Sunshine Award and I am passing it to YOU! I love your sense of humor, your comments and emails light my day!!!
    Please read my latest post to know more about the Sunshine Award!
    Now, for the curses: I am from Brazil and in Brazil they are very superstitious. It is common to bathe in salty water (I guess it started with the ocean??) when you feel there is a "bad juju" going on... LOL! So, just in case, have a nice bath with salts! DO NOT use salty water on your head! They say it needs to be from shoulders down. You can actually shower and then just pour salty water (just mix water with sea salt) on your shoulders. It is supposed to "wash over" bad energy. Harmless!!! I am not a hippie (nothing against it) but I learned in Canada that hugging trees (oh I can just imagine, LOL), and also walking bare feet in the sand can get rid of bad energy also. And finally, a personal favourite: FRESH FLOWERS. It is supposed to change the energy of the house. For your jewelery, wash in salty water and rinse. In doubt, do all of the above!!! And accept my award!!! HUGS galore!!!

  4. Hi Suzan, this is Arda! I'm glad I found you (or did you find me?)! Anyway, I'm trying to follow you on Linky but having problems signing up and waiting for them to fix it! Hmmm…about the curse…My husband is REALLY Irish, but thinks curses are 'Bollucks' so no help from him, but I'm Armenian and my mother is the Queen of Superstition! She too has a retail store (designer clothing in downtown Toronto) and has had a really bad summer! She keeps one of those evil eyes right in her store window. That will let those evil eye spreaders know you won't take their shit (ooops)! In Montreal their are tonnes of Lebanese stores you can purchase one at, and proudly display it. She also has a ceramic black cat, a knife, dry bread and salt in a bag in her back room (don't ask…can't figure that one out), she's old school! Good luck with the curse! I'm sure it will pass. I hear red wine is the best remedy!


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